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5 Latest Senior Safety Devices. With longevity increasing, the elderly are living longer than ever before.

5 Latest Senior Safety Devices

Many seniors rely on technological devices to help them lead safer and more independent lives. Fort Myers, FL, senior care professionals suggest these 5 innovative safety devices that could help your senior loved one stay safe. 1. Personal Emergency Response Systems According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a little over 30 percent of seniors have at least one major fall per year. 2. A smart home system can completely transform how a senior lives. 3. Remote medical monitoring programs have become extremely popular over the last few years, and are now being implemented by doctors and hospitals throughout the world. 4.

Even with relatively benign pills, medication errors can be dangerous. 5. To remain independent, seniors should try to stay as active as possible. Living Simply: Why It Reduces Stress in Seniors. Minimalism has been a popular topic among people who embrace a healthy lifestyle, and seniors can especially benefit from clearing the clutter from their lives.

Living Simply: Why It Reduces Stress in Seniors

Living simply does not mean your senior loved one has to give up everything he or she loves. Instead, focusing on simplicity can enhance your loved one’s quality of life by making more room for the things that really matter. Too Much Clutter Adds to Stress Over the years, seniors often accumulate mementos and other objects that begin to fill their homes.

However, living in an overcrowded space can cause stress. 5 Oldest Women to Have Lived Worldwide. How to Care for Children and a Senior at the Same Time. Sometimes families are faced with the task of caring for their children with the added responsibility of providing Fort Myers in-home care for an elderly loved one.

How to Care for Children and a Senior at the Same Time

Though juggling the two jobs can be difficult, it is manageable with the right strategies in place. Consider these tips to help you find a better balance. Openly Communicate Using an age-appropriate explanation, help your children understand why the senior in your life needs your care and attention. Because your children are likely accustomed to having more of your attention, it might take them a little while to adjust to the change. Can Reverse Mortgages Benefit the Elderly? Seniors living on fixed incomes may be faced with various financial challenges as they age.

Can Reverse Mortgages Benefit the Elderly?

If your elderly loved one is a homeowner, he or she may want to consider taking out a reverse mortgage loan. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of at-home care in Fort Myers, has put together a list of benefits your loved one can gain from this option. Protection from Market Declines The federal government insures reverse mortgages, which covers the difference if your loved one should sell his or her home for less than the amount of the loan. Can Reverse Mortgages Benefit the Elderly? Why You Should Show Appreciation for Family Caregivers. Being a family caregiver for an aging loved one, whether as the primary caregiver or as part of a collaborative effort, comes with important responsibilities and unique challenges.

Why You Should Show Appreciation for Family Caregivers

There are many reasons to appreciate such efforts, even if caregivers expect no gratitude in return. They Assume Many Different Roles. 4 Recent Novels Your Elderly Loved One Will Enjoy. Seniors who enjoy reading fiction have many modern novels to choose from that feature characters and themes appealing to their demographic.

4 Recent Novels Your Elderly Loved One Will Enjoy

The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of in-home care in Fort Myers, has put together a list of recent books your elderly loved one should add to his or her reading list for the year. The Nightingale This novel by Kristin Hannah is a sweeping saga of two sisters in 1939 France who take opposite actions under Nazi occupation. Why Your Elderly Loved One Is Choosing to Age in Place. Seniors love their independence and most cling to it steadfastly even when cognitive functioning and mobility decrease.

Why Your Elderly Loved One Is Choosing to Age in Place

Although taking up residence in an assisted living facility or moving in with family might seem like an obvious choice at this stage of life, there are countless reasons why many seniors prefer to age in place. The good news is there are adequate resources for ensuring your elderly loved one can continue enjoying an acceptable life quality while living at home. To Maintain a Sense of Connection The golden years are often characterized by frequent loss.

Aging adults have to face the passing of friends and spouses while simultaneously confronting their own mortality. Because Independence Is Important Everyone wants to maintain their sense of autonomy and, thus, the desire to age in place is natural. The Possibility of Change Seems Unappealing The Fear of Being Burdensome. 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve with a Senior. New Year’s Eve is a fun night for many people, and with good reason.

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve with a Senior

A celebration is a great way to wrap up one year and begin a new one, but many seniors aren’t able to stay out all night like they may have in the past or may be looking to do something a little different this year. If your senior loved one will be spending New Year’s Eve with you, consider these fun celebration ideas. 1. Act Like Kids Again. Predictions for the Future of Elderly In-Home Care. In-home care is a growing industry, offering a variety of options for families and their senior loved ones who need high-quality care.

Predictions for the Future of Elderly In-Home Care

While no one can predict what the exact future will look like for the in-home care industry, trends suggest the following possibilities are on the horizon. The Popularity of In-Home Care Will Grow Up until a few decades ago, the majority of families would never have considered institutional care for an elderly family member. How Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Stay Fit. Staying active is important all throughout life.

How Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Stay Fit

Routine exercise promotes good blood flow, regulates blood pressure, builds bone mass and density, and much more. It also helps aging adults maintain an acceptable range of motion, good balance, and motor control. For seniors with limited mobility, regular exercise is especially vital. These individuals can maintain routine fitness plans to boost physical abilities and help bolster their health. Before getting started with an exercise program, however, your senior loved one should always consult with his or her doctor. Choose Water Activities. Tips for Providing Home Care for Two Elderly Loved Ones.

In-home care is becoming more popular as studies reveal how much aging in place can increase a senior’s quality of life and longevity. Today’s seniors are also living longer and stronger than those in previous generations due to modern technology and medicines. What this can mean for many families is the need to provide in-home care for more than one loved one simultaneously. Luckily, there are some ways to make this challenging task a little easier. Enlist Help Waiting to ask for help until you actually need it means you’re likely to become burnt out. Safe Get-Togethers for Elderly People with Dementia. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, getting together with a large family group can be difficult to manage, even if he or she is looking forward to the event.

However, taking a few preparatory measures can help increase your loved one’s safety in such an environment. The staff at Home Care Assistance Fort Myers has put together this list of 5 ways to ensure a safe family gathering for your senior loved one with dementia. 1. Be Flexible. Discussing Home Care with Your Elderly Loved One. Though some seniors eventually need some form of assistance around the home, especially those with any prominent health conditions, many still dread the possibility. Post-Stroke Care for the Elderly. Stroke recovery can vary from person to person, but there are a few methods of post-stroke care that can help any senior no matter the severity of the stroke.

The senior care experts at Fort Myers Home Care Assistance offer these tips on how to effectively care for your elderly loved one after he or she has a stroke. Enlist Professional Help In addition to a physician, your loved one may need the help of a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and/or a home health aide. Initially, inpatient rehabilitation may be needed as well. Memory Games to Stimulate Seniors with Alzheimer's. Memory loss is mild in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but the loss can increase over time, preventing seniors with the disease from participating in their favorite pastimes.

Brain-stimulating activities can offer seniors with Alzheimer’s a better quality of life by helping them recollect information. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, the staff at Home Care Assistance of Fort Myers suggests these 4 games to help stimulate memory. 1. How to Find Purpose Later in Life. Some seniors may struggle with feeling important and valuable, but finding purpose in life may be simpler than they realize.

Top 4 Seafood Recipes for Elderly. One of the biggest factors in predicting longevity is diet. If you’re concerned that your elderly loved one isn’t eating right, encouraging him or her to begin regularly incorporating seafood into his or her meal plan may be a good first step. Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude While Caregiving. Top Foods for a Healthy Senior Immune System. 4 Tips That Help Elderly Diminish Feelings of Loneliness. It is common for seniors who live alone to experience feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression.

How to Modify Fitness Routines as Seniors Age. Exercise is a primary component of staying healthy well into one’s golden years. However, a person’s flexibility, strength, and agility will begin to decline after the age of 50, and this can pose a few challenges for getting the right types and amount of exercise. How is Senior Stroke Severity Measured? A stroke can impact a senior’s emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities for the rest of his or her life. If your loved one has experienced a stroke, an assessment can be used to evaluate their abilities, determine the best possible treatment, and help predict future outcomes. Home Care Assistance, a premier Fort Myers stroke care provider, will share information about this assessment. Healthy Alaskan Salmon for Older Adults. Healthy eating is important for everyone. How Can Seniors Avoid Heat Stroke in the Summer.

4 Hobby Ideas for Your Elderly Loved One. 4 Ways to Avoid Senior Arthritis. While research shows that osteoarthritis is genetic, arthritis symptoms don’t typically appear without certain triggers. If you’re concerned that your elderly loved one may develop arthritis, promoting healthy habits may help him or her avoid those triggers. 5 Hidden Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Though the primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are easy to see, there are a handful of non-motor symptoms that may affect seniors. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease in Seniors. Why Consider Home Care for Seniors with Dementia. 3 Overlooked Signs of Caregiver Stress. Ways to Encourage an Active Lifestyle for Elderly. Impact of Aging on a Senior’s Immune System.

Tips for Dining Out with Seniors on Mother's Day. Chronic Pain Management Tips for Elderly Adults. Are You Ready to Care for a Senior Loved One? Does Eating Chocolate Reduce Risk of Stroke? Seniors with Alzheimer's Use Fidget Toys to Manage Anxiety. Herbs That Help Manage Symptoms of Parkinson's. How to Ward Off Loneliness among Seniors & Older Adults.