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Home Care Assistance of Dayton offers hourly and live-in home care for seniors and elders in Dayton, OH. We have a team of skilled Caregivers and devoted Care Managers who work to create tailored care plans unique as the clients we serve. For More Details Please Click Here:

Top 7 Reasons for Seniors to Eat More Soy. In addition to being delicious, soy has many different health benefits.

Top 7 Reasons for Seniors to Eat More Soy

This unique ingredient can be used in countless dishes to enhance the flavor and add a variety of key nutrients. Here are a few reasons for seniors to eat more soy-based products. 1. Provides an Excellent Source of Calcium Eating a healthy and diverse diet that includes calcium-rich products such as soy milk is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis. 3 Amazing Mardi Gras Ideas for Aging Adults. Mardi Gras should be fun for everyone, regardless of their age.

3 Amazing Mardi Gras Ideas for Aging Adults

Family members providing home care in Dayton, OH, should consider the following 3 safe and fun-filled activities for their aging loved ones this Mardi Gras. 1. Make Nonalcoholic Raspberry Margaritas Your loved one can have a lot of fun preparing nonalcoholic raspberry margaritas to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Simply add 1¼ cups of frozen raspberries, 2/3rd cup of nonalcoholic margarita mix, 2 tablespoons of orange juice, 2½ tablespoons of guar, and 3/4th cup of ice in a blender. 2.

Bring the purples, greens, and golds of Mardi Gras into your senior loved one’s life by helping him or her make Mardi Gras ruffled lace flower pins. 3. Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Seniors. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Seniors

This season of love, help your senior loved one craft beautiful gifts to help spread the love, boost his or her mental health, and have some fun along the way. Here are a few holiday-themed craft options, provided by the experienced Dayton senior home care professionals at Home Care Assistance. Valentine’s Day Flower Wreath Welcome everyone to the home with a bright floral wreath hanging on the door. Start by cutting red and pink tissue paper into 8-inch by 5-inch squares. Common Symptoms and Signs of Liver Disease. By Mark Febus, 9:00 am on January 25, 2017 About one in 10 Americans are diagnosed with some type of liver disease.

Common Symptoms and Signs of Liver Disease

In fact, there are over 100 different types of liver disease. How to Stay in Touch with Your Senior Parents. How to Organize Family Caregiver Finances. For many adult children, there comes a time when an older loved one may have difficulty managing their finances.

How to Organize Family Caregiver Finances

The situation may last for a short time while they recover from an injury or illness. However, a family members diagnosed with cognitive issues require assistance on a permanent basis. In any event, children should step in and offer financial assistance. Dayton, OH, at-home care professionals recommend the following course of action. Having the Conversation First, ask if you may be of assistance. Legal Documentation Acquire the legal documents necessary that give you the right to make financial decisions on behalf of your senior parent. Organize Documents and Records. Perks of Eating Spearmint. By Mark Febus, 9:00 am on January 4, 2017 Mentha spicata, more commonly known as spearmint, is often used as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic, food, mouthwash and toothpaste products.

Perks of Eating Spearmint

10 Things Every Caregiver Needs in a Ready Bag. As a caregiver it is important to be prepared for unexpected developments at all times.

10 Things Every Caregiver Needs in a Ready Bag

Top 4 Senior YouTubers. Making YouTube videos doesn’t just turn young people into stars.

Top 4 Senior YouTubers

It has also helped ordinary seniors rise to fame. Dayton elder care professionals discuss 4 senior YouTubers who are making waves on the social media website. 1. Dementia Drugs Commonly Prescribed by Doctors. Dementia medications are manufactured to ease the behavioral and cognitive changes that occur during the disease.

Dementia Drugs Commonly Prescribed by Doctors

Along with formulations that specifically target dementia, individuals might also receive prescriptions for drugs that treat accompanying issues. Following are a few commonly prescribed drugs Dayton Alzheimer’s caregivers should be familiar with. AchE-Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors This group of medications is designed to prevent the breakdown and reuptake of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The chemical is vital for the healthy communication between neurons and plays a major role in memory along with enhancing the ability to maintain focus and practice good judgment. Donepezil, Aricept – used for mild to severe dementiaGalantamine, Razadyne or Reminyl – treats mild to moderate dementiaRivastigmine, Exelon – prescribed for mild to moderate dementiaTacrine, Cognex – for mild to moderate dementia.

Home Care Assistance Celebrates Opening of Dayton, OH Office with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Open House. PDF Download: Media Contact: Kathryn Zakskorn Director of Franchise Marketing 650-462-9501 Senior care leader, Home Care Assistance, will be hosting an Open House sponsored by the South Metro Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, February 11th from 4pm to 7pm.

Home Care Assistance Celebrates Opening of Dayton, OH Office with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Open House

Dayton’s Trusted Choice for Hourly Home Care. Grant your senior loved one’s wish of aging in the comfort of home with help from the trained and compassionate hourly caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Dayton. We know all too well the difficult choices families must make when a parent, grandparent, or other family member is no longer able to care for him or herself independently. Noticing the Signs of Elderly Alcohol Abuse. Senior alcoholism is a serious problem that can have dangerous consequences if left unaddressed. In addition to the general problems it can cause, alcoholism can interfere with any medications your loved one takes or even cause them to frequently fall resulting in broken bones. Home Care Assistance of Dayton Receives Home Care Pulse Certified – Truste. Holiday Tips for Family Caregivers.

Caring for an elderly parent or family member can be a challenge, but during the holiday season it can become even more so. The holidays mean additional responsibilities and expectations, but more importantly, it means opportunity. As a caregiver, you have a unique opportunity to bring a little extra joy into the life of another person, and there is no better time to do so than during the holiday season.

Predictions for Elderly Population Growth in Ohio. Since people who were born during the first part of the post-World War II baby boom began reaching elderly age in 2011, the senior population in the United States has been growing steadily and will continue to do so for the next 30-40 years.