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Our mission at Home Care Assistance of El Paso County is to change the way the world ages. We provide older adults that reside in Colorado Springs and El Paso County with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. We invite you to call us today to speak with a professional care manager at (719) 822-1229 about our services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Home Care & Precautions. Today, the world is plagued by a virus known as the Coronavirus, or CoVid-19.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Home Care & Precautions

This virus originated in China and has made its way globally to infect millions of people of all ages. The death rate is increasing at an alarming rate with the most deaths being older adults especially those who have underlying health conditions. This surge has caused a worldwide pandemic with no end in sight at this point. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued several guidelines for people to follow to help slow the spread of the disease, and how to prevent getting the disease, and how to care for someone who may have the virus. Learning About Covid-19 The Coronavirus is still new to scientists and medical professionals, so knowing exactly how it is spread is still an uncertainty. Symptoms The symptoms of the Coronavirus are varied, and more symptoms are being added that include coughing, sneezing, fever, sore throat, muscle aches, inability to breathe properly, or shortness of breath.

How to Communicate with Someone with Dementia – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs. The symptoms of dementia can make communicating difficult.

How to Communicate with Someone with Dementia – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs

This is something that is difficult for the loved one and the caregiver. A loved one often has trouble with conversations. This occurs sometimes because they do not understand what is being said. Another reason is that they are having trouble expressing themselves. 6 Reasons It's Important to Exercise in the Senior Years. Your senior loved one’s physician may have talked to your parent on more than one occasion about the importance of exercise, but your loved one may still feel unmotivated to get up and work out.

6 Reasons It's Important to Exercise in the Senior Years

Although exercise routines may need to be modified to fit individual abilities, seniors still need to follow regular regimens that include movement throughout the day. Swimming, walking, and yoga are all great forms of exercise that can provide the following benefits. 1. Boost Immune System Functioning. How to Increase Intellectual Wellness in Seniors. How Can Seniors Ward off Lethargy □? – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County.

Seniors may become lethargic with age due to the natural aging process and lack of physical activities.

How Can Seniors Ward off Lethargy □? – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County

Laziness can be unhealthy for your loved one as it increases his or her risk for several diseases. You can help your loved one overcome lethargy by making a few changes to his or her lifestyle. Here is a list of things seniors can do to ward off laziness. Start Small. Exercise and Physical Therapy Guide for Seniors with Parkinson’s – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County. Modern research has shown that Parkinson’s disease (PD) in seniors is treatable, if not curable.

Exercise and Physical Therapy Guide for Seniors with Parkinson’s – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce muscle stiffness and improve your overall mobility, balance, posture and gait. Professional caregivers have utilized their experience to prepare a complete exercise and physical therapy guide for seniors battling PD. General Note As a general rule, remember that aerobic exercises help in increasing oxygen delivery and neurotransmitters that keep your lungs, heart and nervous system healthy.

General exercises can reduce depression. Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Seniors – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County. As young adults, People are very concern about their vitamin intake.

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Seniors – Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs & El Paso County

They make a conscious effort to take vitamin supplements daily and try to eat vitamin-rich foods. Once a person reaches the age of 50 and older, they may not think that vitamin intake is essential. People, who have reached the age of being a senior citizen, need vitamins more than ever. They may eat less food and are not getting the vitamins they need. 5 Ways to Exercise the Brain During Stroke Recovery. Strokes have a devastating impact on the brain that can range in severity from minor changes in cognitive abilities to severe challenges.

5 Ways to Exercise the Brain During Stroke Recovery

While stroke survivors should always start by following their treatment plans, you may want to supplement your aging loved one’s care with additional activities that stimulate brain activity. These five ideas give you a perfect starting point for guiding your loved one to wellness. 1. Try a Speech Training App When a stroke hits the parts of the brain responsible for language, your loved one may find it difficult to come up with the right words or figure out the meaning behind what people say. 5 Issues that Often Lead to Rehospitalization for Aging Adults. Best Reasons for Elderly People to Take Up Gardening. 5 Simple But Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Seniors. Top 6 Healthy Hobbies for the Elderly. To maintain good health, older adults must stick to a nutritious diet, take on mental challenges, get regular exercise, and be social.

Top 6 Healthy Hobbies for the Elderly

There are numerous hobbies seniors might enjoy that enable them to stimulate the brain and get beneficial exercise. Some also provide the chance to socialize with others. 1. Spending Time with a Pet. 6 Healthy Hobbies for Older Adults. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Senior Years. Effects of Alzheimer's on the Brain's Memory Systems. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that causes memory loss in stages.

Effects of Alzheimer's on the Brain's Memory Systems

Each stage of memory loss occurs as a result of physical changes in the brain, which can include plaque formation between nerves and nerve tangles that result in tissue death. The first physical changes include nerve tangles and plaques in the prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe, or the parts of the brain responsible for storing short-term memories. Here are some effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain’s memory systems. Short-Term Memory Loss The hippocampus is located in the temporal lobe and is among the first regions of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior-Friendly Christmas Activities. The words of a special Christmas song declare it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with a little planning, this year’s holiday season can be especially memorable for senior citizens.

Senior-Friendly Christmas Activities

Memories are near and dear to most people, but particularly for older folks who may spend more time alone throughout the year. Colorado Springs caregivers hope families will take time this holiday season to enjoy the following activities with their senior loved ones. Helpful Charities That Benefit Seniors. By Mark Silvanic, 9:00 am on There are many charity organizations available that help seniors and their loved ones face the challenges of aging. Many seniors could use the help as it’s quite common for them to live on a fixed income and struggle to get by. The leading providers of Colorado Springs home care can recommend the following charities to help seniors face the challenges of the golden years. Understanding the Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Arthritic Seniors. The benefits of hydrotherapy have been known since ancient times and were commonly used in the form of natural mineral hot springs or the more elaborate Greek and Roman baths.

Circulating warm water enhances blood and lymph circulation, promotes relaxation and encourages the healing process. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and whirlpool bathtubs can all provide welcome relief from arthritis, and providers of live-in care in Colorado Springs can explain how this works. Heat Therapy The temperature of warmer water promotes the relaxation of muscles and connective tissues, which often become tense when they experience physical discomfort. Plain warm water alleviates soreness and stiffness. Jet Therapies The swift moving waters found in spas and whirlpools provide a gentle massage.

Recognizing the Signs of Gluten Intolerance. The recent craze in gluten-free foods is due to the growing public awareness of gluten intolerances and sensitivities. Gluten, which is a form of protein that mostly exists in grains, typically doesn’t cause problems. However, a small portion of the population might have trouble digesting it. Gluten intolerance can develop later in life after years of consuming gluten, which is why Colorado Springs caregivers hope families will watch out for the following symptoms of gluten intolerance. Stomach Pain The main symptoms of gluten intolerance are digestive issues after consuming gluten products. Exhaustion When a person is intolerant to gluten, the body sees it as a harmful substance that must be removed from the body. Technology to Prevent Falls in Aging Adults.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of falls experienced by senior citizens cause fractures or traumatic brain injuries. Hospitals report nearly three million seniors require emergency room treatment each year after falls, and more than 800,000 require hospitalization and surgical intervention. The concern of fall frequency in the elderly has influenced the introduction of different types of preventative technology. If you want to reduce your aging loved one’s risk of falls, consider investing in one or more of these devices. TABS Monitors These portable devices are easily used whether a senior is sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Slips, falls, and injuries are some of the many issues aging adults may experience. Seat Belt Alarms. Tasty Vegetarian Dishes for Seniors. More and more seniors are deciding on a vegetarian lifestyle, either for ethical reasons or health concerns. Colorado Springs live-in care providers understand that flexibility is the key to preventing vegetarian diets from becoming monotonous, especially for those coming from an omnivorous background.

Check out these fun and fresh vegetarian meals specifically chosen with senior nutrition in mind. Colcannon This nourishing hot dish is a hearty and tasty twist on mashed potatoes. Colcannon comes from the Irish Gaelic words meaning “white cabbage”, but these days the cabbage is optional. Dolmas Convenient and easy to make, dolma makes an excellent snack food or meal. Gnocchi. Top 6 Books for Aging Adults with Dementia. Regularly delving into new books can reduce stress levels, provide mental stimulation, increase awareness, and enhance memory among seniors with dementia.

If you have been having a difficult time finding good books for your aging loved one, here are a few titles he or she might enjoy. 1. How to Recuperate from Caregiver Burnout. As a caregiver, you may often hear warnings about burnout. Caregiver burnout sometimes builds up so slowly that you might not notice it is happening. Although there are many symptoms associated with caregiver burnout, feeling as though you lack energy or no longer enjoy those special moments are sure signs it is time to take a break.

Top 6 Benefits for Aging Adults Who Do Yoga. How to Make Friends in the Senior Years. 5 Concerns for Seniors Living with Cerebral Palsy. 35 Essential Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in Golden Years. Top 5 Spring Exercises for the Elderly. 5 Most Common Vision Problems in Seniors. 4 Reasons the Elderly Should Adopt the Japanese Diet. It is important for seniors to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle that leads to good health and longevity. Colorado Springs elder care professionals suggest adopting a traditional Japanese diet, which is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world and offers numerous health benefits. 1.Omega-3-Rich Seafood The Japanese diet is packed with seafood, especially fish like tuna and salmon.

The omega-3 fatty acids in these types of fish are important for maintaining a healthy heart. These nutrients protect the cardiovascular system as seniors age. 2. Dos and Don’ts of Alzheimer’s Home Care. As the cognitive impairment of Alzheimer’s disease progresses, seniors exhibit a wide range of emotions, which can make life as a Colorado Springs dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver challenging. Anger, confusion, depression, fear and paranoia are some common symptoms that may lead to agitation, aggression or violence. Things to Put in a Senior’s Holistic First Aid Kit. Top 5 Seniors in the Guinness Book of World Records. Senior citizens are simply amazing in the things that they still choose to accomplish with their lives. Boosting Caregiver Wellbeing in 2017. 6 Tips: Take Control of your Arthritis Pain this Winter. A Tasty Christmas Dessert for Seniors with Diabetes.

Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs: 10 Ways To Prevent Alzheimers. 4 Brain-Boosting Beet Salads for Seniors. Starting New Thanksgiving Traditions with Seniors. How Reading Alleviates Stress. Understanding the Benefits of Home Care for Colorado Springs Seniors – Home Care Assistance of El Paso County – Colorado Springs Home Care. Muhammad Ali’s Fight of His Life. Foot Care Tips for Seniors. How to Choose the Right Senior Home Care. Alzheimer’s Outreach Services for Family Caregivers. How Documenting Memories Helps Seniors with Dementia. Healthy Holiday Meals for Seniors.