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Emploi : demandeurs & recruteurs

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Disneyland Paris s'appuie sur Pinterest pour recruter. Pinterest resumes - a way to pin down jobs? - Aurora. Pinterest is known as a popular online pin board for photos of fashion, food recipes, and arts and crafts projects, but it has also become a place to find creative job resumes.

Pinterest resumes - a way to pin down jobs? - Aurora

Not the old-fashioned, text-only lists of job titles and experience. These are digital resumes that include eye-catching graphics, YouTube videos and PowerPoint slides. Damned, j'ai succombé à #Pinterest ! - Aurora. Mettre son Cv sur Pinterest. Pinterest et la recherche d’emploi. 5 Ways to Use Pinterest For Recruiting - Aurora. Sal Loukos is a sourcing manager at Seven Step RPO, where she builds and manages talent sourcing strategies for a variety of Fortune 100 clients.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest For Recruiting - Aurora

You can follow her @Sal_Loukos, or on Pinterest at sal_loukos. Winning the talent war is a priority for every organization. Now, more than ever, it's crucial that companies get a head start in the recruiting game and capture talent using new, and sometimes unlikely, avenues. Pinterest, currently the third most popular social network, is the perfect tool for recruiters to advertise job openings and show off their company as an employer. Just as consumer goods companies have been experimenting with advertising products on Pinterest, recruiters can adopt these principles to tap into the network’s growing community. Pinterest also presents an opportunity to reach talent first, since headhunters have yet to make the complete transition onto this platform in the same way they have with other social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 1. 2. Work Club Is Looking For A New Creative Director - Aurora. Is Pinterest The New LinkedIn For Job Seekers? - Forbes - Aurora.

9 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Pinterest - Aurora. Social media is all about user/customer interaction — that much we know.

9 Ways to Engage Your Employees on Pinterest - Aurora

But many businesses value staff engagement as well. Pinterest's collaborative approach encourages employees to not only get to know each other, but also to communicate their personalities and tastes to the wider public. Marketing and communications agency Red Door Interactive recently launched a Pinterest project that encourages staff members to contribute ideas and inspiration for its new office. The board, titled "San Diego Office Inspiration," encourages 63 staff member contributors to pin interior design, architectural and decor ideas for the new office, which they'll be relocating to Oct. 2012. Red Door's director of social media, Crosby Noricks, is an early adopter of Pinterest, and was even featured on the social network's blog back in Sept. 2011.

TCheese Copywriter on Pinterest. How To Use Pinterest During Your Job Search - Careers Articles - Aurora. By Debra Auerbach The social networking site Pinterest seems to be all anyone can talk about these days, including me.

How To Use Pinterest During Your Job Search - Careers Articles - Aurora

This "Virtual Pinboard" allows users to create pinboards on any topic they want and pin things they find interesting onto said boards. Users can browse pinboards created by other users, re-pin their images or follow them to see all of their pins. Naturally we were intrigued by Pinterest and wanted to explore it from a job-seeker perspective. While the site is still relatively new - and we're still learning new things about it ourselves - we wanted to share some ways we found to use the site during a job search. You can use it to: 1. Perhaps you're a job seeker who is just starting out, or maybe you're a workforce veteran but are looking to change careers. 2.

Pinterest can be used to find information about any topic under the sun. 3. Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search? - Aurora. Sean Weinberg is the COO and co-founder of RezScore, a free web application that reads, analyzes and grades resumes instantly.

Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search? - Aurora

You can connect with Sean and the RezScore team on Facebook and Twitter. Just when you thought you had mastered the job search on all social media platforms, along came Pinterest. You’ve optimized your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and you’ve got the Twesume. Intégrez Pinterest dans votre recherche d'emploi - Aurora. Dans le milieu professionnel, nombreuses sont déjà les marques qui ont intégré Pinterest dans leur stratégie de médias sociaux.

Intégrez Pinterest dans votre recherche d'emploi - Aurora

Voici quelques pistes pour utiliser Pinterest dans une recherche d’emploi. On a déjà parlé de Pinterest à plusieurs reprises sur Presse-Citron: ici ou là par exemple. En complément, sur mon blog, je donne des pistes pour utiliser Pinterest pour son business ou sa marque, notamment en BtoB. Certaines marques y cartonnent, comme par exemple les yaourts Chobani qui concurrencent désormais Yoplait ou Danone à New York. Le site a une audience très féminine et fait beaucoup parler de lui sur différents blogs et sites de presse que ce soit à propos du temps qu’on y passe, du trafic qu’il renvoie vers les sites e-commerce ou du nombre de visiteurs uniques. Pinterest : et si les CV devenaient des images ou des infographies. 21 février 2012 La folie Pinterest, le dernier outil à la mode sur le web, s’empare de tout (voir épisode précédent pour comprendre Pinterest) y compris du CV !

Pinterest : et si les CV devenaient des images ou des infographies

Si vous cherchez « Resume » dans le moteur de recherche Pinterest vous allez découvrir toute une série de CV soit intégrant une image représentative, soit un CV en image ou infographie. Intéressant détournement de l’outil, mais idée est surement à creuser y compris pour les offres d’emploi. Autre usage possible : faire des portfolio de réalisations et d’inspirations pour des professions où l’image est importante (Graphiste, Directeur Artistique, Photographe, Designer…). Avec Pinterest un nouveau monde s’ouvre à nous. ;-) Pas sur que cela devienne un standard, mais va falloir tester des usages autour de cela.