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10 Amazing Pinterest Tools - Aurora. Best Pinterest Tips and Tricks - Creative Uses For This is an exciting feature!

Best Pinterest Tips and Tricks - Creative Uses For

You can create a board, just like you do for anything else, but you can make it "secret. " What that means is that the only people who can see it are you and anyone you invite to it! These will always be found at the bottom of your list of boards. Step 1: Click on your name to go to your profile. Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of your boards and click on Add a Secret Board. Step 3: Name your board and assign a category. That's it! I like to use this for gathering gift ideas for other people throughout the year. The Hyper House - Aurora. With Facebook and Pinterest connecting even more these days, there have been a ton of new Pinterest users coming online and wondering what the heck is Pinterest.

The Hyper House - Aurora

In a way I’m glad I joined over a year ago so I could figure out all the fun ways to use it without anyone I knew watching me. (BTW- you can find me on Pinterest here) Now it seems like everyone is online using it so if you’re clueless we all get to see it. Here’s some tips to help the Pinterest newbies and even some tricks that experienced users might want to try. 1. Pinterest : quatre astuces pour aller plus loin - Aurora. 01net le 28/03/12 à 10h12 Gagnez du temps dans vos partages Si vous avez installé, comme vous l’a conseillé Pinterest, le bouton Pin it dans votre barre personnelle du navigateur lors de la création de votre compte (voir notre premier article sur le sujet), alors voici comment l’exploiter encore plus efficacement.

Pinterest : quatre astuces pour aller plus loin - Aurora

Lorsque vous êtes sur la page à partager. Sélectionnez le titre de l’article, ou la légende de la photo, tout texte pour accompagner votre « pin », avec votre souris. Interpellez un ami Vous avez repéré une information et l’avez partagée sur votre mur Pinterest. Arrêtez de tout montrer sur Facebook Vous avez vraisemblablement lié votre compte Pinterest à votre compte Facebook. Pour cela, cliquez sur votre profil, choisissez Settings. 6 Tips and Tools for Pinterest Lovers - Aurora. Pinterest is by far the hottest site on the Internet at the moment.

6 Tips and Tools for Pinterest Lovers - Aurora

The site enjoys millions of visitors each week, sometimes more than one million in one day. That’s a lot. It’s no surprise that Pinterest is as successful as it is. The site appeals to our visual side, both in terms of visual organization, and in being visually appealing. A collection of colorful and engaging pin boards is beautiful to behold and fun to browse. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Ressources et trousse à outils pour Pinterest. Seven essential tricks for Pinterest power users - Internet & Networking - Aurora. From hiding comments to pinning a web page without a photo, there are tips here that will help even the most addicted Pinterest user.

Seven essential tricks for Pinterest power users - Internet & Networking - Aurora

(Credit: Sharon Vaknin/CNET) You are a Pinterest power user. You spend quite some time curating your boards, pinning original content, and you might even have a substantial following. Your friends flock to you with Pinterest-related questions, and, as a Pinterest veteran, you're always ready with the answers. Considering all the time you spend on Pinterest, you might benefit from a new set of tricks that will help you streamline your pinning and even solve a few issues you run into all too often. Check out these tricks, and leave yours in the comments section. 1. How many times have you stumbled upon an awesome item and clicked the pin, only to stumble upon a defunct Tumblr blog? Right-click the image in the Pin and select "Copy image URL.

" (Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET) 2. 3. Head to a page you want to pin and highlight some text, like the blog title. 4. 10 Tips for Pinterest Search Engine Optimization. Sage Lewis | March 12, 2012 | 21 Comments inShare171 If you want to take up greater search engine results pages real estate, you need to position your Pinterest images on the search engines.

10 Tips for Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

Without a doubt, Pinterest is the flavor-of-the-month website. People are talking about it all the time, so I thought it might be interesting to look at Pinterest from a search engine optimization perspective. As I was getting ready to write this column, I was talking to Greg Habermann about it and he asked an important question: "Why would anybody care to optimize Pinterest? " That pretty much threatened to derail my entire column for the day. One reason for wanting to optimize your Pinterest pins is to take up greater search engine results pages real estate. Another reason is that you never know how the search engines will value social media listings down the road.

Based on what I have seen anecdotally, most Pinterest boards and pins don't rank well for the phrase they have targeted. 5 services pour améliorer Pinterest. C’est le buzz du moment !

5 services pour améliorer Pinterest

Pinterest est sur toutes les lèvres. Certains ne jurent que par ce service et y voient des débouchés pour tout et n’importe quoi (e-commerce, recrutement, image de marque…). D’autres sont sceptiques et se demandent bien quand la bulle va retomber. Avec ses millions d’utilisateurs très actifs, on ne peut toutefois pas ignorer le phénomène, à défaut de le comprendre. Comme souvent dans ce genre de cas, de nombreux services se sont vite greffés autour de Pinterest. Pin a quote Pinterest c’est bien, mais malheureusement (ou heureusement, c’est selon), vous ne pouvez pas ajouter de texte, seulement des liens vers des pages contenant une image… Pour contourner cette restriction, le site Pin a quote vous permet de pinner une courte citation (455 caractères maximum) accompagnée du nom de l’auteur.

Pingram. 19 Tools for Pinterest Pros. By Bliss Hanlin, Community Manager at eModeration (and Pinner extraordinaire) As Pinterest growth skyrockets, so follows the number of tools available to help us manage our content, understand our metrics, and be better pinners.

19 Tools for Pinterest Pros

Below are just a few of the tools and services now available for use with Pinterest that are especially handy for brands, marketers, and Pinterest devotees. (Are we crazy for Pinterest? Little bit! For more from eModeration on Pinterest, try our look from a legal standpoint at the new Terms of Use going into effect April 6, our Everything Pinterest guide, and of course, eModeration's boards on Pinterest.) General Use Tools Official "Pin It" Pinterest Bookmarklet - sometimes the simplest answer is the best one.

Pin a Quote - a bookmarklet that turns a text quote into something pinable, although for a more alluring visual, you'll need to PayPal the creator for an upgrade to the Pro version.