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Yale Survey of American Attitudes on Warming Still a lot of people convinced that warming is happening. Guess they’ve been agit propped pretty well. Most respondents said they don’t believe they will be personally harmed by any global warming that may happen. That is obviously a great disappointment to the researchers.
Feds form grand jury to probe Chris Christie's role in Bridgegate... Afghans line up for blocks to vote for new leader... $1.5 MILLION Hotel Bill for Obama's One-Day Visit to Brussels... DRUDGE REPORT 2011®


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The much-hyped bipartisan Ryan-Murray budget “deal” struck late last year increases the national debt $6.4 trillion over the next ten years. It does nothing to change the trajectory of our growing debt at a time when it is among the greatest national security threats facing our nation. The “deal” also increases near term federal spending with a promise of future cuts (dubious) while raising taxes on airline passengers.

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