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Author Chris Grabenstein: Books for Kids! Now you can host a Lemoncello-style Scavenger Hunt in YOUR library.

Author Chris Grabenstein: Books for Kids!

Working with Children's Services librarians from the Carroll County Public Library in Finksburg, Maryland, Chris has created Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Escape Game for libraries everywhere! Everything you need is available in one downloadable PDF: Set Up and Game Play InstructionsGame Master GuideAnswer Sheets for players to fill inClue CardsLess Challenging WORD Answer CardsMore Challenging PICTOGRAM Answer Cards To access this PDF file, you will need a special code (otherwise, all the players could find the answers to the word puzzle right here!). If you've already done that step, click here to enter your Access Code.

Chart every country's favourite book on this map. A well-intentioned illustrated map colors the globe with book covers representative of popularitywithin their country of origin.

Chart every country's favourite book on this map

Reddit user Backforward24 respectfully pulls beloved literature and literally puts it on the map—here we see the USA rep to Kill a Mockingbird, Mexico dig Pedro Páramo, and Albert Camus' The Stranger cover Algeria. A storybook tour of London's past. Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Oliver Twist—what do all of these beloved children’s classics have in common?

A storybook tour of London's past

The city of London is as much a character in them as Wendy or Cruella de Vil. The historic city has been an inspiration to writers for generations, and for many bookworms worldwide, the first glimpse of England’s capital comes from the great stories they read as a child. As a result, a visit to London can feel like stepping into the pages of a beloved book, with the names of neighborhoods and streets sounding ever so familiar. The @DavidGeurin Blog: 11 Simple Ideas to Promote Reading No Matter What You Teach. Three Myths About “Reading Levels” Fifty years ago, a teenager wrote the best selling young adult novel of all time. Fifty years ago this spring, the best selling young adult novel of all time was published to adulation and outrage.

Fifty years ago, a teenager wrote the best selling young adult novel of all time

This was 1967, so youth culture was not exactly new, but something about the plain, emotional voice of The Outsiders did away with the grownups’ interference and spoke directly to teen readers in a new way. The 7 Habits that Books and Reading Help You Build – The Mission – Medium. “Books are the training weights of the mind” –Seneca The most useful definition of technology I’ve heard is simply, “the ability to do more with less.”

The 7 Habits that Books and Reading Help You Build – The Mission – Medium

I think of books and reading as technologies. Book Club Classics. 18 YA Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2017. Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys Who Say They “Hate Reading” by Oona Marie Abrams. Three years ago, I welcomed the ritual of ten minutes of daily independent reading into my 12th grade classroom.

Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys Who Say They “Hate Reading” by Oona Marie Abrams

Of course, I was nervous at the beginning. 40+ Best Books for Boys Ages 8-16. 40+ of the absolute BEST books for boys in their pre-tween, tween and teenage years.

40+ Best Books for Boys Ages 8-16

Let me start by saying that my now-teenage boys are not avid bookworms. They’re decent readers, but my sons don’t just hunker down with a book whenever they’re bored. They’d just rather be doing something rather than reading – like throwing a baseball or watching hockey game. How the world reads. Contact lenses producer Feel Good has recently released an infographic that puts together most interesting facts about books and reading.

How the world reads

How the world reads infographic includes info about which country loves to read most, bestselling books of all time, banned books, and fun facts. A very interesting part of the visual explains how we read. Our eyes have 3 types of vision ranges: fovea or the area at the centre of the retina; parafovea, which expands 5 degrees on either side of a fixation; and periphery, which is everything else.Most of what we understand clearly when reading, happens in the foveal area. Click or tap the infographic to see it enlarged. More infographics to check out: Log In. The truth about boys and books: they read less – and skip pages. 74 Ways Characters Die in Shakespeare's Plays Shown in a Handy Infographic: From Snakebites to Lack of Sleep. In the graduate department where I once taught freshmen and sophomores the rudiments of college English, it became common practice to include Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus on many an Intro to Lit syllabus, along with a viewing of Julie Taymor’s flamboyant film adaptation.

74 Ways Characters Die in Shakespeare's Plays Shown in a Handy Infographic: From Snakebites to Lack of Sleep

The early work is thought to be Shakespeare’s first tragedy, cobbled together from popular Roman histories and Elizabethan revenge plays. And it is a truly bizarre play, swinging wildly in tone from classical tragedy, to satirical dark humor, to comic farce, and back to tragedy again. Critic Harold Bloom called Titus “an exploitative parody” of the very popular revenge tragedies of the time—its murders, maimings, rapes, and mutilations pile up, scene upon scene, and leave characters and readers/audiences reeling in grief and disbelief from the shocking body count.

Judges Report - CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2016 - Reading Time. INTRODUCTION: Overall trends in Award entries The total number of entries for the 2016 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year was 402.

Judges Report - CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2016 - Reading Time

This includes 360 fiction entries and 42 non-fiction. There were many ‘jewel entries’ in the CBCA 70th birthday crown. The judges noted that it was refreshing to see the breadth of entries from poetry, verse novels, fiction and non-fiction, with outstanding writers and illustrators opting to use new voices and explore the boundaries with new stories and mediums. First time authors and illustrators combined to produce Notables and Shortlisted books in all categories. Storynory - Free Audio Stories for Kids. Special: Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm The Value of the Book in the Digital Age. Books that Change the Course of Our Lives – The Writing Cooperative. How Australia's children's authors create magic on the page. For a prime example of Australia’s innovation economy in action, look no further than the humble picture book.

Staple of bedtime reading, offering textual delights beyond the verbal, picture books are a hidden treasure. Australian picture books sell around the world, and are translated into many languages — take for instance, Jackie French’s iconic Diary of a Wombat (2002), which appears in French, German, Korean, and many more. But though the words need translating, the images, (in French’s book by Bruce Whatley), communicate across language barriers. The interplay between words and images is one of the magic ingredients in a show-stopping picture book. Achieving that magic requires serious innovation. It takes time, dedication, and care to make a picture book, and though some may be flipped through in minutes, others repay repeated reading and looking. Guess the character in children's fiction - quiz. Hilarious summaries of classic novels? There's a comic for that.

There are few things in life as relaxing as cuddling up with a good book. Broadcast Yourself. Children’s Book Week 2016 - Resources. I think it's important not to get too fixed on what makes a book suit this 2016 Children's Book Week theme. Australia IS a Story Country. Our stories come from all over: from our own indigenous people, from migrants and refugees who have come to live here, from books, movies and orally transmitted stories. Let's encourage Australia's children to immerse themselves in a range of stories, to read them, listen to them, watch them, think about them, and go on to share them with others! I have a few books I will suggest that I think make great resources for libraries and schools generally AS WELL AS suiting a theme like Australia: Story Country.

Though I believe that almost any story with an Australian link of some kind (character, setting, author, illustrator etc) is suitable for this theme, I have a deliberately short list to suggest, many of them picture books. The Complete Calendar Plug-In of the World's Fictional Holidays. Anyone can tell you about how many shopping days there are until Christmas, or what costume they're planning for Halloween, but how many people know when First Contact Day is, or what day of the week the Wookiee Life Day falls on? Thank goodness, then, for Atlas Obscura's first calendar. With the help of suggestions from our readers, we've assembled over 75 pop culture holidays to help you celebrate your favorite fictional occasions, with birthdays of famous characters from Rory Gilmore to Harry Potter, and important days in fiction from Bloomsday to Judgement Day.

While the calendar is far from comprehensive, we've put together a collection of some of the greatest pop culture occasions (that we can put a date to) anywhere this side of Middle Earth. Kurt Vonnegut - The Shapes of Stories. The Shapes of Stories by Kurt Vonnegut. Top 10 quotes about tolerance in children's books. When Benjamin Cohen sat down to read the story King and King, in which a prince falls in love with another prince, to his little nieces, he probably wasn’t expecting an outpouring of abuse from Twitter. But that’s exactly what he got. What should I read next. Books are back. Only the technodazzled thought they would go away.

Book People: Anna Ciddor. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Family with Two Front Doors’ by Anna Ciddor, a story which absolutely captivated me and took me back to my pre-teen years when I went through a stage of reading historical fiction rather obsessively – though this was very different from anything I ever read. Click on cover image or title links to purchase. The Inky awards: resources for your library. 10 Fairy Tales With a Twist. Great Books for Resistant Readers in Middle School and High School.

Picture Books that Celebrate Books and Libraries. Speed Dating by Book Genre: Personal Ads. Police Sketches of Literary Characters Based on Their Book Descriptions. A great author paints a picture with words of their character’s physical appearance. How Does 'A Wrinkle in Time' Look on a Map? A good book makes you want to live in the story. A great book give you no choice. #quote. "Ban This Book" Poster · Incidental Comics · Online Store Powered by Storenvy. A reader’s manifesto (cartoon) Not Just for Little Kids – What Picture Books Have Taught My Middle Schoolers.

I never thought of leaving picture books behind. The best picture books of 2015. The Ten Best Weather Events in Fiction. The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015. Review: The Strays by Emily Bitto. Review of Bitto, The Strays TEXT Vol 18 No 2. Book Review: The Strays – Emily Bitto - The Big Smoke. The Strays by Emily Bitto review – the fizz and the fall of bohemian living. What should I read next. The Power of Taking Reading Breaks. Learning To Read Alone Is Not Enough. Your Students Need A Reading Champion. Lisa Bu: How books can open your mind.