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Design in physical and digital spaces for libraries

The future of library services in 3 visualizations – Medium. People desire spaces where they can gather, where they can learn, where they can live and play.

The future of library services in 3 visualizations – Medium

The library of the future is equipped to empower people toward knowledge. Through technology-rich amenities, organized cultural & exhibit spaces, and an mixed-use approach to learning that incorporates everything from entrepreneurship and makerspaces to flipped classrooms and nap pods, library services of the future will meet people where they are — and transform themselves into the many iterations of the imagination.

But what does that mean for the books? 2. The Library of the Future revives its origins as a great democratizer of knowledge. Ancient libraries were formed to democratize cultural artifacts and knowledge — the great Library of Alexandria, with its extensive volumes, was an iconic building that honored the sharing of knowledge. 3. For libraries to function effectively, they need to be built around the very services and processes they support. Biblo Tøyen: Norway’s unique library for kids ages 10 to 15. Forget what you think about libraries!

Biblo Tøyen: Norway’s unique library for kids ages 10 to 15

Biblo Tøyen, one of Oslo Public Library’s (Deichmanske bibliotek) newest additions, is breaking and changing all the library rules! This is a unique and innovative space, created for young people ages 10 to 15. Why 10 to 15? Christian Bermudez, a librarian at Biblo Tøyen explains, “Norwegian schools have an after school program called SFO (Skolefritidsordning) where children can stay at school until 5 pm. There they can play, do homework, or other activities. How A School Library Increased Student Use By 1,000 Percent. Listen to the full interview: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 51:45 — 71.4MB) Read Transcript Last year at Big Walnut Middle School in Sunbury, Ohio, there were some days when fewer than ten students passed through the library doors.

How A School Library Increased Student Use By 1,000 Percent

Just like in so many other schools, students and teachers had a growing number of resources available to them through tablets, Chromebooks, e-readers and interactive whiteboards, so they no longer needed to visit the library like they once did. Some schools have addressed this problem by converting their libraries to makerspaces. But Big Walnut principal Penny Sturtevant had a vision that was a bit different from the makerspaces she was seeing. As she began the process of reimagining the space, Sturtevant asked me to serve as a consultant.

So how did it all turn out? To begin redesigning the space, Kitchen did a clean sweep. The Library as Third Place. A novel approach: Pamela Coyne Library. Despite the shift towards digital technologies and online learning resources, school libraries remain a place where the pleasures of reading and learning are shared and guided.

A novel approach: Pamela Coyne Library

Yet in order to entice our young digital natives into the world of books, we must provide settings that are exciting and tech-rich, but also comfortable and homey – places students want to linger in. In keeping with these ideas, the recently renovated and expanded Pamela Coyne Library at St Monica College’s junior campus in Epping, Melbourne, is an example of how the twenty-first-century school library can reposition itself as the vital heart of the school community. Branch Studio Architects has made the humble book central to the design philosophy of the Pamela Coyne Library, and this idea permeates the project at all levels. The library has been arranged as a sequence of chapters, each marking a transition to the next element of the architectural story.

School Library Association of Victoria. King David School – Temporary library technician The King David School requires a temporary library technician from August 31 to September 18 (excluding September 14 & 15 which are Jewish holidays).

School Library Association of Victoria

The position is based at our year 3-8 campus (Orrong Road, Armadale) with one day per week at our P-2 campus (Kooyong Road, Armadale). There is a possibility of part-time if not available Mondays and/or Fridays. Usual library technician duties but no AV. We use Infiniti LMS. If you or someone you know could be interested please get in touch via email in the first instance. Heather Bailie Library & Information Services Manager The King David School 517-519 Orrong Road Armadale, Victoria 3143 T (03) 9529 5277 | F (03) 9525 2247 | |

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