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The Gold Rush to Mount Alexander - Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park. ~ GOLD ~ Edwin Stocqueler is scarcely represented within Australian collections.

~ GOLD ~

This has relegated him to aFn obscurity characteristic of the less reputed artists who emerged in Australia during the 1850s. Stocqueler’s surviving paintings serve as a visual record of the colonial period. Although few of this works remain, newspaper reports indicate a broader interest encompassing natural history and the environment. His detailed paintings, particularly of the narrative surrounding the early discovery of gold, provide specific details of daily life on the diggings. Friends of Mount Alexander Diggings. Castlemaine Health » History. Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum Two years following the discovery of gold at Mount Alexander, the first Castlemaine Hospital was opened in Gingell Street on May 24, 1853.

Castlemaine Health » History

The Hospital provided essential medical and nursing care and, in 1939, was relocated to new buildings in Halford Street where it remained in service until December 22, 1995. Following a severe winter and widespread suffering in the community, extensive fundraising enabled the establishment of the Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum which began operation in Cornish Street on July 4, 1860. The Asylum gave refuge to those in need of food, shelter and clothing.

It changed focus to the care of the frail, aged and disabled following the turn of the century and was later renamed ‘Alexander’. Castlemaine Accommodation at the Midland Hotel. Family history & biography eresources. Do you need help getting started or are you well versed in your family's history?

Family history & biography eresources

These resources offer how-to guides, historical records and fascinating information on famous (and infamous) historical figures. A must for family historians and genealogists. To access most eresources from home, you need to be a Victorian resident with a current State Library card. Measuring Worth - Relative Worth Comparators and Data Sets. Historical Passenger Lists South Australia. From the drop-down list at the top of the form above, select:—Passenger arrivals to search all of the passenger lists for a particular person or family.Passenger lists to search for the full passenger list of a particular ship.

Historical Passenger Lists South Australia

If it made more than one voyage to SA and you do not want the 1st, the arrival date must be entered.Ship arrivals for the arrival dates and details of a particular ship, or all of the ship arrivals for a particular day (yyyy-mm-dd), month (yyyy-mm) or year (yyyy). Notes This database contains ships and passengers from the UK & Ireland up to 1850 and from Germany (Prussia) up to 1858. If you are unable to find the passenger list you require, see our directory of other SA shipping & migration resources. To better vizualise the family you're researching, see these arrivals combined with births and marriages in our database of South Australian Pioneer Families.

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