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7 Ways To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Home. Posted by Ben Verdi on November 15, 2015.

7 Ways To Choose The Right Paint Color For Your Home

5 Professional Tips To Mount Artwork. Mounting artwork, family photos, or random prints is a perfect way to decorate your walls.

5 Professional Tips To Mount Artwork

Moreover, it will not just improve the face of your walls but also reinvigorate your room and furniture. Some pictures look too perfect when mounted too high others look fine when just placed at a normal level. How To Cut-Down High A/C Bills? Air conditioners, microwave oven, geysers etc are some of the biggest utility bill offenders.

How To Cut-Down High A/C Bills?

Therefore, it is very important to make our homes energy efficient to not only enjoy the comforts but also save those extra bucks spend on giving the bills. The following are some of the ways by which you can convert your home into an energy-efficient one and also cut down bills. Proper Installation Is Must Insulation is important as it will help in effective cooling by your a/c by not letting hot air enter in and cool air leaving the space. Window units are easier to install and remove during cool months whereas in-wall units are larger but still can be removed and the hole in the wall can be sealed during the off-season. Regular Maintenance Can Increase Efficiency.

How to Prep Up a Room for Paint? The second most aggravating step after cleanup process is to prepare a room for paint.

How to Prep Up a Room for Paint?

But if you have an organized prep up plan for painting your room then it will certainly gear up the work and save a lot of time. The following blog is about tips for prepping up the room before you finally start up the painting process. Check the following must-to-do points for an effective room paint process in order to make sure none of the furniture and other valuable stuff gets spoiled. Basic Safety Tips While Dealing With Electricity. Electricity has become an integral part of our lives without which we really can’t be.

Basic Safety Tips While Dealing With Electricity

From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, every single second of our day involves the use of electricity. Charging our mobile phones, using induction cook tops or washing your clothes in the fully automatic washing machine, everything requires electricity. But like other things electricity has rules and regulations of its own. New Yorkians to Avail the 4DX Experience Soon! Posted by Dan Kogan on August 18, 2015 New York is all set to experience that monkey pee on the head or a punch of a hero on the face!

New Yorkians to Avail the 4DX Experience Soon!

Yes, Manhattan is getting its first 4DX theatre by the end of the year. The only thing New York lacked till now was a 4DX Theatre. But, with the announcement of CJ 4DPlex – a South Korean company that it is bringing its immersive cinemas to Regal’s Union Square and Times Square locations in New York, there is nothing where NYC would lag behind. CJ 4DPlex is a company that has outfitted such theaters around the world. It is estimated that the New York’s 4DX auditoriums will hold about 120 to 140 people. With the glooming of this breaking news in the market, the citizens of NYC are very much excited and are giving overwhelming response.

So, fingers crossed for a 4DX version of watching blockbusters at NYC! Top 10 Innovative Doors for Your Home. Hence, if you are not happy with your present door or are looking forward to add more class to the entry of your home, these creative doors can help you out.

Top 10 Innovative Doors for Your Home

Have a look: Pivot Doors- Turn The World Around! For those who want nothing else than a modern style door, the turning pivot doors are perfect deal. You can always get the customized as per your need. Get glasses installed partially or keep them complete visible, it is your choice. Multi-Purpose Doors: Earlier, they were used for barns only. Sliding Glass Door: Glass defines class in themselves. Dutch Doors: Want something different for your sweet cottage? Two In One Door: Though they are simple, yet they are different. Reasons Why a Professional is Must to Install Furniture. No matter how much you spend on building a house or remodeling it, it doesn’t get completed without the furniture.

Reasons Why a Professional is Must to Install Furniture

Nice, decent looking furniture is all which gives your house the real sophisticated look. It not only adds elegance to the house but also makes the house look alive. Furniture is must not just to give the guests a welcome look but also to add quality to the house. The real problem lies at the point of installation of the furniture. At a point it seems very easy to adjust two sets of sofas together and seems it’s done. But it’s not so simple. Installing Furniture at Home and Workplace. Top 5 Home Repair Investment You Need to Make Right Now! Are you facing some major problems with plumbing section of your apartment?

Top 5 Home Repair Investment You Need to Make Right Now!

Or the insulation of your house is not appropriate? If you haven’t checked out repairing of your home since long, then it’s high time to plan for it. How Will The Summer Sun Affect Your Home? Everybody likes to head out to the beach to cool down on a hot sunny day.

How Will The Summer Sun Affect Your Home?

But, do you know that the same hot sun can also impact your home’s exterior and energy costs? Have a look at these few things to keep in mind this summer to help protect your home from the sun’s rays. Avoid Siding Damage.