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The Flash/Flex ActionScript Developer Community - Articles. One of the biggest changes in ActionScript 3.0 is the way Flash renders (or rather manages rendering of) visual assets.

The Flash/Flex ActionScript Developer Community - Articles

Previously, you'd had to attachMovie() from the library, createEmptyMovieClip() or createTextField(). But all of these were methods of existing movie clips. So if you wanted to create a new visual asset, you had to start with a defined movie clip and that asset would be bound to that clip until it was destroyed. It would also automatically be added to the rendering engine. ActionScript 3 – Model View Controller (MVC) AS3 Signals Tutorial. 10 Things Every Senior Flash Developer Should Know. Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1. A reader named Ryan (no relation) recently requested that we create a post to help him and other beginners understand Classes.

Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1

So this is an ultra-gentle primer on Classes – what they are, when to use them, and how to write them. If you’re stuck in an Actionscript 2 rut, or you’re new to Actionscript 3 and it’s blowing your mind, this should help ease you in a bit better. The path i travelled from complete code newbie to the shock-inducing AS3 god that i am today ( er … hardly) went like this: Beginner – i put my Actionscript code everywhere – on different frames of the timeline, embedded in nested MovieClips – if i can write code on it, i do. That’s called “spaghetti code”, and it makes your life as a programmer difficult. View topic - [Getting started] Most useful threads for Actionscript 3.