The Flash/Flex ActionScript Developer Community - Articles The Flash/Flex ActionScript Developer Community - Articles One of the biggest changes in ActionScript 3.0 is the way Flash renders (or rather manages rendering of) visual assets. Previously, you'd had to attachMovie() from the library, createEmptyMovieClip() or createTextField(). But all of these were methods of existing movie clips. So if you wanted to create a new visual asset, you had to start with a defined movie clip and that asset would be bound to that clip until it was destroyed. It would also automatically be added to the rendering engine.
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Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1 Tutorial: Understanding Classes in AS3 Part 1 A reader named Ryan (no relation) recently requested that we create a post to help him and other beginners understand Classes. So this is an ultra-gentle primer on Classes – what they are, when to use them, and how to write them. If you’re stuck in an Actionscript 2 rut, or you’re new to Actionscript 3 and it’s blowing your mind, this should help ease you in a bit better. The path i travelled from complete code newbie to the shock-inducing AS3 god that i am today ( er … hardly) went like this: Beginner – i put my Actionscript code everywhere – on different frames of the timeline, embedded in nested MovieClips – if i can write code on it, i do. That’s called “spaghetti code”, and it makes your life as a programmer difficult.
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