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Japanese anime subtitles - 動画屋〜総合 Kansai-ben. Kansai-Ben 2. Kansaiben (関西弁) and Oosakaben (大阪弁) First Off: Is This Real Grammar?

Kansai-Ben 2

Well yes, technically this is real grammar, but for a language that isn't an official language as such. Gramatika; FC. Besides simple verb (and adjective) forms, there are many different ways to end a sentence, each of which affects the meaning. Most of these come after the short form of the sentence. This means the simple short form for verbs, adjectives, and nouns. This gets its own section since it doesn't really fit under verb or adjective conjugation. Entries are sorted by the Japanese dictionary order of the variant listed first (where multiple versions exist), which I've tried to make the most "proper" version.

Certain particles can also come at the end of a sentence and affect the meaning somewhat, but they already have their own section, and are explained there. Denshi Jisho.