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English. 闽南话. 汉语. Free Arabic Language Course, Learn Arabic, Arabic Tuition - Printable E-book. To open these files you simply need Adobe Reader.

Free Arabic Language Course, Learn Arabic, Arabic Tuition - Printable E-book

This can be downloaded from here. Microsoft Internet Explorer has incorrectly classified the downloads below as 'unsafe'. We have contacted Microsoft to change this classification but in the meantime please rest assured that the downloads are completely safe, no viruses or malware are within these downloads. You can help us by clicking on the link "Report that this download is Safe" when downloading the files as this notifies Microsoft that they have made a mistake in this classification. This problem only occurs in Internet Explorer 8. Kurso de Esperanto - Página Principal. Esperanto, German and Latin teacher Sprachprofi - Myngle. Not ready to start learning with a private teacher?

Esperanto, German and Latin teacher Sprachprofi - Myngle

Try self study audio lessons, learn like the FBI with Pimsleur! Pimsleur is a quick and effective way to learn a new language and works on any portable player including iPod and smartphones. 5 audio lessons of 30 minutes each Compatible with PC/Mac, iPod/iPhone, MP3 players Now for €19.95 Choose from over 50 languages "I would encourage anyone who is contemplating learning a language to try Pimsleur's methods. They are fun, easy and give you a strong foundation for learning. I am interested in learning. Mexica - Aprende Náhuatl: Curso Práctico, Textos y Diccionario. Hola; me parece exelente la pagina; tengo un ligero problema para ver los apartados, espeor me pueadn ayudar, no peudo ver todos los apartados que hay en el lado izquierdo, como el numero 4 (codices) y algunos otros, asi mismo, tambien me gustaria que me pudieran orientar con una duda que tengo, yo me llamo teonacatzin, se que mi nombre es de origen nahuatl y que su significado es dios de los poderes, mas no he podido encontrar informacion acerca de el, por mas que he buscado en libros de nosmbre y en la web, espero puedan decirme algo mas d e lo que se acerca de mi nombre, de ante mano le agradesco la ayuda que puedan darme, asi mismo intentare ver todos los apartados ya que me intereza mucho aprender mas acerca del nahuatl y poder llegar a entenderlo un poco mas de el; reciban d e mi, un cordial saludo. atte: Teonacatzin R.

Mexica - Aprende Náhuatl: Curso Práctico, Textos y Diccionario

Learn Nahuatl Tlatolli, Aprende Nahuatl Tlatolli. Beginning Nahuatl Cal State Northridge- Chicano Studies LESSON I: PRONUNCIATION NOTE: Pronounce vowels as in Spanish.

Learn Nahuatl Tlatolli, Aprende Nahuatl Tlatolli

Focus on the following points. 1. THE ACCENT (STRESS) FALLS ON THE SECOND FROM LAST SYLLABLE. Exampies: Emphasize the underlined syllable in bold print a) nantli (mother) = nan- tli b) Aztlan = Az-tlan c) chapulin (grasshopper) = cha- pul- in d) Mazatlan = Ma- za- tlan e) Acapulco (place name) = A- ca- pul- co Exercise 1: Stress the second from last syllable (bold print) in the following words. 1. nican (here) 2. ompa (there) 3. ome (two) 4. michin (fish) 5. 2. Exercise 2: Release the /t/ at the sides of the tongue. 3. Exercise 3: Pronounce the /x/ as an English /sh/. 1. 4. Exercise 4: Pronounce as an English /H/. 1. camohtli (yam, camote) 2. xicohtli (bumble bee, jicote, chicote) 3. tilmahtli (cape, tilma) 4. tahtin (fathers) 5. ihtitl (stomach) 6. ahmo (no) 7. ihcuac (when) 8. ehecatl/ehcatl (wind) 9. amoxeh (scholar) 10.

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