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Grim Times. Who the hell is this guy? Thoughts on being a career VC. The other day, I got interviewed for Business Insider.

Who the hell is this guy? Thoughts on being a career VC

It was a good interview, save for that little vein that I had no idea was so prominently featured on the side of my head--but what's a bald guy to do? At least it's not a weird fold in the back or a dent at the top. Anyway, I was pretty happy about it, but then I got a note from a friend that said, "Don't sweat the haters. " I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw the comments: "Am I the only one tired of hearing from/abt Charlie?

It was all stuff I've heard before--and nothing I haven't considered myself. Be that as it may, don't think I don't ask myself what I'm doing on various lists and getting into different events. Do I also worry about being overexposed? Its interesting to think about the career history of the VCs mentioned above.

Your Finance Community. Advice on Finance Interviews and Careers in Finance. Private Equity Blog - Venture Capital - Startups. Private Equity Beat. Associated Press Despite challenging investment environments in many emerging markets these days, limited partners are still bullish about Africa, with 85% of global LPs polled in a survey by the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association saying they expect to increase their exposure to African private equity over the next two years.

Private Equity Beat

AVCA, which polled 48 LPs collectively representing more than $150 billion in global private equity assets under management, said 70% expect returns from Africa to outperform other emerging markets, with nearly a quarter believing African private investments to have 5% or more return premium. Going Private. The Leveraged Sell-Out. Mergers, Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds - DealBook. Private Equity Portfolio Operations. Deal Journal. Dish Network Corp.’s surprise $25.5 billion bid for Sprint Nextel Corp. may leave the No. 4 carrier T-Mobile with a tougher hand to play in a consolidating wireless market.

Deal Journal

Associated Press Sprint’s deal with satellite-TV provider Dish would likely include Sprint’s planned acquisition of Clearwire Corp., bringing together a massive amount of spectrum under a company with a large pile of debt. That combination of debt and spectrum could make it more difficult, and less necessary, for Sprint or Dish to pursue T-Mobile down the road. As a result, the deal announced Monday could remove two companies long rumored to be potential acquirers of T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG.

“The prospect of a deal with Dish has been diminished by today’s news,” said New Street analyst Jonathan Chaplin. T-Mobile has been bleeding customers for years and is attempting to strengthen its position through acquiring, and merging into, MetroPCS Communications Inc. PeHUB. Dealbreaker: A Wall Street Tabloid – Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip.