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The immigration lawyers, Kazmi and Sakata, have represented clients nationally and internationally.Our highly efficient services include a variety of immigration-related matters including employment and investment based immigration as well as family immigration. Call our San Diego Office for a Free Consultation at (858) 874-0711.

How a DUI Impacts Immigration Status. Over the last few decades, the issue of DUI enforcement has affected various spheres of American society, including the immigration process.

How a DUI Impacts Immigration Status

With regard to immigration, three potentially negative outcomes may arise: – Inadmissibility – Deportation – Disqualification from naturalization The problem with DUI convictions is that most states classify them as a criminal offense. What Betters You Chance of Getting a U.S. Worker’s Visa? When it comes to employment-based visas, the United States offers prospective foreign workers more non-immigrant than immigrant opportunities.

What Betters You Chance of Getting a U.S. Worker’s Visa?

This means that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) makes it easier for American employers to seek foreign workers using temporary employment immigration in San Diego as long as their sole intention is to complete an assignment and return to their countries of origin. Things Your Need for a Temporary U.S. Work Visa.

As a foreigner looking to work in the United States, the first thing you need is good counsel and accurate information from reliable sources.

Things Your Need for a Temporary U.S. Work Visa

It’s not uncommon for travelers to confuse their status as tourists and business travelers with the right to engage in temporary work. Two working visas, B-1/B-2 and H-1B visas are all grouped in the non-immigrant category, which means that they are all temporarily issued to foreigners who do not initially plan to live permanently in the U.S. An immigration legal expert will tell you that a B-1 visa may help you enter the United States to discuss a possible work contract with a potential employer. This qualifies as a valid business activity.

Things Your Need for a Temporary U.S. Work Visa. How a DUI Impacts Immigration Status. What Types of Visas Can U.S. Visitors Obtain? In the United States, the two government entities in charge of visa issuance and administration are the State Department as well as Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

What Types of Visas Can U.S. Visitors Obtain?

There are two main visa categories: immigrant and nonimmigrant. Foreigners who wish to visit the United States are given non-immigrant visas that identify them as visitors. These visas are understood to be temporary and for the following purposes: Tourism Business Medical treatment Visiting relatives Conferences Cultural presentations Short volunteer programs Sports events The above qualified activities can be conducted with a visitor’s visa or with a visa waiver, which is granted to individuals with passports issued to less than 40 developed countries understood to be close allies of the United States. 10 Historical Facts About Immigration to the U.S.