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Haruni Fine Gems

Haruni Fine Gems started working out of London’s famous jewellery quarter in Hatton Garden. We have a beautiful collection of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, fancy color diamonds and 'pierre fines' to feast your eyes. Our main focus has always been on service. Sourcing and stocking fine gemstones and diamonds for our customers to call on when they need them. You can source gemstones and coloured diamonds from us at competitive prices. Contact us today and let us help you find the custom jewellery fit for you.

Guide to Investing Coloured Gemstones Even in a Volatile Market. When considering new investment avenues for your portfolio, keep in mind that diversity is your best hedge in a volatile market.

Guide to Investing Coloured Gemstones Even in a Volatile Market

Through centuries of market swings, gemstones have rebounded in ways similar to precious metals. Currently, coloured gemstones provide a good store of value, and if bought at the right quality, can earn a reasonable return. Valuable jewels are fetching their highest sales at major auctions, proving that gemstones are a smart, long-term financial opportunity. At a recent Christie's auction, a rare 22.86-carat ruby set in a ring by Harry Winston sold for $7.2 million. This was well above its pre-sale estimate of $2.0-3.0 million. Embracing the Potentials of Investing in Coloured Gemstones. Traditionally, jewellery is considered a personal treasure, something you get to wear that makes you feel special and which you'll eventually pass on to your heirs or loved ones, who will also pass it on to theirs.

Embracing the Potentials of Investing in Coloured Gemstones

Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your Jewellery Collection. Starting your own jewellery collection can be a fun and exciting endeavour.

Do’s and Don’ts of Building Your Jewellery Collection

Getting to show off your creations and watching the reactions on your customers' faces as they see your collection for the first time is an exhilarating experience. However, trying to choose the right pieces and the right designs to put into your collection can also be frustrating and overwhelming. In order to make this experience as stress-free as possible, we have put together a comprehensive list of some of the most common mistakes that new jewellery merchants make as well as some tips to help you get on the right track and build a beautifully unique jewellery collection that perfectly represents your brand. Figure Out What You Want Your Brand to Represent.

Creating Future Heirlooms Redesigning Jewellery From Past Treasures. One of the amazing things about jewellery is that a million years in the ground lead to a moment when gold and stone come together and continue that journey with you.

Creating Future Heirlooms Redesigning Jewellery From Past Treasures

The stones and metal can withstand just about anything they encounter. We've seen jewellery that has been through floods, spent years lost in drain pipes, gone through house fires, been lost on driveways for years before being recovered, and more. With just a little cleaning, the pieces looked good as new. Don’t take this to mean we’re encouraging to put your jewellery through a series of extreme tests. What doesn't always withstand the test of time is the design of the setting.

The auction house, Bhonam's, recently reported that approximately £50 million of jewellery that's inherited from loved ones gets locked away and is never worn or admired again, which is just sad. Complete Guide to Gem Certification. Part I History and Lore of Gemstones People have been fascinated with gemstones for centuries.

Complete Guide to Gem Certification

While their external beauty plays a key role in our fascination with gemstones, there are many reasons why they captured the attention of our ancient ancestors. By understanding how our gemstones were viewed and used ages ago, we can better understand why sapphires, rubies, diamonds and other fine gems continue to grow in popularity. Protective Properties Gemstones have long been revered for their protective properties. Long-standing Traditions. A Short Guide to Buying Gemstones Online. Part II All You Need to Know About Emeralds Emeralds are one of the most popular and stunning precious gemstones in the world.

A Short Guide to Buying Gemstones Online

Not only are they easily recognizable because of their green hue, but they remain one of the most coveted of all gemstones. Emeralds have been classified as one of the five cardinal gemstones, superior to all other stones and gained popularity during the Middle Ages. Emeralds come from the mineral family, beryl, which also includes morganite and aquamarine. What to Consider When Buying Emeralds Online. Gazing Into Rubies and What Makes these Fine Gems Special. There are a number of important trends happening in the jewellery industry today that you should be aware of if you have any interest in buying gemstones online.

Gazing Into Rubies and What Makes these Fine Gems Special

It helps to pay attention to these trends regardless of whether your interest is in investing in gemstones, looking for alternative engagement ring ideas, buying a piece of jewellery that is different from the crowd, or just a general interest in gemstones or the bespoke design. Compelling Jewellery Trends and the Rise of the Ruby An example of a huge trend in the industry these days is sustainability. If you want to make sure that the jewels you're buying have as little of a negative impact as possible on the planet, then looking into gemstones like rubies or sapphires is an excellent choice. Mesmerizing Sapphire: Fine Gems with a Sweet Blend of Style and Elegance.

Sapphires have, over the last few years, continued to grow and expand in popularity.

Mesmerizing Sapphire: Fine Gems with a Sweet Blend of Style and Elegance

Not only are they a stunningly gorgeous gemstone, but they also offer a blend of style and elegance that will leave you deeply appreciative of the natural beauty they offer. Sapphire rings make an excellent alternative engagement ring as well as a beautiful piece of jewellery that will last for a lifetime and beyond. The Rise of Sapphires Over the past several years, sapphires and other coloured gemstones have become increasingly popular in many circles. British royalty has shown an increasing appreciation for coloured gemstones, including Princess Eugenie's gorgeous sapphire ring. Haruni Fine Gems - Rubies, Sapphires and Other Beautiful Gemstones.