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Hartek Group is the largest power transmission service provider. Our major services Rooftop solar, Power System and Distribution, Fuel, and Smart Cities development products. It is India’s leading power distribution service provider company founded in 1991. Our mission is to make the future powerful. Make in India Mission Visit:

Top EPC Companies in India. Smart Grids Make in India mission will change the story of the Indian power and energy markets.

Top EPC Companies in India

India needs to make the most of this plan to transform the consumption of power and energy in the country along with cost optimization. It is useful concept for facilitating the making of Independent India as Smart Grids in the power generation field can save a lot of expenses that our country incurs in the import of fuels from foreign nations. Due to the pandemic our country experienced a drastic drop in the economy. Instead of seeing this as a challenge, it should be seen as an opportunity to be aware and understand the importance of self-development in our country.

The economy model of our country contributes a large amount of funds in buying and importing fuel from other countries. Working of Grids If we speak in general, the purpose of a Grid is to transfer electricity from Power Stations to transformers of different areas. Solar Electricity. We should understand the value of Mother Nature.

Solar Electricity

We all should gain awareness about the significance of renewable energy, their industries and sources. The whole world is experiencing a major transformation including energy generation industries. This wind of change in the energy production industry can save the world from rapid climate change threats. Renewable energy is what our planet needs and should be given frequent importance. These renewable sources include wind, solar power, water, and biodegradable energy. Billionaires in the United States of America also understand the power of renewable energy and are actively investing in this industry. As per the recent reports, a lot of cities around the world are planning to be 100 percent functional on green energy sources by 2050.

Developing countries like Mongolia have also started investing in Wind turbines understanding the power of nature. Even oil-producing nations are investing hugely in solar energy generation sources. Indian Solar Industry. As the world experienced an economic slowdown due to the impact of coronavirus, India also saw a major lag in the economy.

Indian Solar Industry

In the Made in India and Independent India campaign, solar power sectors emerged as the gift for both, nature and technology. As per recent studies, if in reality we want to build the pillars of a strong economy of the country. Indian Solar Industry is going to play a super vital role. In the old version of the economic growth model of the country, it was stated that fossil fuels will play a major role. But after the pandemic impact, this economic growth model got renewed and it now states that our country should learn to be dependent on Renewable energy sources to boost the economy once again. Many countries around the world are diverting their economic growth model towards renewable energy sources. India has set up a goal for achieving 175 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022.

Leading solar company in India. Year 2020 has been marred with the after effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Leading solar company in India

The year, which started on a positive note with many reforms in pipeline, suddenly came to a standstill with the lockdown across the globe due to the pandemic. These lockdowns meant confining millions of citizens to their homes, shutting down businesses and ceasing almost all-economic activity. Everything halted – people, businesses, markets, economies. Even as economic activities resume gradually, the situation will take time to normalize, as consumer’s behaviour is bound to change as a result of continued social distancing and uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve. This pandemic has introduced the world to a “New Normal” where more and more people are working from home with the help of technological advancements which were 3-5 years ahead, pushed to “Now”. This crisis like no other will have a recovery like no other. This crisis has generated medium-term challenges. 1.

Make in India Solar Company. In early 90s India moved towards liberalization, globalization and privatization, and the Indian market opened its doors for foreign investments.

Make in India Solar Company

The outcomes were too good to expect as Indian economy started booming, huge foreign funds were invested in Indian Businesses; GDP reached to newer heights, India for the 1st time stood next to the world’s biggest economies and also became one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. But, this liberalization also resulted in increasing imports of machinery, technology and collaborations, resulting in a reduced focus on R&D especially by the small and medium-size players. Not only this, the Indian market got opened for cheap imports from countries such as China resulting in negatively impacting the small and medium manufacturers. The very concept of self-reliance was ignored, in the belief that it is tantamount to reinventing when advanced technologies could simply be bought from anywhere at lower costs. Pre & Post Covid Era. Power Distribution Products.