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Industrial internship registration. Industrial Internship in IT As per the university norms, it has lately become necessary for the academic students to do an industrial internship in any companies.

Industrial internship registration

STEPS, the internal training wing of Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is offering Industry Internship to BTech / BE / MCA / Diploma students. The internship is conducted at Spectrum Kochi, which is the first private-sector IT park in Kerala. Objective of Industrial Internship Students to get a proper understanding about the functional aspects of IT industry. ASP.NET Training - ASP.NET Training in Kochi. .NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

ASP.NET Training - ASP.NET Training in Kochi

Like any platform, it provides a run-time, defines functionality in some libraries, and supports a set of programming languages like C#,VB.NET etc. ASP.NET( Active Server Pages .NET) is used to create web pages and web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework. This valuable programming tool is perfect for programmers and developers looking to build rich websites and web applications that are completely dynamic. ASP.NET became one of the most popular web programming technologies because of its simplicity and powerful IDE.

ASP.NET is simple but very powerful technology to build dynamic, data driven and complex web application with high secure standards. Why STEPS? STEPS ASP.NET training follows a systematic approach to train you to become an expert and skilled dotnet developer by learning from the basics of C# to advanced concepts. Python Training - Python Django Training in Kochi Cochin. Python Python is widely used high level programming language.

Python Training - Python Django Training in Kochi Cochin

Easy to learn and provide more productivity with less code. FREE Workshop on IoT - STEPSKOCHI. FREE Workshop on Data Science - STEPSKOCHI.


FREE Workshop - IPhone / iOS Application Development - STEPS KOCHI. A 'STEPS INDUSTRY-INSTITUTION RELATIONS PROGRAM' Initiative IPhone - iOS Application Development Things have changed largely with the introduction of smart phones into our lives.

FREE Workshop - IPhone / iOS Application Development - STEPS KOCHI

From shopping to entertainment or healthcare, we can do merely anything with the use of smart phone applications now. If you are an IT career aspirant, then know that Mobile Application Development is the most demanding career of the current times and it is showing an incremental growth of nearly 150% every year. Mobile application development has exploded further with the success of iPhone across the globe. The iOS ecosystem has now made it easier for developers to make their apps available directly to the general public. As a part of the CSR initiative of Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Program Overview. Free Workshop - Android Development - STEPSKOCHI. Free Industrial Workshop for IT Career Aspirants STEPS Offering Free Industrial Workshop in Android Well, you have heard of Android, you may be having an Android phone, and know how Android apps are changing our lives.

Free Workshop - Android Development - STEPSKOCHI

From gaming to shopping or healthcare, there are millions of apps available in the Google play store. Android is not just changing the lives of the users, but it is also changing the life of many developers too. Android Application Developers are highly in demand and you can surely enjoy a bright career future by getting on to this platform. What is Android? Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices that include an operating system, middleware and key applications.

It is an exciting time to be an Android developer. Android is now the most widely used operating system and statistics shows Android has 80% market share in the smart phone industry. Google took a wildly different approach with Android than Apple did with iOS. FREE Workshop on Linux with AWS. Workshop on "Linux with AWS" The workshop would cover essential topics in Linux helpful for IT Jobseekers, Students etc.

FREE Workshop on Linux with AWS

OpenShift (DO280)Training in Kochi. Amazon Cloud Server Administration (AWS) training.

OpenShift (DO280)Training in Kochi

Red Hat OpenShift Administration I (DO280) teaches you how to install and administer the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This hands-on, lab-based course shows you how to install, configure, and manage OpenShift clusters and deploy sample applications to further understand how developers will use the platform. This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.5 and Openshift Container Platform 3.9.

OpenShift is a containerized application platform that allows enterprises to manage container deployments and scale their applications using Kubernetes. OpenShift provides predefined application environments and builds upon Kubernetes to provide support for DevOps principles such as reduced time to market, infrastructure-as-code, continuous integration (CI), and continuous delivery (CD). Red Hat Certified Specialist in Openshift Administration (EX280) Red Hat Openshift Administration II: High Availability (DO380)

Windows Server Training in Kochi (Cochin) STEPS inception sparked the initiative of familiarizing people to the world of internet, being the first private-sector ISP of the state, and also brought in relevance for Windows hosting and Server administration type of IT infrastructure services.

Windows Server Training in Kochi (Cochin)

Now, there a number of providers offering Web Hosting and Windows Server Administration in Cochin. The industry demand for such services is also on the higher side so as the requirement for skilled Windows Administration professionals. With the flexibility and comfort of the graphical user interface, Windows is still the leader in IT world. In this scenario, it is sure that the opportunities are also in plenty for IT Technical aspirants to have an excellent career boost in Windows-based System/Server and Network administration sector. STEPS will definitely be a boon to those who want to set up a career in Windows Server administration or Networking.