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Nota : Casual Collaboration

Nota : Casual Collaboration

Our Vision We are here to enable creators of all kinds to communicate better online. Since being founded December 2007 in San Jose, California we have been working to develop web services anyone can use for fun, for work, to teach, and to learn. It's our hope to build services that can help users express themselves in new ways and have fun doing it. Products davinci note
iCoolhunt — Free Family History and Genealogy Records

A helper number is an identification number that allows someone to use on behalf of someone else. People who already have an account on can see or edit their helper number in settings. Note: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a default helper access number, which is the last 5 characters of their membership record number. You can use this default number to help Church members who do not have LDS Accounts. — Free Family History and Genealogy Records