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How Music Influences Fashion | Brightside. As a practice of expression, a way to individualism, and of course a form of art; it’s obvious that music and fashion are closely linked. Just as listening, dancing, and singing along to our favorite song, fashion does the same thing. Wearing an outfit that you love makes you feel confident and happy. Music and fashion always puts a smile on my face. Music influences fashion and many aspects of our culture and our threads can be as diverse as the cities we live in. The last five and a half decades in music history still have an impact on today’s trends. In the 60’s we had Beatle Mania that directly influenced London, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. Style is influenced by your preferred music choice. Global fashion industry statistics - International apparel. Total trade of clothing and textiles: 726 billion dollars The most traded apparel and textile products are non-knit women’s suits, knit sweaters, knit T-shirts and non-knit men’s suits.

Non-knit women’s suits: 54.6 billion dollars, 7.5 percent Knit sweaters: 52.8 billion dollars, 7.3 percent Non-knit men’s suits: 43.4 billion dollars, 6 percent Knit T-shirts: 36.9 billion dollars, 5.1 percent Knit Women’s suits: Knit women’s suits: 28.2 billion dollars, 3.9 percent Light rubberized knitted fabric: 23.9 billion dollars, 3.3 percent Synthetic filament yarn woven fabric: 20.9 billion dollars, 2.9 percent Raw cotton: 18.9 billion dollars, 2.6 percent Non-retail synthetic yarn: 18.8 billion dollars, 2.6 percent China is the largest exporter of apparel in the world, it has exported for 265 billion dollars in 2014.

India is the second largest exporter with 38.7 billion dollars of clothing exports. Total trade of footwear and headwear: 139 billion dollar. How fashion is shaping the UK economy | Summit. London celebrated its 61st Fashion Week this year London celebrated its 61st Fashion Week (LFW) last February, a highlight of the international fashion and retail calendar which turned global attention to the UK. No longer known as the ‘little sister’ of the big four fashion capitals, London is firmly on the map. It is now seen as the hottest and most exciting capital, creating and nurturing successful global fashion brands. As Changemakers in Retail, it is critical that we are up to speed on the trends, consumer insights and innovation & technology in the fashion industry.

Armed with this knowledge we can speak to our clients on equal terms, with a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face. This season we were lucky enough to attend some of the shows, and were certainly not let down by the creativity and pride that shone through from our British designers. The Rise of Indie Fast Fashion | Intelligence | BoF. NEW YORK, United States — The rise of fast fashion has been nothing short of meteoric. Over the last decade, giants like Zara and H&M have conquered large parts of the market thanks to a powerful mix of runway-inspired product, cut-rate prices and large store networks.

Now, a wave of indie, low-cost fashion players armed with e-commerce — from Style Mafia and Finery London to W Concept and Genuine People — are seeking a slice of the pie. “We’ve definitely seen an uptick in these smaller, independent fast fashion labels that have been able to successfully carve out a niche,” says Bernadette Kissane, an apparel analyst at Euromonitor, noting lower barriers to entry for e-commerce players and the rise of Millennial consumers, who hunger for trendy fashion and are entering their peak purchasing years. “What we saw since the financial crisis is that a lot of product on the high street became deflationary, and prices were always coming down,” says Raithatha. Related Articles: Niro Wang - Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-To-Wear - LFW. Chanel Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection. See Chanel and fly? As much as the foreign members of the audience might wish, that’s not quite the case, since there are still 24 Paris hours to go till the Spring shows are over.

Still, women of all nations were amused to check in ahead of time at the Chanel airport terminal Karl Lagerfeld installed in the Grand Palais. It provided a funny enhanced-reality replica of a situation we all know only too well: the one where we watch everyone else milling around, busy on their ways with their rolling suitcases, their tracksuits, and contra-freeze in-flight comfort sweaters, their practical flats for walking the endless corridors to baggage claim, and the crucial sunglasses for the jet-lagged arrival. Only, of course, all this is considerably upgraded: “It’s the idea of how it should look!” Quipped Lagerfeld. It is strange to see Chanel taking over the flight controls the day after a dispute between Air France and its workers came to an ugly head over falling business and layoffs. Saint Laurent - Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-To-Wear - PFW. APPARENTLY, Hedi Slimane is a man who can do no wrong, and so yes, if he wants to serve up a pair of standard looking jeans and a basic tee combo then he jolly well will - likewise, a leather biker jacket, a sparkly mini disco dress, denim-short dungarees, a tiger-print fluffy cardi, a camo-printed army jacket and, yet again, a black Le Smoking trouser suit, regardless of whether or not you might have those items hanging in your wardrobe already.

You probably do. But perhaps not one with a Saint Laurent label sewn in (or, actually, quite possibly you do, since he’s been here before. A lot). But no matter. Tonight, Slimane designed his set as a spinning robotic cube which lit up with strip lighting dimming in and out, the cube divided diagonally into two and the girls – including the return of Agyness Deyn – emerged looking like they had just returned from 12-rounds with Glastonbury.

His finale was in homage to the grunge slip dress, which first appeared in Slimane’s 2013 collection. Versace Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos. Balmain Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos. 10 New Fashion Designers to Watch - Spring 2016 Labels to Know at New York Fa... Balenciaga Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos.