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Youtube. Reverse Logistics - System, Process & Management. What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse Logistics - System, Process & Management

Reverse logistics makes reference to all the operations meant to minimize loss by reusing or repurposing materials and products. For example, refurbishing or remanufacturing can be seen as processes of reverse logistics. This type of logistics is meant to reduce costs regarding the flow of raw materials by controlling them in a more effective manner, to make better use of available inventory, and to recapture the value of used goods and materials or dispose of them in an adequate manner.

In the traditional logistics system, the goods move from the manufacturer or supplier to the customer. In the case of reverse logistics, the products make a step backward at least once, going back to the distributor, for instance, from the customer. Reverse Logistics System: The reverse logistics system encompasses all the operations connected to the reuse of materials and products from the logistics flow.

Reverse Logistics Process: Youtube. Tawarruq and Enah in Islamic Finance and Banking. What is Tawarruq and Enah?

Tawarruq and Enah in Islamic Finance and Banking

“Tawarruq is a financial instrument in which a buyer purchases a commodity from a seller on a deferred payment basis, and the buyer sells the same commodity to a third party on a spot payment basis”. It could be observed in Tawarruq that “Commodity” is not the actual need of buyer, and it is only bought to fulfill the running cash requirements. Difference between Tawarruq and Enah: In Tawarruq, the person who acquires liquidity, sells the commodity to a third party; While in Enah, buyer resells it to the same seller, from whom the commodity was bought, with a difference in the sale and purchase price. Example of Tawarruq: “Ali” owns a small textile mill, and to complete $20,000 order of 1,000 shirts, he immediately needs $10,000. Youtube. Junior Project Manager - Jobs, Roles & Responsibilities. Junior Project Manager: The junior project manager needs to use his or her skills, abilities, experience, and knowledge to assist the management to obtain the best results when managing a project.

Junior Project Manager - Jobs, Roles & Responsibilities

They should also provide guidance and assistance to other organizations and companies regarding the management of their projects. More precisely, a jr project manager jobs include: to plan, organize, and take care of the operation required for the unrolling of a project. Diploma in islamic banking and finance. Project-management-qualifications. Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management by AIMS Education Online. Learn Project, Program & Portfolio Management online by AIMS. Murabahah Financing - Introduction, Stages and Mechanism. Murabahah is a contract wherein the Islamic Bank, upon request by the customer, purchases the asset from a third party supplier/vendor and resells it to the customer either against immediate payment or on a deferred payment basis.

Murabahah Financing - Introduction, Stages and Mechanism

Basically Murabaha is the sale of goods at cost plus an agreed profit. 1. Promise Stage, 2. Agency Stage, 3. Acquiring Possession, 4. Promise Stage: Credit Approval: Supply Chain Management Certification. Islamic finance certification. Diploma In Islamic Banking and Finance by AIMS Education Online. What is Project Manager? and Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities. Supply Chain Mapping- its Tools and Examples - AIMS UK. In case this is the first time you are reading about supply chain mapping, its concept couldn't be simpler.

Supply Chain Mapping- its Tools and Examples - AIMS UK

The truth is that supply chain mapping is simply a visual representation of information, goods, processes, and money flowing that occur within a supply chain. One of the main trends among companies all around the world is the use of supply chain mapping. After all, there are many different reasons for using a supply chain mapping. These are the most important ones: Online Project Management Certification. Online Project Management Diploma by AIMS by AIMS Education Online. Online Logistics and supply chain courses by AIMS. Fiscal Policy in Islamic Economics. The fiscal policy in Islamic economics may be defined as: “The usage of the revenue collected by the Islamic government and expenses made to monitor and influence economy of the Islamic state, is Islamic Fiscal Policy”.

Fiscal Policy in Islamic Economics

Objectives of Fiscal Policy in Islamic economics would be different from those of the secular economy. The objective of economic struggle is to maximize human welfare. In secular economy human welfare means the achievement of worldly good. In Islamic terms the aim of achieving welfare is not limited to the present world; it extends to the next world also. Moreover, the Islamic Economy is organized on the basis of the economic values of Islam. In an Islamic Government, Islamic Fiscal Policy holds greater importance because owing to the illegality of interest, prohibition of accumulation of property and wealth and the ban of speculative motive for demand of money, the monetary policy would not probably be very effective. Certified Project Manager (CPM) with PMP Training. AIMS' Supply Chain Academy is a globa… Islamic Finance Certification and Courses - CIFE by AIMS UK by AIMS Education Online.

What is Islamic Economics? Principles of Islamic Economic System. What is Shariah, Sharia Law, and Sources of Sharia? - The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was His last messenger, and his Sharia represents the ultimate manifestation of the divine mercy.

What is Shariah, Sharia Law, and Sources of Sharia? -

In Chapter-5, Verse-3 of the Holy Quran, Allah says: “Today, I have perfected your way of life for you, and completed My favour upon you, and have chosen Islam as your way of life.” The word “Muslim” means “One who submits to Allah”. Islam expects a Muslim to follow its laws, in every aspect of life. Islamic Sharia is not limited, and no aspect of human life is outside its domain. Shariah law according to the Chapter-33, Verse-36 of the Holy Quran:

Understanding Supplier Relationship Management in SCM. Certified Islamic Banker (CIB) is t… Understanding Agile Waterfall Hybrid Model and Agile VS Waterfall by AIMS Education Online. What is Value Chain? Value Chain Definition, its Management and Analysis. Top 7 Project Management Methods - Comparison & Examples. As a project manager, you know that you have many different ways to deliver your projects.

Top 7 Project Management Methods - Comparison & Examples

Generally speaking, you have many different project management methods that you can use. Each one of them uses different principles, frameworks, themes, standards, and processes. Ultimately, the best project management methodologies depend on each project, client, and team. Difference between Islamic banking and conventional banking. Online Diploma in Project Management. Global Supply Chain Management - New Trends in the Industry by AIMS Education Online. What is Riba? Riba in Quran & Hadith and Types of Riba. 7 Key Benefits of Digital Supply Chain Management. While you probably have already heard or read about the digital supply chain, you need to understand that we are talking about not only the present as well as the future.

7 Key Benefits of Digital Supply Chain Management

Simply put, the digital supply chain is a process of networking between companies and individuals that takes place in a paperless environment, only using web-enabled capabilities. While the digital supply chain has many different goals, the reality is that the main one is to deliver insights for increasing efficiencies, eliminating waste, and making it easier to achieve greater profits. When a company uses a digital supply chain, it begins to improve the way it handles the assets, resources, inventory, and even people. After all, companies move them according to the current needs in order to reduce costs. Ultimately, the company will be able to see the results in terms of savings of time, money, and resources used. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Traditional Project Management Courses are Losing Relevance. What’s Replacing it? Project management qualification is becoming more and more tedious for a lot of people.

Traditional Project Management Courses are Losing Relevance. What’s Replacing it?

And that’s why in many cases this actually ends up losing relevance, and it can be a bad thing when something like that ends up happening. Your primary focus must be on finding the right way to acquire project management qualification, although without the challenging and problematic situations that can appear. Ideally you want candidates to have project management qualification beforehand. Which is why enrolling in AIMS’ project management academy does help a lot. The academy offers all the necessary help and assistance and you will be incredibly happy with the results and the entire process.

That being said, AIMS’ project management academy also allows you to specialize on various tasks and topics. Wakala in Islamic Finance - Definition, Examples & Laws. Wakala refers to a contract where a principal (or muwakkil) authorizes or appoints an agent (or wakeel) to do a well-defined legal action on his or her behalf. Wakala in English is referred as “Contract of an Agency”. The wakala contract is about the provision of service, and main features of wakalah are service, representation and power to affect the legal position of the principal. Examples of Wakala For example, lawyers are employed to represent their clients, or brokers are authorized to sell or purchase commodities.

Top 5 Supply Chain Management Courses to Land a Career Job. The job of a professional supply chain manager is not simple, and for good reason, too. The road to becoming a certified supply chain professional is not simple either, with many variations and types of supply chain management courses available to choose from. Because you will be investing a lot of time and money on your supply chain management certification, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and what you expect to get from your education. These are a few of the most popular choices among the certificates in supply chain management that have the most success with landing a job after completion. 1. Why Take Project Management Certification to Improve Your Managerial Skills?

Being a project manager can be a very good experience. It allows you to harness your skills and take them to the next level. It brings in front unique, new and creative tools that you can take advantage of as fast as possible. Not only that, but it offers a new perspective on the job market as well. Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance - Best Islamic Finance Training. Learn Project, Program & Portfolio Management online by AIMS.

Diploma In Islamic Banking and Finance by AIMS Education Online. MBA Supply Chain Management by AIMS Education Online. Certified Project Manager - Project Management Certification with PMP & Agile Training. Top 7 Skills that a Good Diploma in Islamic Finance Must Develop. Over the past few decades, the Islamic finance industry has made steady advances to become one of the leading areas of investment in the world. This means that those who seek employment within the industry need to have a diploma in Islamic finance. This is because either degree will provide you with the proper background and education to succeed in this industry. This is because Islamic financial practices differ in significant ways compared to the Western banking and financial industries. What follows are the key areas of the Islamic curriculum that you will need to study to develop the Top 7 skills needed for your development. 1.

A fundamental understanding of economics is vital towards comprehending the functions of the financial world. 2. The heart of the financial industry is banking, so you will need a good understanding that builds up your skills in this area. 3. 4. A general understanding of the insurance industry is also encouraged because you gain understanding on how it works. Project Management Diploma by AIMS Education Online. 5 Essential Attributes of a Best Supply Chain Management Diploma - Growing trends in online education, specially in UK. Online Logistics and supply chain courses by AIMS. MBA Project Management by AIMS Education Online. Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance - Best Islamic Finance Training. CIFE - Online Islamic banking courses & Islamic finance courses. 5 Essential Attributes of a Best Supply Chain Management Diploma - Anna Peter. Top 5 Reasons Why Islamic Lending is Growing. In a worldwide economy where this enthusiasm for Islamic lending or sharia lending is quickly growing, it is justified regardless of the exertion considering the merits and the demerits of the monetary worldview of Islamic financial matters.

The leap forward of Islamic account in the late twentieth century was no occurrence. Recent studies have evaluated an aggregate total asset of about $2 trillion coursing through the Islamic finance system. With growing rates from 13 to 22%, making it the quickest developing segment in the finance industry, its significance does not appear to be any less major in the foreseeable future. Islamic money has yet been praised for its moral nature, which adds to social equity as well as stipends the saving money industry a superior picture. Most importantly, Islamic fund is accepted to be a lower risk financing component than the current ordinary. Islamic Banking Courses.

Institute of Supply Chain Management. Certified Project Manager. Online Project Management Certification. One of the highly reputed and a popular United Kingdom based totally professional online institutions, AIMS now offers online project management certification that develops expertise in both PMP Waterfall and Agile Methodologies, with software training. The notably skilled team of objectives has particularly designed this program’s coursework in order that it helps managers in growing right and green venture control capabilities that help them enhance their professional skills.

PhD in Islamic Banking. PhD in Islamic Banking and Finance. Supply chain management degree online. Supply Chain Management Degree. Learning supply chain is equally as important as studying other domains like Finance, HR and Marketing; because without proficiently managing the supply chain, no company can succeed; hence the value of supply chain managers is increasing and now all the highly reputed companies are searching for certified supply chain managers, but sadlythere are still very few online institutes offering experts in supply chain management except a few – including AIMS.

Diploma of Project Management Online. Project Management Diploma. Supply Chain Academy. Successful Project Management. For a successful project management, prosperous project manager is person who can envision the complete job from commence to finish, & possess the prowess to realise this vision. To keep the tempo with business & that, project managers need to make their management techniques more flexible. Project Management in Finance. Gold Standards in Islamic Finance. Green Supply Chain Management.

Flourishing Career through MBA in Supply Chain Management Degree - Professional. Islamic Mortgage - A Growing "Interest Free Banking" Solution. Halal Mortgage: According tо thе Islamic law, Shаrіа, thе Muslims аrе forbidden to рау or rесеіvе interest. Mоѕt of thе mortgage рrоduсtѕ оn the mаrkеt thuѕ wеrе unsuitable fоr Muѕlіm borrowers аѕ thеѕе mortgages are mаіnlу bаѕеd оn іntеrеѕt. Aѕ a rеѕult оf thе increasing dеmаnd bу the Muslim bоrrоwеrѕ, lеndеrѕ have іn the recent years expanded their рrоduсt ranges wіth Shаrіа соmрlіаnt mоrtgаgеѕ. Undеr Shаrіа lаw, two Islamic mortgage (or halal mortgage) types аrе аvаіlаblе tо potential homeowners: Ijara (Lеаѕе tо Own) аnd Murаbаhа (Deferred Sаlе Fіnаnсе) lоаnѕ.

Halal Mortgage in West: Thе question fасіng mоnеу-lеndеrѕ whо recognize the hugе рurсhаѕіng power оf оnе оf thе most rapidly grоwіng rеlіgіоnѕ іn Cаnаdа - Muslims - іѕ, hоw do you lеnd mоnеу to ѕоmеоnе whose rеlіgіоuѕ bеlіеfѕ ban thе creation оf money bу mоnеу? Nоt unlike thе Christian faith, Iѕlаmіс lаw tаkеѕ a dіm vіеw оf uѕurу. Supply Chain Management Companies. Shariah Compliant Funds. Islamic Funds: Despite a few mishaps that were caused by the global crisis, there’s no denying that the Islamic funds and the Islamic finance industry as a whole has managed to evolve and work very well. More and more people are using financial resources from the Islamic governments in order to generate new business opportunities and that has managed to create many new opportunities in this regard. Agile Waterfall Hybrid. Supply Chain Relationships. What is Logistics Management. Project Management in Banking and Finance.

In the financial and banking world it’s always important for a business to try and achieve the maximum growth at all times. Without a reliable person to oversee this, the results might not be as impressive as you would expect, and that’s why you always have to focus on project management in finance or project management in banking, depending on the situation. Project Management Organizational Structure.

What is Project Quality Management. Project Cost Management. Project Time Management. What is Project Scope Management? Project Initiation - How to Start a Project? Accredited Online MBA, Diploma & Certificate Courses. Project Management Academy - Best Institute. MBA Project Management Degree - Online. Project Management Diploma - Recognized Globally. Certified Project Manager (CPM) with PMP & Agile. Supply Chain Academy - Best SCM Institute. MBA Supply Chain Management degree - Online.

Supply Chain Management Diploma - Online. Supply Chain Management Certification & courses. Islamic Finance Institute for best Islamic Finance Training. PhD Islamic Finance and Banking - Research Based. MBA Islamic Finance Degree - Globally Accredited. Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance - 100% Online. Islamic Finance Certificate & Islamic Banking Courses. What is Project Management? & Project Management Defintion. What is Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities. What is Agile Project Management? What is Program Management, Project Portfolio Management and Project Management Office.