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Harriett Fox, CPA

Harriett Fox, CPA is a leading forensic accounting and litigation support firm in Miami, Florida. Our professionals help you in family law, civil litigation and commercial litigation at affordable prices. Contact us today! Call us at 305-495-2179. Visit :

Is It Possible to Bring a Civil Suit for Vandalism. Vandalism has been a common problem for many years and can happen anywhere.

Is It Possible to Bring a Civil Suit for Vandalism

Any deliberate action that involves destruction or damage to property is considered vandalism. 5 Reasons Arbitration Harms Employees - Harriett Fox CPA. Legal Issues Faced in Corporate Finance. Corporate finance deals with every particular source of funding within corporations, which primarily deals with shareholder value and how to increase the value of it.

Legal Issues Faced in Corporate Finance

However, legal issues can come up regarding corporate finance that can be frustrating and detrimental to corporations. Being aware of the legal issues that can be faced in finance is crucial to any corporation by making sure these issues don’t come up out of the blue and they don’t create a hostile environment for the corporation due to this. When corporate finances use tools and analysis for financial resources regarding the shareholder’s value, it’s very important to make sure that everything is under control and nothing pops up that may result in legal issues that can jeopardize a corporation severely.

If a legal issue does arise then taking the proper precautions to stay safe and not end up hurting then you may want to get in contact with a complex commercial litigation lawyer. How Forensic Accounting Works. Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of forensic accounting and forensic accounting consulting firms.

How Forensic Accounting Works

They play a pivotal role in the criminal justice world so it’s important to not undermine their credibility. Keep reading below to understand the basic principles that involve forensic accounting consulting firms and why it’s beneficial to have them for civil and commercial litigation purposes. Understanding Forensic Accounting According to an excerpt from “Forensic accountants examine data to determine where missing money has gone and how they can recover it.

They may also present reports of their financial findings as fragments of evidence during hearings, where they often testify as expert witnesses in many court cases.” Based on this information, it goes without saying that individuals from forensic accounting consulting firms will serve as a tangible asset for your case, should you decide to utilize their services.

The Auditing Procedures. Harriett Fox’s Quarantine Safety Kit. We are living in difficult times.

Harriett Fox’s Quarantine Safety Kit

As countries around the world fight to end the spread of COVID-19, everyday activities that we took for granted have become far more difficult to navigate safely. Adding to these worries is the issue of wastefulness, which can be a byproduct of a heightened level of cleanliness. I have noticed that, in one particular activity, many people waste a lot of products that will end up in our landfills.

I am referring to pumping gas. BUT, I have devised a way to avoid such wastefulness. Forensic Accounting Firm - Harriett Fox CPA. Faqs About Forensic Accountant. The Best Forensic Accounting Consultant & Services For Your Needs. The Role of Financial Expert In Commercial Cases. What Are the Advantages of Collaborative Divorce Process. Family Law Litigation — What You Need To Know. Family law matters are not easy to go through.

Family Law Litigation — What You Need To Know

Divorce, separation, child support and visitation rights are complex legal matters. They are incredibly stressful, both emotionally, financially and legally. Family law litigation is even more stressful for the average person. Going to court for cases of divorce or child support is traumatizing, to say the least. You’ll need all the help you can get. During the early stages of litigation, it may seem possible to work out a settlement with your former spouse. But How Can You Go Ahead With Separation? The first and most important aspect to solve is the financial one. In order to separate the finances, both partners have to do a financial inventory, including assets and debts. Family Law Provisions What will happen when a couple separates? Care Of Children — Who Will Take Care Of The Children? Parents should take care of their children even after separation. Financial tips for women facing divorce. Women have it tougher financially after a divorce, more than men do.

Financial tips for women facing divorce

This is due to several reasons. Let's go over them: Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that, in heterosexual marriages, where both women and men are employed, the man out-earns the woman in about 78% of cases. This means that women lose more than half of the previous household income, in case of divorce. Simply put, divorce means financial disaster for most women. There's another aspect: women tend to be the primary caretakers of children during and after marriage.

There's also the emotional factor. But What Can Women Do? Getting Legal And Financial Advice While it's tempting to pursue the do-it-yourself divorce in order to cut down legal costs, it might not be the best choice for you. Prioritize And Budget For Divorce. The importance of Family Litigation Support Services. Why Should You Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney? Civil law cases are one of the most common cases in the United States court system.

Why Should You Contact a Civil Litigation Attorney?

Data suggests that there are about 16 million civil court cases filed every year. This makes courts more crowded than ever. This results in extended legal proceedings, potential financial loss and stressful situations for every party involved in the process. Civil law cases are also often going forward without proper legal representation for clients. While the law doesn’t stipulate that these cases should have legal representation i.e. a civil litigation attorney, it’s advisable to use their services. Almost 90 percent of civil law litigants go without any type of legal representation and the consequences are very serious.

Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce: Which is Right for You? There are two main ways to handle a divorce: you can either go to a mediator or you can choose a collaborative divorce.

Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Divorce: Which is Right for You?

The main thing to know about these two different approaches is that there is no perfect decision. Every case is different and there is no one solution that fits them all. The right approach is determined by the circumstances of your case, which are unique and vary according to your specific situation. Of course, you should also take into consideration whether you have a good mediator or a good collaborative divorce attorney to help you during the process. Here are some of the key features of divorce mediation: * A neutral mediator will help you negotiate the terms of a divorce * The mediator has no say or power to decide the case one way or another * The approach is often considered informal and flexible.