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Harmony Translation Services Melbourne

We supply accurate and professional translations between English and most foreign languages, by professional NAATI accredited translators with renowned reliability and quick turn-arounds at competitive pricing. We also provide foreign language typesetting service to generate professional print-ready files for advertising brochures, promotional booklets, business cards, etc.

Harmony Translation Services Australia. There can be no doubt that to make the very most of business opportunities in the 21st Century business have to be thinking globally.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Technical, marketing and educational materials being delivered to the international market need to be translated into the language of the target country and a good translation service or a good localization service is a wise investment. And, it’s not just your print material that needs to be prepared for people speaking foreign languages. Many Australian website owners are now finding that they need to be a offering their website in multiple languages.

Even if you are concentrating on the domestic market you need to be thinking multi-lingual in such a multi-cultural country as Australia. Take a look at the state of Victoria, just as an example. Harmony Translation Services Australia. When you engage a translation services company to translate your document of course you want to know that it is being done by a qualified and experienced translator.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Most translation services companies are totally trustworthy and you would be well advised to build a working relationship with a service provider whom you know you can trust. Unfortunately, there are those whose only focus is on the profit bottom line. Here’s how they work: You spend time carefully crafting your source document and checking to make sure that it conveys your message correctly. Then you want it translated into, let’s say, French.

Of course, French is used here simply as an example. Harmony Translation Services Australia. There are a number of online translation facilities which promise to translate text from one language to another.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Probably the best known of these is Google Translate and many people think that because of that, professional translators are a dying breed. After all, why would you pay for professional translation services when the computer on your desk can provide the same results? Well, such people may be correct but it depends entirely upon why they need the translation. These computer translation facilities are great if you want to translate just a few words.

Usually, although not always, they will get it right although you could end up with the wrong word altogether. It is important, however, to recognise the difference between a “Computer Generated Translation” such as Google Translate, and what is known as “Computer Assisted Translation” or CAT. In short, Computer Generated Translation may be useful to look up individual words. Harmony Translation Services Australia. 日英翻訳 If you need the most accurate and professional Japanese translations, either Japanese to English translations or English to Japanese translations, you’ve come to the right place.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Our Japanese translation team are second to none. All are highly qualified, all have NAATI accreditation at Professional Level or above, and all have years of experience. Many of them have specific industry expertise in such areas as finance, engineering, mining, energy, law, etc. Harmony Translation Services Australia. 中文翻译.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

French Translation, Melbourne Australia. Traduction française At Harmony Translation Services you can be assured of the highest quality English to French translations and French to English translations.

French Translation, Melbourne Australia

All of our French translators hold NAATI accreditation at professional level and all are highly experienced professional translators. We provide accurate French translation services for a wide range of industries and projects, including mining, engineering, legal, education and research, advertising and marketing, and many others. Many documents such as brochures and advertising material contain graphics and specialised layout which means that they not only need to be translated, but also need to be professionally typeset into print-ready or Web version files.

Harmony Translation Services Australia. NAATI is the acronym for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd, a company jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia (Federal Government and State Governments).

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Its purpose is to ensure high standards across Australia in the translation and interpreting industry by awarding accreditation to translators and interpreters who present for, and are successful in, demanding examinations of competence in a particular language. Candidates are also tested on their knowledge of the Code of Ethics with which all professional translators must comply. Translators who wish to work in the translation industry in Australia can obtain NAATI accreditation to translate between English and a foreign language in either one or in two directions. Different levels of Accreditation: Paraprofessional Level – This is the lowest level of NAATI accreditation. Does NAATI Provide Accreditation In All Languages? No. French Translation, Melbourne Australia. Harmony Translation Services Australia.

Dịch Thuật Tiếng Việt Vietnam is one of Australia’s fastest growing trading partners and the demand for professional Vietnamese translation services increases every day.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

Is Your Translation Services Provider Good? Harmony Translation Services Australia. A Few Hints For Doing Business In Indonesia. Here are a few simple hints & tips for doing business in Indonesia…….

A Few Hints For Doing Business In Indonesia

Greeting People If you have an appointment, Westerners are expected to arrive promptly on time. Not early and not late. On the other hand, it’s not a level playing field and if an Indonesian business person is calling on you, it is very common that they will arrive late. You shake hands with an Indonesian lady only if she initiates it. Business Cards. Harmony Translation Services Australia. It is our objective to make your contact and dealings with Harmony Translation Services one of your most enjoyable and rewarding business experiences.

Harmony Translation Services Australia

We are in the business of translating documents into and from foreign languages. We are also in the “harmony” business. In fact, we build our business and our reputation upon that combination; Professional Translation with Outstanding Service. Our name is carefully chosen to reflect the underlying ethos of our operations. The term harmony derives from the Greek ἁρμονία (harmonía), meaning "joint, agreement, concord" and from the verb ἁρμόζω (harmozo), meaning "to fit together, to join".

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