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Crochet free patterns

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Free Vintage Patterns List. Log In / Join the Lion Brand community to get free knitting and free crochet patterns and more! Creepy Cute Expansion Pack #4: Robbie the Rabbit. ¡The AntiCraft! Peter Jensen (photo) (click image to enlarge) Beanis It's a beanie!

¡The AntiCraft!

It's a penis! No it's a Beanis! A long time ago, the guy I was dating asked if I would make him a set of cock and balls. Fast-forward about 4 years: Mom: What are you making? Horrify your mom, amuse your knitting/crochet circle, delight your boyfriend and baffle everyone else by making a Beanis of your very own. [*Editrix's note: The Longhorns are the University of Texas' sports teams, the most popular of which is probably (American) football.] by Sally Villarreal Suggested Listening "Detachable Penis" Happy Hour by King Missile Difficulty Loose Woman Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Finished Measurements Mine was ~11" from the head of the shaft to the end of the testicles. Of course, you can make the shaft as long as you want. Materials One 50-gram ball of sock yarn (fingering weight). Gauge 7 USsc to an inch Pattern Notes The beanis is crocheted from the head of the penis up. Abbreviations Directions Finishing: About. Hook and Needles: Knitting and Crochet Blog (cool stuff, techniques, and things I find) Nibbler with cape, shoes and diaper Sorry it took so long, but I thought I had written down what I did, and if I did, I can’t find it. So I’ll do my best to recreate my steps here. If you were able to make a Nibbler ( that pattern is here , by the way), I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome any omissions or error in the following patterns (and if you see any, let me know).

For all parts I used yarn of the same weight as you used for your Nibbler, and a hook a size bigger (I used 4.5mm for Nibbler, and a 5mm for the garments). Cape The cape is done back and forward (turn at the end of every row) in double crochet. ch 30 Rows 1 to 8: ch 3 (counts as dc), dc 29 (30) Row 9: ch 3, dc 27, dc 2 tog (29) Row 10: ch 3, dc 26, dc 2 tog (28) Row 11: ch 3, dc 25, dc 2 tog (27) Row 12: ch 3, dc 24, dc 2 tog (26)