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Harman Connected Services is a technology company deals in Automotive, Connected Home solutions, Energy, Digital transformation & Product engineering.

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. We live in a world that is full of multi-device experiences.

Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal

Sadly, at times, we might feel that we are chained to digital devices. However, it does enable us to learn, search, buy, connect and a lot more- this has become an aspect of our daily life. Considering how much time we spend on our different devices daily like working on our laptops, using our smartphones, watching shows on television/mobile phone, video games and then the latest, tracking steps on our fitness wristbands. You will be surprised to know that the number of connected devices has officially exceeded the seven-billion mark, that means it is outnumbering people on the planet!

Astonishing is what we all must be feeling after reading this. You will be surprised to know that by 2020, this number is expected to pass 24 billion. Automation through Advanced Analytics Services - Harman Services - Medium. Let us look into how advanced analytics service has upped the game for automation and connected cars.

Automation through Advanced Analytics Services - Harman Services - Medium

Many enterprises worldwide now rely on HARMAN’s analytics and big data service to gain and their strategic competitive advantage. With the help of HARMAN and their understanding of decision-making across all the business verticals combined plus their implementation experience in terms of large connected data systems can easily offer you with solutions has the capability to deliver more dollars per data unit. Harman currently has more than 1500+ professionals that are skilled in data management, commercial and data science and open source technologies.

5 steps to enhance IoT security during manufacturing. One of the major concerns that come along with the Internet of Things (IoT) services is that you need to make sure that data, networks and devices are secure.

5 steps to enhance IoT security during manufacturing

It has come to notice that IoT related security incidents have already occurred and that has been worrisome for IT. “In all but the most restrictive environments, you’re going to have IoT devices in your midst,” says Jason Taule, vice president of standards and CISO at security standards and assurance company HITRUST. “The question then isn’t if, but how you are going to allow such devices to connect to and interact with your networks, systems and data.” Moong Dal – Namkeens – Haldiram. Existing Connected Car Experience & Future Possibilities. By the time we reach 2020, one can expect to see more than 381 million connected cars hitting the road.

Existing Connected Car Experience & Future Possibilities

The chances of General Motors (GM), Tesla, Toyota and BMW of ramping up their respective vehicles are high, with the latter leading the pack according to a survey done by KPMG in which they interviewed about 200 automotive executives. With the help of leading experts and practitioners, they help us get a better perspective of the world of connected cars and dare us to wonder what the future might hold. If you are wondering, what Is a Connected Car? Then to answer your question, it is a vehicle that is well equipped with internet connectivity, and more often than not, a WLAN. With the help of this, you can enable your car and help acquire data, send data and download software and patches. If you own a connected vehicle, you can easily find a parking spot and further anticipate a needed repair. 1. Role of Multiband Conformal Antennas in Automobile Industry.

A multiband conformal antenna plays a significant role in the automobile industry, and one company that is working towards the betterment of this segment is Harman.

Role of Multiband Conformal Antennas in Automobile Industry

It is an international and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Their primary focus is on connected technologies for automotive, enterprise markets and consumers. The company launched its all-new 5G-ready smart antenna to help out the automotive application, which brings together multiple antennas in just a single module that can be easily mounted below a vehicle's body panels. A modern connected car might require as many as 18 antennas to provide all necessary services to the consumers. It might create a problem for automakers in the area of extensive designs and aesthetic challenges; as they want their products connected, but still attractive and streamlined. HARMAN Ignite Cloud Enlarges Ecosystem for New Immersive Connected Experience. At the CES, Harman announced that they would be expanding its Over-the-Air (OTA) which will thereon allow the OEMs to efficiently and effectively tackle the pressing issue of security complexity at the supply chain component.

HARMAN Ignite Cloud Enlarges Ecosystem for New Immersive Connected Experience

During the event, the consumers and readers got to know how HARMANs automotive cloud platform is a secure and smart technology which is improving the personalised mobility that will satisfy the consumers. The president and General Manager of connected services Harman also mentioned that everything in your car is connected to everything outside. The company made sure that it works perfectly with entry-level and premium offerings to manage all the multiple in-vehicle solutions. Starting from vehicle diagnostics till cloud-based driver profile, all under one control unit that can be easily updated over-the-air using its Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA). Automotive Industries Choose OTA solutions to make Vehicle more Secure & Future proof - technology iot ota service.

Why there is a need of ADAS system in Automotive industry ? As the days go by, there has been a significant increase in terms of awareness of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers.

Why there is a need of ADAS system in Automotive industry ?

An inclination of the automotive market towards adopting a safety system like ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) system has increased rapidly. If you are wondering why, well, the answer is fairly simpleMoreover, with the help of ADAS system, the driver will get alerts if there is any potential threat and play a crucial role in mitigating on-road collisions.

Furthermore, the vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are a amongst many automotive solutions providing industries. More often than not comprised of embedded vision technologies, automotive camera modules and complex image signal processing algorithms. Moreover, with the help of vision-based ADAS system, it acts quite helpful in identifying the objects which are in our near vicinity. Connected vehicle technology with V2V & V2X for the Autonomous Industry. Within the past few decades, the automotive industry has gone through a lot of changes.

Connected vehicle technology with V2V & V2X for the Autonomous Industry

It all began with electric vehicles being commercialised and being sold to the people. With gas prices and environmental concerns continuously rising, the majority of car manufacturers started looking at electric motors from a different perspective. Furthermore, smart city technology has since then opened up to various possibilities and techniques. Autonomous Cars Market size to be increased by 24 million units by 2024 by Diksha Sharma.

Autonomous connected cars in the Asia-Pacific region is said to reach 24 million units by 2024, as said by Graphic research.

Autonomous Cars Market size to be increased by 24 million units by 2024 by Diksha Sharma

Autonomous & Connected vehicles — Future of Automotive Industry. About a decade ago, when the masses talked about automotive connected cars or connected vehicle technology, everyone thought it was just another fad.

Autonomous & Connected vehicles — Future of Automotive Industry

Cut to today, we are now seeing connected vehicles hitting the road with cars that have algorithms inculcated in them that are capable of making real-time decisions to make driving a much safer option. With the increase seen in urbanisation and the growth amongst all the megacities, it is set to change the way all of us move around the city very soon. When we talk about technological innovations such as electrification, autonomy, connectivity, and sharing, it is making the auto industry rethink the way people commute. Although with the help of technology, it will soon eliminate the need for humans to drive vehicles, bring in new infrastructure challenge and pose more comprehensive societal questions.

Examining the Benefits and Outlook of Remote vehicle Analytics. Electric vehicles and driverless cars may get your attention, but the real revolution is happening somewhere else, slightly out of your sight. For the past twenty years, whatever you can think of has been added to the vehicles. Today, they have almost transformed into computers with wheels and engines. HARMAN Ignite - Fully Integrated Cloud-Based Platform to Manage In-Vehicle Application In One Place. It's Time for an Automotive Cybersecurity to Wake up and Address Cybersecurity Risks. You will be surprised to know that about 30% of companies that comes under the automotive industry, they do not have their own cybersecurity shield program or even a team. Furthermore, they also don't use the services of an external organisation to secure the software they are using in their products.

However, cars today are just like mobile computers on wheels that need software every single day. When you are testing the vulnerabilities, roughly 63% of all the automotive security systems companies test less than half of their hardware, software, and other technologies they develop. An independent research study done by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Synopsys, Inc. and SAE International, uncovered these statistics. HARMAN with Samsung team up on Cloud Services for Connected Cars. It has been quite some time that HARMAN international became a fully owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

They primarily focus on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise market, and together, both companies have leveraged their combined sources and team to drive the future of mobility forward. Back in 2018, they unveiled some of the most unique connected car solutions that support HARMAN and Samsung joint mission to take over the realm of connectivity and autonomous driving. The key innovations showcase an integrated approach towards a rich digital car experience, some of which are as follows: How Telematics System & Smart Antenna Module are evolving with the Connected Car? The phrase which we often use “car of the future” it more often than not invokes the thought about autonomous driving. However, it is a nice thing to imagine how our driving habits will change.

With our hands-free and relaxed feet, our daily commute will become a lot more smoother and will no longer be tedious. All the things we thought we couldn’t do will become possible, things like video chat or stream content guilt-free. This is just one aspect of the future of telematics when talking about the connected car, and the possibilities are limitless. The European Union back on 31st March made it compulsory for all the new cars to include eCall hardware. A research done by a market research firm predicted that the sales of telematics electronic control units (ECU) are said to grow at 7.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) within 2017 and 2025. Challenges and opportunities In Advanced driver-assistance systems. Everything You Want To Know to Strengthen Connectivity Services in Automobile.

HARMAN with Samsung team up on Cloud Services for Connected Cars. Innovative automotive platform that will transform the auto industry. It is of no surprise that automotive industry is transforming rapidly. With the help of digital technology the pace of innovation has also accelerated. One company that is continuously making efforts and is working towards the betterment of auto industry is HARMAN. They have made the autonomous driving more intelligent, safe and intuitive. New & Innovative Solutions For Connected Car Technology. 5 ways Telematics Control Unit Impacting Connected Car. How can car brands prosper in an uberized world?

Can hackers take control of my vehicle? HARMAN is at the forefront of developments in the field with HARMAN SHIELD, an end-to-end Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS), comprised of embedded software on key components within the vehicle, such as Digital Cockpit systems, Electronic Control Units (ECU), Gateways and Telematics Control Units, alongside the Cybersecurity Analytics Center (CSAC) in the backend. The HARMAN SHIELD solution provides detection, reporting, analysis, mitigation and response capabilities for any security-related threat. “HARMAN SHIELD is fully integrated with another solution in HARMAN’s portfolio, Remote Vehicle Update Solution (over-the-air software updates), which is being used by 22 automakers on more than 40 million vehicles worldwide. Experience a new level of Car Infotainment system with Connected Car. The demand for luxurious, safe, and smart vehicles is rapidly growing. Automotive manufacturers are developing automobiles with integrated infotainment systems.

These systems have the ability to provide entertainment and information relevant to their passengers. Enhancing Modern-day Automotive Experience With Automotive Cloud Platform. Value-Based Healthcare with the Internet of Medical Things. Cyber Threats Increasing in Connected Cars: Is Your Vehicle Secure? It is seen that connected vehicles are improving traffic flow and road safety. However, connected cars can be the next target for cybercrime.

To avoid such crimes, having a cybersecurity shield is essential. HARMAN SHIELD is a scalable solution for automotive cybersecurity. How does Intelligent Personal Assistant enhance In-vehicle Experience. Things you need to know about HMI Services. Connected Car Application: End-to-End Solution for the Automotive Industry.

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