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Bodytite: For Fat Removal And Tighter Skin at Harley Street Skin Clinic London. What is BodyTite? For fat removal and tighter skin BodyTite™ The Most Advanced Permanent Fat Removal and Skin Tightening Treatment Available Otherwise known as Fat Removal, Liposuction, Laser Lipo, Suck Out Fat, Bikini Body, Quick Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Lose Fat Without Pain, Stubborn Fat, Tighten Stomach, After Baby Stretch Marks, Fat Ankles, Fat Legs, Fat Arms, Mummy Tummy, Fat Reduction, Lipo, Vaser Lip or Ilipo. Sometimes diet and exercise will not shift stubborn areas of fat and even if they do, skin can be loose and need a little help. We now have a fantastic solution with BodyTite™ BodyTite™ is a breakthrough body re-contouring procedure that reduces stubborn fat while simultaneously tightening and firming your body.

BodyTite works on the same principal as liposuction in as much as it removes fat, BodyTite melts the fat before it is removed to help give a smoother result. Before the procedure the areas being treated will be drawn out by your doctor. Bodytite VS Liposuction The results? What does leptin do? Harley Street 180 Concept. That is me trying to shout the title. Right so LEPTIN is an appetite -suppressing hormone. I know that you’re all thinking “brilliant”! Can I buy a Leptin pill? It’s not that simple I’m afraid. Leptin is secreted by the fat cells, the higher the body fat percentage, the higher the leptin levels. Now if you lower your calorie intake and your leptin levels will drop independent of your body fat. Your leptin levels will drop by 50% in just the 1st week of dieting. So maintain a good calorie intake from good organic single ingredient foods, drop the processed sugary foods and get out there and put some proper training into play.

Enjoy. Like this: Like Loading... Chlorella: Remove Body Fat and Stored toxins at Harley Street 180 Concept. Get Fit, Inside and Out with Spirulina - Harley Street 180. As promised yesterday, spirulina! It contains about 60% protein. It is a complete protein which means that it contains all essential amino acids. In fact it has the highest protein content gram for gram of any food on the planet. Spirulina has been found to prevent damage caused by toxins affecting the heart, liver, kidneys, neutrons, eyes, ovaries, DNA and testicles. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E & K the more safe usable vitamin A you have in your system, the longer you’re likely to live… Although it admittedly won’t help much if you’re struck by a meteor!

It contains an antioxidant called phycocyanin which has the ability to trigger the production of stem cells. It is shown to have anti-viral, anti-cancer and anti-ageing qualities. Body fat & weight loss. Temporary solution: you’re not hungry anymore. By eating nutrient dense foods it helps to keep you healthy and trigger the secretion of the satiety hormone leptin to helps keep your appetite in check.

Like this: Like Loading... Chewing: Eating your way to a healthier you at Harley Street 180. So the longer that you chew, the more time it will take you to finish a meal… I know, that’s stating the obvious but by doing this you not only break down the into smaller particles which effects the bio accessibility. Meaning less is lost and more nutrients are retained. The smaller particles will be more quickly absorbed by the body It takes generally 20 minutes for your brain to signal to your stomach that you’re full so don’t wait until you’re starving then grab the first thing available because I guarantee it’ll be junk food, sandwiches, crisps, chocolate etc. then you’ll probably spend the rest of the day regretting it and following that very same way of eating.

Plan your meals ahead of time, the best you can so you can enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace. So take your time and don’t rush as you don’t want to be known as Mr/Mrs Trumpy pants in the office. The chewing process breaks down your food for digestion. Happy eating and have a great weekend! Like this: Like Loading... Insulin Sensitivity: Get Fit, Inside and Out with Harley Street 180 Fitness. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the levels of sugar in your blood and is usually lowest in the morning as it would have been at least 8 hours after your last meal… Unless you’re a teen enjoying a midnight feast of course. Insulin sensitivity is so important when it comes to changing your body… Putting on muscle and fat loss. If you’re insulin resistant you’re much more likely to be storing food as fat. Insulin is sensitive to both carbohydrates and protein but not fat. The reason all this happens is purely down to survival. Your body couldn’t give a monkeys accordion about your desire for a washboard stomach , it just wants to protect you.

The liver can hold approximately 80-100g of carbohydrates and your muscle can only hold 1-2% of carbohydrates by volume, known as glycogen. So instead of constant carb intake for energy, start to think about good fats as an amazingly powerful fuel source but more on that another day folks. Like this: Like Loading... Express Yourself with Lesley Reynolds & Dr Khan | Harley Street 180. Cover up or you'll pay later for sun-damaged skin | Harley Street 180. Suns out guns out! Guns meaning your arms of course and definitely not the Dirty Harry 44 Magnum type. Now that said guns are out, let’s get a little sun screen on them. Just like the food you eat I’m not going to encourage you to go out and buy/use whatever’s in the sale bin or has the coolest logo/ cutest cartoon character on the front.

No siree (said like cowboy) please take an extra couple of minutes to check the labels. Things to avoid FRAGRANCE these can affect you if you have Asthma many also contain hormone disrupters that can accumulate in the body fat and enter a woman’s milk when she breast feeds. SPRAYS & POWDERS these can be toxic to your lungs plus they have additional chemicals in HIGH SPF There is no scientific proof that they work better. And the ones below are the real nasties… Drum roll please OXYBENZONE AND DIOXYBENZONE These are hormone disrupting chemicals that will penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Enjoy folks! Like this: Like Loading... What causes Leaky Gut? Help improve your gut health with Harley Street 180. #Leakygut doesn’t sound to pleasant does it. In a nut shell it is where the the tight junctions in the intestinal wall break apart allowing undigested food particles to escape your intestines and travel throughout your body via your blood stream.

Sorry but It gets worse, your immune system marks these as “foreign invaders” as pathogens (a pathogen is anything that causes a disease) and attacks them. So what can cause leaky gut? #Gluten is the number 1 cause which is found in so many things from breads, crackers, cereals, beer, sauces, imitation fish. It’s even hidden in items like some medications, beauty products, blue cheese to name but a few. If you would like to be tested for food intolerances please call the office and book in with me as we can test for 150+ foods with a pain free pin prick blood test. To help clear leaky gut you should be removing toxic foods so that’s processed foods and following an NDNG (No Sugar No Grains) way of eating.

Have a great week folks! Spencer. EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) with Harley Street 180. Quite a mouthful i know, hence the abbreviation #EPOC. When you hop on the #treadmill, #bike etc and perform your 30- 45 minutes of steady state cardio #training you are looking to be burning 300-400 #calories… That’s if you believe what the machine is telling you. Now 15-20 minutes of #HIIT/ Tabata training will burn 250-300 calories, so why is it possible that you’ll end up burning more calories on the latter? Well burning calories during the workout is only part of the big picture. Post work out is when EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Consumption) aka the afterburn effect (must be said with an American accent) comes into play. This is a process of increased oxygen intake to correct the body’s oxygen dept post training. Getting your body back to a state of homeostasis means it will use energy to do this.

Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Eating your way to a healthier you with Harley Street 180 Concept. We Are Not Just What We Eat, We Are What Our Food Eats - Harley Street 180. Having your meals on smaller plates makes you feel as though you’re eating lots but you are probably eating at least a third less. We can’t help but fill these massive plates, then find ourselves overly stuffed!

Bacon and eggs! Remember try and source the best ingredients possible… Remember we are not just what we eat, we are what our food eats. Enjoy! Like this: Like Loading... Dr. Aamer Khan and Lesley Reynolds | Harley Street Skin Clinic. Follow us Call us on Skype Translate » Fourni par Traduction 180Concept Blog Lesley Reynolds & Dr.Khan Dr. The husband-and-wife team behind the Harley Street Skin Clinic, Dr Aamer Khan and Lesley Reynolds, have both spent many years in the industry, and their combined knowledge means that every route to their patients’ satisfaction is considered.

At the Clinic and for Harley Street 180, They consider the person as a whole rather than concentrating on individual parts. A medical doctor who has practised for nearly 30 years, Dr Khan graduated from the highly respected University of Birmingham in 1986, studying a variety of specialities, including Human Psychology, Psychiatry, Surgery and Dermatology.

This impressive diversity of experience means that patients truly receive the best of both worlds when visiting the Clinic because full medical attention goes hand in hand with achieving the cosmetic results they seek. Dr. Lesley Reynolds, meanwhile, has always been involved in beauty. Texte d'origine. Trainers at Harley Street Skin Clinic. Turn your life around with Harley Street 180. Follow us Call us on Skype Translate » Fourni par Traduction 180Concept Blog 180 Concept Harley Street 180 Turn your life around. Unlike some health regimes that advocate unrealistic exercise programmes, exclude food groups or count calories, Harley Street 180 will not shorten your life expectancy, lead you into yo-yo dieting or starve you into bingeing patterns. By tailoring an achievable programme of very short-bursts of intensive exercise, supported by a nutrition plan, both unique to you, it can help you to lose inches, changes your body shape, fight disease and live longer.

Those are big goals – but they’re realistic ones, because this is a health plan for life, based on medical and scientific research into the body’s physiology at a cellular level, and created by doctors with years of experience in treating diabetes, obesity and other metabolic syndromes. How does it work? Harley Street 180 has been devised by Dr. 180 is unique. Your body will thank you year after year. Texte d'origine close.