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Harley Johnston

Hi, I am harley working as a marketing manager at 247 home rescue. I have a total of 15 years of experience.

247 Home Rescue New Boiler. 7 Installer Club And Earn £1000 For Each Install. There is no catch.

7 Installer Club And Earn £1000 For Each Install

When the customer agrees to a 10 year StayWarm plan at £39.99 per month, this allows us to offer all these great benefits. You receive a free boiler, standard installation pack and £1,000. The customer can spread the cost and have peace of mind for the next 10 years with worry free heating. We can make a fair return over the 10 year period and enjoy a long term relationship with the customer. We feel this truly is a win / win / win for all involved. We are passionate about helping independent installers grow their business, and giving customers viable alternatives to the likes of British Gas. customers have taken out over 2,000 of our StayWarm plans already.

Why not call us today on 0333 358 0075 or complete the form. Still unsure? How To Defrost Frozen Condensate Pipe - A Complete Guide. As the temperature is dropping, boilers need a little more care to function properly.

How To Defrost Frozen Condensate Pipe - A Complete Guide

During low temperatures, you might observe a boiler breakdown or uneven heat supply. This problem might be caused by a frozen condensate pipe. This problem occurs when the temperature drops below freezing but the fix for this is very simple as all it requires is hot water. What is a Condensate Pipe? A condensate pipe releases residual water outside the house. Identifying a Condensate Pipe With multiple pipes running through your boilers, it could be confusing to locate the condensate pipe. An Easy Guide to Buying a New Boiler in 2021. Buying a new boiler and its installation is a nightmare for every homeowner or a landlord as it costs a good fortune.

An Easy Guide to Buying a New Boiler in 2021

In this guide, you will find some handy tips to consider while looking for a new boiler. The following steps would help you pick out the best boiler required for your home: Do you need a new boiler? Types of boilers, and the type you will needBoiler sizesExplore the budget of different boiler brandsGet multiple new boiler quotesCheck for the best boiler and installer’s deals at a great priceDon’t forget to look into the boiler covers, they help prevent and avoid any breakdowns Get a Quote for New Boiler in less than 60 secondsGet StayWarm. How To Bleed A Radiator - 10 Steps To Fix Cold Radiators. If your heating is on, but your radiator is cold, you may have trapped air inside the radiator.

How To Bleed A Radiator - 10 Steps To Fix Cold Radiators

Depending upon the severity of the problem your radiator will probably be hot at the bottom, but cold at the top. This happens when air pockets form in the radiator, rising to the top and taking the place of the hot water that should be there. Bleeding a radiator means letting out the trapped air inside your radiator for it to function efficiently. You do not have to call for professional help for this task as it is relatively easy and could be done at home by yourself following our simple 10 step guide on how to bleed a radiator. Get Water Leaks Fixed In 5 Minutes With 247 Home Rescue. Step by step tips to fix water supply pipes, including burst or leaking pipes, frozen or noisy lines.

Get Water Leaks Fixed In 5 Minutes With 247 Home Rescue

A brief guide on how to locate the leaking pipes and underground water leak. Water leaks and broken pipes can be a significant issue for any homeowner. Since water runs with pressure in pipes (regularly around 50 pounds for each square inch), if a pipe or fitting got a leak, the water typically showers out with power. As a result of this pressure, it becomes evident if a pipe is leaking or the line is inside a divider or over a roof. You can frequently hear water leaking inside the wall or ceiling. Leak Fix: When a pipe leaks, find and shut off the valve that controls the water. Water Leaks: 8 Smart Tips to Stop Them Emergency water leaks and the water damage repairs or mold cleanup can be expensive. 1. Add pipe insulation to the pipes in cold parts of your home, such as the garage, storm cellars, and other spaces. Cheap Fact: Pipe insulation tubes cost as low as 35 cents for each foot. A Complete Guide On How To Unblock A Toilet [Infographic]

Step by Step Instructions on How to Unblock a Toilet Without a Plunger There are three simple approaches to unclog your toilet with things many people have around their homes.

A Complete Guide On How To Unblock A Toilet [Infographic]

We should dive directly in. Appliance Breakdown Cover. Boiler Breakdown Cover. Landlord Cover Plans. 7 Home Rescue - Boiler & Heating Cover - Landlord Cover.