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Resources. Anil Batra's Web Analytics Consulting, Behavioral Targeting, Web Site Optimization (A/B and Multivariate Testing) blog.


I am a Web Analytics and Online Advertising Consultant based in Seattle. I am Digital Analytics professional. My past employers include, POP, Ascentium (Bellevue), ZeroDash1, ZAAZ (Seattle) and Audience Science. I have worked with several fortune 500 companies. I have also served on the Board of Web Analytics Association (WAA).

Trendistic - see trends in twitter. 4 Ways to Convert Facebook Fans Into Super Fans. Amy Porterfield is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and creator of the Facebook marketing training program, FBinfluence.

4 Ways to Convert Facebook Fans Into Super Fans

You can join her on Facebook at or read her blog at For most of us, football season means it’s time to grab our jerseys and clear our Sunday afternoons. We’re the weekend warriors. But super fans are another breed entirely. SEE ALSO: How to Increase Facebook Engagement Using Custom Page Tabs Your brand might already have plenty of weekend warriors on Facebook, but it’s the super fan you want to attract. Moontoast’s "Anatomy of a Fan" infographic identifies different Facebook fans by their level of engagement: Potential fansEngaged fansAdvocate fansPurchasing fansSuper Fans ― the best of the best. If we look at these levels as stages, we can take a more sophisticated approach to Facebook marketing. Here are four ways to start moving your fans through the ranks. 1.

To create an effective engagement ad: How to Build a Content Framework for New Media Success. David Krejci, executive vice president at Weber Shandwick, combines an expert knowledge of social and digital media with more than 15 years of “traditional” PR experience.

How to Build a Content Framework for New Media Success

Krejci’s work focuses on social media crises, issues and B2B social marketing. Today's news is a multimedia spectacle. Advertising, marketing, public relations and interactive disciplines collide and overlap daily — sometimes fighting over who owns the space, other times bringing alternative perspectives to the table to create stronger programs. This media fusion may be obvious to us, but sometimes businesses struggle with how to use it to their greatest advantage. Publishers: Media, Agencies, Clients, People: When everyone with a smartphone is a reporter and anyone with Internet access is a publisher, it is clear that we are the media.

To be successful in this new media climate, we'll need a systemic framework for how to operate. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Like many concepts, the whole framework is not best represented in text. Branding: How It Works in the Social Media Age [INFOGRAPHIC] How Pinterest Can Turn Your Brand Red-Hot [INFOGRAPHIC] If your brand isn't on Pinterest, you could be missing out on a growing stream of potential customers.

How Pinterest Can Turn Your Brand Red-Hot [INFOGRAPHIC]

While shaping your brand's image on Pinterest, remember to take into account the specifics of the site's userbase. A recent study showed that home, arts and crafts, style/fashion and food are the most popular categories on Pinterest. The food category is the fastest growing segment of Pinterest. SEE ALSO: Pinterest’s First Investor Explains the Secret to the Startup’s Success Even if your brand doesn't directly specialize in these topics, there may be a way to include them in your brand's boards to gain maximum exposure. Take a look at this infographic from web optimization company Maxymiser, and then let us know in the comments if you're altering your plans to take advantage of the explosive growth of Pinterest. Infographic courtesy Maxymiser.

Facebook grew 7 users per second all of 2011 [Special Infographic] At Socialbakers, we started a nice tradition of bringing you Facebook Yearbook Infographic, which maps growth, top ranks of countries, brands, public figures, and most checked-in places and pinpoints interesting social media statistics.

Facebook grew 7 users per second all of 2011 [Special Infographic]

The Facebook statistics of age distribution shows the fastest growth in marginal age ranges of young people and elderly (more than 50%) which indicates Facebook penetration to grow in these groups as well. Remarkable fact is that more than a half (55%) of total Facebook users are (only) in top 10 countries led by USA, Indonesia, India and Brazil. Top 10 Facebook brands increased by 69% and the top public figures gained 213 million of new fans, which represents growth of more than 107%. Small-Business-Social-Media-Infographic-crowdSPRING.