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20 Magazine Templates with Creative Print Layout Designs – Balhara Infotech. It is weird to hear when people say that Print Media is losing its hold on the media industry.

20 Magazine Templates with Creative Print Layout Designs – Balhara Infotech

It is true that social media sites, online marketing forums, e-letters and e-magazines reach audiences faster than any other media, it is also true that information is posted on websites every second unlike print where it takes days to publish, but the impact a hardcover magazine creates is far more effective and solid. Print media is definitely not losing its touch; rather, if redirected positively, it can build an effective marketing strategy by complementing with online media. Whatever said and done, there are many people out there who relies on magazines, journals and books for entertainment and information.

Whereas online media has specific parameters for writing content like language and word count, print media offers more freedom of speech and space. 15 Awesome Web Design Video Tutorials – Balhara Infotech. The best way to learn Web Designing is to study the subject and go deep into the matter.

15 Awesome Web Design Video Tutorials – Balhara Infotech

Few practical classes, trial and error methods and brainstorming are also part of the learning. But not everyone has gone through the basics of website designing yet has creative edge in them. People, who have many constraints, especially time as one can opt for video tutorial programs to learn web development. Web development is not an easy profession and includes a lot of complexities.

The video tutorials guide you to learn the techniques using step by step instruction and methods. 20 Beautiful PSD Templates You Can Download for Free – Balhara Infotech. In today’s scenario, having a website is not enough.

20 Beautiful PSD Templates You Can Download for Free – Balhara Infotech

The website should be dynamic and creative with attractive graphics. Yet it should also be user friendly and with smooth interface. 30+ Premium iPhone and Smartphone Mockups. 20+ Clean and Simple WordPress Themes 2017. Functionality of any website is an important aspect but we also need to pay attention to its visual appeal.

20+ Clean and Simple WordPress Themes 2017

If you host a site on WordPress or plan to do so, in order to enhance the visual interest of the site, you can use these 20+ Clean WordPress Themes: To Make Modern Websites in 2017. Yes, ‘clean’ is the word here. You may have noticed that the webmasters are increasing the empty space on the site and reducing the onscreen elements. While minimal designs may not always suit your needs, going the clean way is the right approach to the modern designs. 8 Best Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Site Performance. WordPress is one of the best hosting services you will ever find on the web.

8 Best Plugins for Optimizing WordPress Site Performance

And, if you are concerned about the effectiveness of this service, you will like 8 best plugins for optimizing WordPress site performance. There is no denying that WordPress sites offer great performance. However, as you start scaling up, you realize that the native tools do not suffice the kind of performance results you are looking for. This is why it becomes necessary to get the third-party support. Thanks to these wonderful plugins, you can enhance the performance of your site instantly.

Speed of your site affects the search engine ranking to a great extent. 20 Fresh Resources for Developers and Designers May 2017. There are certain website development tools that are released every month by the developer community.

20 Fresh Resources for Developers and Designers May 2017

These tools are really a boon for those website developers who are constantly in search of the best web development tools in order to make their websites look attractive. With the changing times the internet has also changed a lot, now every single day new apps, plugins etc are introduced that are better than their older versions. 30 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes 2017. If you want to create a social networking site where you can maintain a social environment either for your family members, co-workers or college students then BuddyPress WordPress Themes are made just for you.

30 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes 2017

In this era social networking is like an addiction where everyone from a 5 year old kid to a 60 year old man is involved in it. When everyone’s lifestyle has become so fast and busy, social networking comes as a great medium to connect with friends and new people. 10+ Free & Premium Fitness Gym Website Templates. Here is a complete list of best free and premium fitness gym website templates.

10+ Free & Premium Fitness Gym Website Templates

All these website themes have vast features and are highly customizable. Especially in a gym website or a fitness website there must be certain features like trainer pages, diet schedules, exercise schedule, contact forms etc. 30+ Dazzling Examples Of Isometric Designs. Don’t we just love 3d drawings and designs?

30+ Dazzling Examples Of Isometric Designs

Well, who doesn’t? However, not everyone is aware that Isometric drawing is the key to creating 3d designs. Isometric drawing is perhaps the least cumbrous way of making a three-dimensional drawing. 20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos. Your logo must look as splendid as your company.

20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos

The logo is the key aspect of any brand’s identity. We have hunted down the web to find 20+ Premium Exquisite Crest Logos to help you get the ideal match for your brand. What’s better is that you can avoid all the stress and hassle just by downloading the best crest logo to suit your business needs. Crest logos are deep-rooted in symbolism. These logos are often designed with the inspiration from the intricate crests made during the medieval time in Europe. A logo is particularly essential for brand recognition, endorsements and much more. In this compilation of incredible premium designs, we are featuring 20+ exquisite crest logos that exude an air of elegance. Show the world you’re the king or queen of your industry with this exquisite crest logo.

Exude an air of elegance and class with this divine Moscovita logo. 20+ Best Home Improvement WordPress Themes. In today’s time, having a professionally developed website is a necessity for every contemporary business. As a business owner, you need to make sure you have an impressive website that is engaging and easy to navigate through. So, in this article, we have listed down 20+ best Home Improvement WordPress Themes that will help you build your website. If you invest in an appealing website, you will be able to reach a large group of audience.

The amount of exposure that you can get from the website is massive, considering the amount of money you need to spend on it. 10 Amazing Photoshop Templates That Every Designer Should Own. Photoshop templates are an incredible way of transforming your pictures instantly into something unique and eye-catching that evokes drama. For photography projects that need quick processing, Photoshop templates can turn out to be a huge blessing for them. It is a great timesaving method and you can also consider using them at the initial draft stages when you want to experiment with various photo effects quickly without having to put too much effort. Photoshop itself is perfectly tuned for giving your photos that extra edge, but sometimes you need a bit more extra as a helping hand. These 10 amazing Photoshop templates, from Vintage-style Template to The Soft Focus Template and everything in between, will give you a head start to creating that perfect photo album. 15+ Best One Page WordPress Themes With Parallax Designs.

Online presence is an immensely vital aspect in today’s business scenario and it has become almost mandatory for every company or brand to possess a well designed website, in order to reach a larger number of people and introduce yourself to them effectively. With the birth of one page wordpress themes with parallax designs, you actually gain the liberty of exploring new ideas and layout styles for your site. You can probably avail such themes to advertise your product or introduce your idea to the public in an effective and attractive manner.

Moreover, the availability of parallax designs has revolutionalized the whole concept of website design, (providing somewhat a classic 3D notion to your site), and has created some extra space for creativity and indulgence. 30 Best Handwriting Fonts 2017. Handwriting fonts add a special personal touch to any of the content that you write. Various web designers keep on searching for the best Handwriting fonts so that they can use them in creating banners, quotes, logos etc. Handwriting fonts can also be used to highlight something special going on your website like any event, offers or any discount going on. Many of the top brands like Coca Cola, RayBan etc have chosen handwritten fonts as their logo and there is no need to mention how famous all these brands are!!. Handwriting fonts look great on individual blogs and the websites related to arts and crafts, restaurant menus etc. In order to make your content stand out of the crowd, the handwritten fonts are the perfect choice.

You can easily find various handwritten fonts available in the internet but choosing the best ones is a big task for the web designers. Go on an adventure with this sweet handmade script. Some of the greatest design resources out there were created in little time. 15 Best Slideshow Templates for Adobe After Effects. Presentations in the form of slideshows have become a vital way of proposing your ideas and thoughts to some people belonging to the corporate world or any other authorized organization. The strength of your proposal depends majorly upon the layout of your presentation. The more attractive and influencing the slideshow is, the better are your chances of succeeding in your motive. 10 Best Javascript Notification Libraries. The messages appearing on your screen, those are not a part of your system’s user interface, are termed as notifications. 30+ Brilliant Interesting Portfolio Website Designs.

If you are the part of the creative industry one way or the other, having an online portfolio is extremely important. 15 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for Creatives. 20+ Best Business WordPress Themes of March 2017. This is the era when the first thing that a person do when he has to buy anything is Google for it first , read about its specifications and then think of buying it. If you are a Business owner in such a scenario then certainly you can’t avoid the importance of having an informative Business website.

20+ Best Business WordPress Themes of March 2017. 15 Awesome jQuery 360 Degree Image Rotation Plugins. Adding the 360 degree images has become quite a trend these days on the social media sites as well as other websites. 40+ Best Church WordPress Themes for 2017. 10 Best Website Building Platforms for 2017. 10 Best Restaurant App Templates. 30 Mobile Login and Signup Forms For Your Inspiration. Mobile apps these days are flooded with login forms asking the users various questions related to their location, contact details, their shopping behavior etc. All these information helps the mobile app owner to create a better user experience.

These days most of the eCommerce website have their own mobile apps and those who don’t have they also plan to move to mobile apps in future. So, in such a scenario the inspirational mobile login and signup forms can be very helpful in collecting the user’s data. These data helps the mobile app owners in deciding various things like their product type, delivery to new locations, adding products that attracts customers and most importantly creating a better user experience so that the customer feel happy with their online shopping. As we know how important the attractive sign up and login forms are for any website, here we have curated 30 of the most amazing signup and login forms from various mobile apps. 20 Fresh Resources for Web Developers -March 2017.