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AirPods Pro Vs. Jabra Elite 75t: True Wireless Earbuds Comparison - HariDiary. Jabra Elite 75t are true wireless headphones released in the year 2020.

AirPods Pro Vs. Jabra Elite 75t: True Wireless Earbuds Comparison - HariDiary

They are an excellent option to consider instead of Apple AirPods Pro. Jabra Elite 75t can pair with any smartphone and comes at an affordable price as compared to Apple AirPods Pro. The Jabra Elite 75t offers a pair of comfortable earbuds that can easily rest inside the ear. Best 5G Smartphones You Can Buy Today - HariDiary. 5G is the latest and most advanced form of connectivity.

Best 5G Smartphones You Can Buy Today - HariDiary

It is said that 5G is going to be fast enough to change our way of life completely. It is not like 5G will be replacing 4G LTE or Wi-Fi entirely, but it is certainly going to help us in exploring new dimensions of surfing on the internet, streaming videos, and watching movies. All the leading smartphone manufacturing companies have started to roll out 5G enabled devices and there are a lot of 5G enabled smartphones available in the market these days in various price ranges. Google Nest Wifi Review - HariDiary.

In this article, we will discuss Google’s Nest Wifi, which has some impressive features.

Google Nest Wifi Review - HariDiary

It is a high-speed, whole-home reception and easy to set up Wifi. Although it may seem a bit pricey to some individuals, it will provide very impressive wireless performance throughout your home. Google’s Nest Wifi is one of the excellent options among the Wifi facilities. 5 Best Portable Monitors In 2020 - HariDiary. Due to the global pandemic, the world was forced to work from home to keep the economy going without getting affected.

5 Best Portable Monitors In 2020 - HariDiary

6 Best Cheaper Alternatives to Apple Airpods - HariDiary. The Apple company has the best airpods, but they can burn a hole in the pocket.

6 Best Cheaper Alternatives to Apple Airpods - HariDiary

There are multiple wireless and in-expensive earbuds available in the market that provide more or less similar features to that of an Apple AirPods. 6 Laptop Docking Stations for Turning a Notebook Into a Desktop - HariDiary. Before you get to know the best laptop docking stations that we have lined up for you, you must understand what docking really is and how these stations help you to add value to your laptop.

6 Laptop Docking Stations for Turning a Notebook Into a Desktop - HariDiary

A docking station is basically an interface device that allows laptops to attach to other devices to convert it into a computer. It provides you the portability of a laptop and flexibility of a desktop. If compared to PCs, a laptop has fewer ports, but using this system will allow you to connect your laptop with multiple devices, such as printers, speakers, etc. for better accessibility. This system will also eliminate the steps to connect each unit manually and will save you the time that it consumes while plugging and unplugging the adaptor every time you try to play computer games. 5 Best MacBook Alternatives for 2020 - HariDiary. The MacBook has been the most attractive gadget for the loyal Apple customers.

5 Best MacBook Alternatives for 2020 - HariDiary

But with every new model, the previous model becomes a little less relevant, and the new device is rarely within an affordable range for all. The keyboards in the Apple devices have been awful for a long while now, the touch bar is selectively reactive, and the extreme reliance on USB-C port connections. The chargers are flimsy, and the battery life is not justified as compared to the big hole it burns in one’s pocket. And let us be frank, Apple has seen a downfall in advancements in technology and upgrades.

The limited opportunity to customize the MacBook as per one’s convenience makes it harder to work with. 6 Best Smartphones for a Great Music Experience - HariDiary. In this past decade, smartphone demand has increased among each and every income group of the world.

6 Best Smartphones for a Great Music Experience - HariDiary

They make our work easy and one can find everything at one place. Smartphones have features like music, gaming, browsing, photography, etc. 5 Best Docking Stations For Your MacBook Pro - HariDiary. Work from home can never be a merry experience, especially when you have a MacBook Pro that lacks the availability of multiple ports.

5 Best Docking Stations For Your MacBook Pro - HariDiary

Yes, the feeling can be frustrating when you urgently have to connect more than one displays, but you don’t have enough ports for your help. That’s when Docking stations step in. These stations are nothing but a gift of God to solve the port problem, especially with the Macbooks. Best Microphones for Laptops and Chromebooks to Buy in 2020 - HariDiary. No doubt, Chromebook is more efficient than the laptops in terms of working.

Best Microphones for Laptops and Chromebooks to Buy in 2020 - HariDiary

But this blog is not about which is better among them. In this blog, you will get the information regarding the best microphones that you can buy in 2020 for your laptops or Chromebooks to record audio. There are several options, but here are some of the microphones that are widely used. Also Read: 9 Best Headphones for 2020 Blue Microphones Yeti. 7 Best Sigma and Tamron Camera Lenses - HariDiary. Looking for a good quality and budget-friendly camera? Sigma and Tamron are the answers to your questions as they are the best lenses available in the market for the photographers, influencers, and vloggers. They have a wide range of products at good price and performance.

Their latest and all-time best products are listed below. Also Read: 9 Best Vlogging Cameras for YouTubers Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM This is an ideal lens for APS-C cameras and they’re available for Pentax, Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras. 5 Best Tech Gifts That Are Budget Friendly - HariDiary. Want to give something to your best friends or loved ones on the upcoming special occasion? If the person is a technology enthusiast, then giving him a pair of shoes might not work. 5 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy in 2020 - HariDiary.

The era when a watch was only used for tracking time has passed far away, and now we have smartwatches with us. These smartwatches are capable of doing more than just telling you the time. Nowadays, smartwatches have a full-fledged operating system and are fully digital rather than having any literal moving parts. Furthermore, some smartwatches also have a dedicated cellular network means even if you lost your smartphone, you could use this smartwatch to contact your loved ones and others. Most smartwatches have basic objectives of tracking and providing fitness and health-related data of the host. 9 Best Headphones for 2020 - HariDiary. Headphones are a good investment. You get good-quality music and it keeps your hands free. But there are so many products available in the market that it can get confusing to choose the one that meets your requirements and your budget.

Although some brands have made a mark this year through their products, choosing the correct ones for yourself can leave you baffled because each headphone has a specific purpose and every headphone has some unique quality. So, to help you out with the best product based on their quality, purpose, price, etc. we have picked up the best headphones of the year. Sony WH-1000XM3 This headphone tops our list because of the noise-cancellation feature. Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones 700 It comes with a portable charging case that gives two full charges and 40 hours of run. 9 Best Vlogging Cameras for YouTubers - HariDiary. A good video camera is essential for a YouTuber, especially if they vlog. Vlogging cameras are different in size, build, etc.

7 Best User-Friendly Laptops for Senior Citizens - HariDiary. Senior citizens and elderly people are usually confused about the technology and being friends with latest inventions can be a task to them, even if they are well aware of the technology evolution. 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2020 - HariDiary. In this blog, we have listed out some of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for you so far in the year 2020. While making the list, criterias such as sound quality of each speaker, clarification of the voice quality, battery life, functioning of their inbuilt microphone, and lastly their durability has been considered.

Best Kindle of 2020: Everything You Need to Know - HariDiary. Amazon Kindle is an e-book device that was created for the purpose of reading books. Kindles have made reading on the go easier for all the readers out there. In the past few years, Amazon Kindle has gained immense popularity as it allows people to read hassle-free, anytime anywhere. 10 Best Laptops under $300 in 2020 - HariDiary. Laptops are becoming an integral part of the lives of everyone, and each individual has its own unique reasons to own a computer. Some individuals use laptops to play online video games. So they required a heavy-duty device with immersive audio, exceptional video quality, and high speed to handle the complex tasks involved in the games. Some other people need laptops for completing their office tasks, navigating social media channels, and writing purposes.

Many others need laptops for viewing movies, streaming videos, and to see other entertainment programs.