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Eine Sammlung von Links zu meinen Lehrveranstaltungen im Rahmen des Lehrgangs "Kommunikationsplanung und Datenmanagement" am WIFI Wien.

Retargeting kommt ins Fernsehen. 5 Myths About Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is the most powerful tool in a marketer's toolbox, but the term "influence" is widely misunderstood, said Team Epiphany founder and Managing Partner Coltrane Curtis at the One Club's Creative Summit Thursday.

5 Myths About Influencer Marketing

"Influence is a force of nature. Influence is not for sale; you can't sell influence," said Curtis, who started Team Epiphany in 2004. The influencer marketing shop works with brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, HBO, Cadillac, Heineken, Hendrick's Gin and Google. Curtis broke down the five key principles that marketers have to always remember when it comes to so-called influencer marketing. 'Pay for play.

Has Influencer Marketing Effectively Become Clickbait? Brands using influencer marketing for content likely had the best of intentions when they began.

Has Influencer Marketing Effectively Become Clickbait?

But like much of the internet, things went south. Look at Mark Zuckerberg's altruistic goal to create a more open and connected world with Facebook. Today, Facebook now has to hire thousands of screeners to monitor its Live product -- weeding out low-quality clickbait articles, fake news, and worthless, sometimes extremely heinous video content. The same thing happened to Twitter. As a result of an ongoing assault of abusive, bullying and harassing tweets, Twitter too is on a hiring spree, onboarding hundreds of engineers to help them automate the identification and removal of low-quality or abusive content.

Like much of the internet and our social media news feeds, influencer marketing started off with the best intentions: Brands hired the instafamous to help them promote their products. Glaubwürdigkeit der Medien. Wien – Inwieweit empfinden Sie die folgenden Medien als glaubwürdige Quellen für Informationen?

Glaubwürdigkeit der Medien

Diese Frage stellte Marktforscher für das Glaubwürdigkeitsranking der Kommunikationsagentur klar im April 2017 österreichweit 1.500 Personen zwischen 14 und 69 Jahren. Das Influencer Marketing ist kaputt. Auch wenn Instagram mittlerweile versucht, Fake-Accounts auf der eigenen Plattform regelmäßig zu löschen und mit Instagress erfolgreich gegen den ersten großen Bot-Anbieter vorging, ist dort, wo viel Licht ist, auch viel Schatten.

Das Influencer Marketing ist kaputt

Man muss schon genau hinsehen wollen und über ein gewisses Know-How verfügen, um die kleinen und großen Manipulationen zu erkennen. Why Influencer Marketing Needs to Grow Up. Influencer It's grossly underutilized.

Why Influencer Marketing Needs to Grow Up

According to a recent survey by Traackr and Top Rank Marketing, 43% of companies report being in the experimental stages of influencer marketing; another 28% said their programs are tactical. The numbers are more lopsided on the B2B side: just 15% of B2B marketers report having an ongoing, integrated program. Despite all the hubbub about influencer marketing, companies aren't putting their money where their mouth is. What IAB's Ads.txt Gets Wrong (and Right) About Ad Fraud. Methbot, of course, is the ad fraud attack from late last year that has been crowned by some as the biggest in history.

What IAB's Ads.txt Gets Wrong (and Right) About Ad Fraud

(Others disagree.) The IAB's effort, blandly dubbed "ads.txt," has been applauded by both publishers and ad tech vendors as a step in the right direction in the fight against ad fraud. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will succeed. In short, ads.txt prevents fraudsters from selling inventory that says it's from the New York Times but in reality comes from

Adidas Running From TV? Not So Fast. The CEO of Adidas, Kasper Rorsted, recently announced on CNBC that the company is stepping "away from TV advertising.

Adidas Running From TV? Not So Fast

" Wait, no TV for one of America's leading lifestyle brands? If true, it looks like another chapter in the "win for digital and loss for TV" story. In my role of leading media strategy and investment for marketers, I continue to believe strongly in television as a valid medium. Digital Out of Home: Reinventing Signage. T.S.

Digital Out of Home: Reinventing Signage

Eliot once said that the exploratory process often means a return to one's beginnings. There are many examples of this, from the Internet of Things reinventing everyday household items as "smart devices" to Netflix reinventing the home-entertainment experience. A current, prime example is the growing market of digital-out-of-home placement.

Programmatic - aber richtig. Werbemedium TV bleibt führend - aber bröckelt bei den Jungen. Google und Facebook kontrollieren 20 Prozent des globalen Werbemarktes. Weshalb Ritter Sport so gerne an Bahnhöfen wirbt. Five Strategies to Put Humans in Control of Ad Tech. Many have described ad tech as a black box sitting atop a runaway train, with marketers in the caboose, fearful to stay aboard but more fearful to get off.

Five Strategies to Put Humans in Control of Ad Tech

Left to the engineers alone, "quality digital advertising" is virtually an oxymoron. Marketers are frustrated that foundational human elements like insight, trust and creative instincts have largely been stripped out of ad tech. Wieso Aldi Radiowerbung schaltet. Online Marketing Truth or Dare. The The result was often calamitous: a company's ads ran on sites that presented entirely inappropriate content, sometimes bordering on criminal hate speech that were absolutely not where advertisers hoped their ads would land.

Online Marketing Truth or Dare

Now we are entering the truth phase of the game. In recent weeks, major marketers pulled advertising from Google sites, including YouTube. Wie Radiowerbung am besten wirkt. Quantifying SVOD's Impact on Traditional TV. Overall, the data we have analyzed reinforces our view that any expectations around the "death of TV" because of SVOD services are likely overstated.

Homes with SVOD services are reducing consumption of non-internet-connected-device-based TV faster than homes without SVOD services, but not by much. Including consumption via internet-connected devices, homes with SVOD services are exhibiting more favorable overall TV consumption trends as their SVOD services grow their share of TV consumption in SVOD homes.

Further, we note that if forms of TV consumption not included in this data (mostly the consumption which occurs on non-TV-based devices) were included, we might see stability or even growth in professionally-produced video content consumption within SVOD homes. Additional commentary and data related to our analysis follow in this note. Traditional television still dominant. Traditional television viewing still dominates in the United States, according to comScore. Households with both traditional television as well as online television and video services still watch nearly five and a half hours of live television for every hour of online viewing. Netflix is watched for just under and hour a day on average per household with the service. Sling TV is the most watched online television and video service, with household viewing of around an hour and a half a day.

A report from comScore considers major shifts in cross-platform consumer behaviour, including how time-shifted and over-the-top viewing are changing the television viewing landscape. The evidence of its research is that while behaviour is changing, particularly among younger people, traditional television remains dominant. Millennials are already spending more time on mobile apps than watching live television, although live television still dominates for those aged over 55. In-Target, Viewability and Invalid Traffic: Campaign benchmarks across the globe. Adage. The Alpha Grid acquisition was part of a larger trend among premium publishers last year, as many looked to bolster their bottom line by acquiring digital agencies who specialize in areas like branded content, targeting or creative.

Gannett, for example, purchased ReachLocal for $158 million and the New York Times paid $21 million for HelloSociety and another $11 million for Fake Love, according to global marketing consultancy R3. Time Inc. and Vice also made similar acquisitions totaling $50 million. TV To Die Soon. Again. Okay, this time they really mean it. TV is about to die. Don't believe me? It's right here in Ad Age in black and white, another fucking article entitled "TV May Actually Die Soon. " Can you believe this? I'm just wondering how many Ad Age stories there have been over the past 15 years about TV dying? Biggest Players In Ad Industry Move To Kill Off Worst Ads. The biggest players in advertising and tech are mapping out a strategy to kill off the digital ads that have been deemed as the absolute worst by consumers.

The most likely approach is the adoption of a "technology" -- the term "ad blocker" has baggage among many of the participants in talks on the subject -- that would prevent browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge from displaying autoplaying video ads with sound, pop-up ads and ads that quickly flash or change colors.

The discussions are taking place among members of the industry's Coalition for Better Ads, including Google, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, WPP's ad-buying giant GroupM, Facebook, Thomson Reuters, The Washington Post, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Association of National Advertisers, according to Stu Ingis, counsel to the coalition and attorney at Venable LLP. "The end game here is to remove these types of ads which are undercutting the consumer internet experience," Ingis said. The Amazon That You Don’t See (That Google And Facebook Are Watching) In 2012, I published an article titled, Is Amazon The Future Of Media? From the piece: “While people wax poetic about the retail prowess and clout of Amazon, I am always quick to point out that they are one of the most fascinating media companies that has ever been created.

Marketing professionals and luddites alike typically stare at me the way that a dog does when you try to talk to it. Ad Fraud Really Is Hurting Publishers and Advertisers. Rob Norman's recent Ad Age op-ed argued that the real cost of ad fraud to marketers was signficant but not anywhere near as bad as the headlines suggest. Publishers suffer "zero direct loss," he wrote. Let's get on the same page. We must differentiate good publishers -- i.e. the sites you've heard of, like,,, etc. -- from other sites that carry ads -- e.g.,, etc.

Oracle Plans Aggressive Move Into TV Advertising. GroupM's Norman: The Real Cost of Fraud and Non-Viewable Ads. No one disputes that digital ad fraud exists. The ecosystem is under constant and evolving threat from non-human traffic in the form of bots. Nor does anyone dispute the existence of non-viewable advertising impressions. Shelly Palmer: TV May Actually Die Soon. What Google and Facebook must do about one of their biggest problems. Wie der Jeff Bezos-Effekt die „Post“ profitabel macht. Warum die Mediazielgruppe zum Problem wird. Mobile. Digitale Reichweitendominanz gleich höherer Umsatz? Magna: U.S. Digital Ad Sales Top TV For First Time in 2016. YouTube To Offer Third-Party Brand Safety Tools. Adage. Online Advertising Is Corrupt At Its Core. GM, Walmart, Pepsico, FX Join Wave Suspending Google Ads.

Algorithms Can Be Pretty Crude Toward Women - Bloomberg View. Wer sich bei Facebook informiert, nutzt meistens professionelle Beiträge - Editorial Media. Marketers Halting YouTube Buys Puts Pressure on Media Shops. Adage. How Brands Can Tap Micro-Data in Social Campaigns. IN MEDIAS RAS: Wieder Ärger mit der Online-Werbung - NZZ Feuilleton: Medien.

Adblocker, Methbot und Fake News überschatten Video-Boom. YouTube Breaks Down What Metrics Matter for Adevrtisers. TV: Video on Demand wächst, Schauen nach Programm konstant - TV - › Etat. TV-Connected Devices Pave the Way for New Ways to Watch Content. Is Coalition for Better Ads Fix Marketers Were Hoping For? Kellogg Finds Viewability Matters, LIkeability Even More. The Future Is The Place To Be. Ad Costs May Vary for for xAd's New Location Data Ad Model. GroupM, LinkedIn, Sonobi Join IAB to Close Viewability Gap. Millennials on Millennials: A Look at Viewing Behavior, Distraction and Social Media Stars. If All Sales is Account Based, Why Isn't All of Marketing? Can Big Digital Players Meet P&G's Deadline?

Invisible Advertising. P&G's Pritchard is Half-Right. Standards Are Only a Start. 3 Case Studies Show How Location Data Is Moving Marketing. How Americans Encounter, Recall and Act Upon Digital News. Horizont: Digitale Prospekte auf dem TV-Bildschirm. The surprising reason some millennials may be buying new cars. What’s the Value of a Like? Study: CPG Now Spends More on Digital Than Traditional Ads. Why Data Targeting Was a Natural Fit for Cotton Marketers.

40% of Online Ads Are Found to Be Overweight and Slow Sites. Procter & Gamble pumpt TV-Budget auf. TV bei Kindern beliebter als Handy. Sky Media-Chef Deissenberger: ‚Investieren in diesen Monaten massiv in Inhalte‘ Fernsehmuseum2- Sie sind im Bereich : Wissen & Technik. So funktioniert 3D Fernsehen - Burosch - The TV Image Experts. Marktanteile 2016 - Akademie Archive - AGOF. White Ops.