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Frozen Assets. Back to the Basics: Batch Cooking. Freezer Meals. **Update - Click here for a review of the meals we made** This post is extremely long, but hopefully it will be helpful to someone planning on freezing meals!

Freezer Meals

I plan on posting updates after we actually eat this food too, to give an update on how it fares after the defrosting process. I have always thought that making meals to freeze would be a great idea, but we have never found the motivation to do a big day of cooking before now - I guess the idea of having a newborn to take care of is the kick in the pants we needed to try this out! I have made a few things for some of the new parents in my life before, so that was a good small test run. After doing this, I really wish we had done it sooner - it didn't take THAT long at all, and would be great for nights where you don't feel like cooking - it helps if you have thought ahead enough to take something out of the freezer to defrost, but it's not essential (usually you can just bake for longer).