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Volcano Arts | Bookbinding Supplies Eggs: Easter, babies and the wonderful tones of handmade paper. Heather: Volcano Arts | Bookbinding Supplies
edizioni While the giveaway is still on for a few days, we launched our fall Wholesale Catalogue with new products and colors ribbon as Jade green and Peacock blue. They look great when combined with Natural and Red! I had some help with the text catalogue by friend and blogger Justine Hand. I was lucky to get to know her during the Remodelista photo shooting last winter, and hopefully now every product is clearly described in the catalogue, without mistakes. Thank you for your patience with my English! I think Justine is a great writer and she is also working on the shop products description, soon to be updated. edizioni
!, greeting card, paper products What Kind of Paper Should You Buy? Choosing the right paper doesn't have to be complicated. To decide which paper is right for you, simply consider which type of printer you have (inkjet or laser) and, most importantly, what type of documents you'll be printing. Office Depot: Find the Right Paper Everyday copies, memos and emails !, greeting card, paper products
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BookNews BookNews ready for summer The five bookbindings to be studied are carefully chosen. Each has its own place in historical methods and is represented by exemplars in the library collections. Each can also be resolved as a prototype of its exemplars; we can typify the features and structure and produce a prototype model. In turn each prototype can be adapted to categories of book conservation treatment.
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On January 13, 2012, Volume 8, the largest (and regrettably last) issue of The Bonefolder was published online. What started as an experiment in open-access online-only publishing “way back” in 2004 grew into perhaps the most widely read publication in the book arts with over a quarter million downloads for all issues combined since we began with a global readership. Listing of the The Bonefolder in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) placed us in just about every research library’s online catalog, and participation in LOCKSS will ensure long-term access to all issues (as do Syracuse University Library’s and the Internet Archive’s servers). This growth, however, also brought with it ever increasing workloads for the small and incredibly dedicated editorial staff who solicited articles, worked with authors, and much more. The Bonefolder an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist The Bonefolder an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist