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Car wash and detailing service

Wash your Car as well as Pamper Your Furry Friend at Single Venue. Your busy schedule seldom gives you the time to attend to tasks that are in crying need of attention such as washing your car and pampering your furry friend.

Wash your Car as well as Pamper Your Furry Friend at Single Venue

It would be really nice if you can find a place where both these jobs are undertaken without fuss. Let’s begin with your furry friend and leave the inanimate one for some time. Dogs are social animals and like to be in the company of humans. However, what people often miss out is the need to regularly clean their dogs to get rid of parasites besides controlling hair loss. A dog without regular grooming can contract disease in no time, which can even turn fatal. Spice Up the Special Occasion by Detailing your Worn Out Car. The joys of life entail celebrating special occasions with family and friends.

Spice Up the Special Occasion by Detailing your Worn Out Car

The special occasions can be a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary not to mention once in a while going out for a picnic or vacation. Owing a car can take such celebrations a few notches higher — for not only running errands but going on a short trip with your special ones to be relived later for a long time. However, more often than not thanks to the rigours of travelling — to the office or other places, your car can undergo wear and tear.

The wear and tear can be in the form of deposition of pollutants, dust, grime or getting smudges or blotches. Let Your Car Fight the Adverse Impact of Summer Months Courtesy Car Detailing Services. The searing summer months usher in a hot and humid climate as well.

Let Your Car Fight the Adverse Impact of Summer Months Courtesy Car Detailing Services

The climate, apart from affecting us in many ways, can wrought damage to your car in terms of peeling away of paint, malfunctioning of air-conditioner, and wuthering of leather and canvas inside the cabin, among others. These damages are in addition to the deposition of dust and other scratch marks, smudges, dents and scuffs. If such damages are allowed to linger the exterior of your car can give a worn out look, besides impacting its machinery. Why a Professional Car Wash Service is Better than the one Done at Home.

Owning a car can bring in its wake a lot of responsibilities — from taking the loved ones to an occasional trip from the hustle and bustle of city life — to keeping the car in the best possible condition.

Why a Professional Car Wash Service is Better than the one Done at Home

As days pass into weeks and the number of kilometres on the odometer shows an increase, the condition of the car tells a different story as well. It’s no longer the shimmering piece of metal that everyone was envious of on the first day but, thanks to the action of contaminants, has become shabby and worn out. The first sign of such a condition should need immediate attention — either at home or at a professionally run car detailing service in Calgary. Pamper your Furry Friend Through a Reputable Dog Wash Service in Calgary.

Your pet dog, as part of your family, is understandably close to you.

Pamper your Furry Friend Through a Reputable Dog Wash Service in Calgary

And it is but natural that you worry about its upkeep by taking it to the vet from time to time. Also, being a responsible dog owner you groom it as per your convenience mostly in your home. However, no matter how meticulous you are in cleaning your dog the chances of missing out on cleaning the residues of soap or shampoo cannot be ruled out. Get on With Car Detailing to Protect your Car from Pollutants.

In the busy stress filled life of today when even attending to one’s family has taken a back seat, taking care of one’s car need not merit any attention at all.

Get on With Car Detailing to Protect your Car from Pollutants

Even though the car has become a lifeline of sorts for managing professional as well as personal duties, its sundry wear and tear are simply overlooked for paucity of time. When a car travels through different types of terrain depending on someone’s personal or professional commitments, it undergoes deposition of dust, grime and pollutants on its exterior as well as interior. Moreover, the degree of dirt accumulation depends on changing seasons as well. For example, summer and rainy seasons entail the formation of blotches on the exterior given the journey undertaken by the car through puddles of water. On the other hand, the winter season has deposition of snow and the resultant ‘damage’ wrought out of it.

On Your Birthday Give Your Four Wheel A Whole New Look. Basic Pointers to Good Dog Care in Calgary. Dear one in anybody’s hands!

Basic Pointers to Good Dog Care in Calgary

Scanning through the writing you will get a roadmap for selecting safe and able hands for your pet. Pick the right one from many good options at Calgary. But, before going for finding the perfect dog groomer, you need to know your pet very well. Feel Good and be a Head Turner on the Road While Commuting in your Spic and Span Car. Your daily commute to the workplace or the occasional trip to the countryside can either be drudgery or a ride filled with excitement depending on the drive quality and comfort level of your car.

Feel Good and be a Head Turner on the Road While Commuting in your Spic and Span Car

As your car whirrs into action on the traffic or dust filled roads depending on your destination, it is subjected to a barrage of pollutants, dust and grime. These can not only reduce the visual appeal of your car but can play spoilsport as far as driving comfort is concerned. So, is there a way out of the situation? Can you get back the enthusiasm when you drove your brand new car from the showroom the first time? The answer is in the affirmative and lies in the words, ‘car care.’ Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Your Furry Companion. Dogs are loyal; they love and care you unconditionally without a pinch of selfishness and asking a lot in return.

Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Your Furry Companion

And, like every dog-lover, you too ought to like to see your healthy dog is running around your house, licking your face, wagging its tale, expressing affinity and most importantly, feeding your soul with a pleasant smell. And this is the main reason why we should take care of our pets on a daily basis. They say, a shiny and glossy coat helps determine a dog’s health. And to maintain the luster of your dog’s coat, you should consider bathing it at the frequent intervals. Many owners face a lot of difficulties while washing their pets, as we all know that some doggies are not really fond of water. Use Lukewarm Water A cold shower may be what we crave for after a taxing day at workplace, but unfortunately our pets don’t really like it. Plan The Perfect Month of Love With Car Detailing Calgary.

The Valentine’s month of 2017 is already around the corner and you are still struggling to plan a memorable one for your beau.

Plan The Perfect Month of Love With Car Detailing Calgary

With the same old Valentine’s retreats like teddy, chocolates, candlelight dinner losing their grounds, it’s time to pull up your socks for a better celebration plan. Abide By These Easy Car Care Tips for The Best Result. To know a person, they say, look at what vehicle he owns and how he has maintained it. That is absolutely true, a four wheel does a lot more than just helping you reach your destination. So, if you ride on a ragged, colorless and old vehicle, you should immediately consider it for the much-awaited make over that can be ensured by a complete detailing. Begin the detailing process with washing your automobile. In the field of vehicle wash, there can be choices galore. Give Your Car the Extra Sparkle with Wand Wash Services in Calgary.

To know a person, they say, look at what four-wheel he/she owns and how he/she takes care of it. Yes, this is true that your vehicle holds a lot more significance than just taking you from point A to point B. So, whenever you ride on an old and unmaintained car, you unknowingly gather queer attentions from the passersby. A Few Suggestions to Prepare Your Beloved Dog for Boarding. While planning a getaway with your family, as a pet owner the biggest concern that keeps you bothering is the well-being of the four-legged members at your place.

Your relatives may become too eager to help you out. But looking after your pet throughout the day will be difficult for them. In a professional boarding kennel, your furry friends will have a daily check-up to ensure that they are happy, healthy and comfortable. The benefit of keeping your pet under the observation of a boarding facility is the satisfaction that they will be safe in your absence. But finding such a reliable organization can be a long process in itself. Spruce up Your Car’s Interior with Sparkly Clean Leather Seats. The best way to jazz up your car’s interior is by maintaining its leather seats. Just the way we vest our time and energy to spice up the interiors of our home, we should also do up our car’s interior. But how many of us really consider redoing or customizing our car’s interior, especially the leather seats? It’s true that the leather seats are often the most overlooked or underrated parts, when it comes to maintaining an automobile.

Well, besides washing and polishing its exterior, cleaning leather is of paramount importance. Rather than opting for those quick fixes, tick off these steps to ensure a complete leather care – Cleaning Tips to Follow When Selling Your Four Wheel. Keeping your four-wheel prim and proper allows you to stay on the top of parking dings and many other scratches and dents. And, if you are planning to sell, a clean four wheel is automatically a more valuable asset. Now, many people are still stuck to a lot of confusions, when it comes to detailing a car. For a few, cleaning an automobile is all about a spot of water, a clean sponge and a bit of elbow grease. For some, car cleaning is always a professional thing and hence, should be performed only by the proficient experts. Yeah, there’s no denying that cleaning a car by yourself is not a breezy affair.

Winter Care Tips to Take Care of Your Four-Legged Companion. “Winter spreads in the white sheet. It is the time to greet”– So, another chilly winter is upon us! From snowy mornings to breezy nights and smoky aroma of coffee, it’s time to gear up for the cold months. Increase the Value of Your Car with Auto Detailing Calgary. Americans are said to believe that it’s their birthright to own a vehicle. The Calgarians, unlike the Americans buy four-wheels with less emotion and more logic. In Calgary, the car owners tend to keep their vehicles at least for nine to ten years before selling it, which is in comparison, longer than the typical Americans.

Automated Car Wash or Hand Car Wash – Which to Choose and Why? Lead Your Dog to a Healthy Life with Engaging Exercises & Games. Bringing home a pet is donning the hat of responsibilities. These days, most of the pet parents are leaving no stones unturned to ensure their overall well-being – be it apparel, food or comfort.

Amazing dog wash tips for the Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are beautiful tiny pooches with flowing hair an inch or two above ground level. They play a prominent role in dog shows because of their fashionable and well-groomed status. And yes, they are quite expensive as well. 7 Reasons Why A Pet Dog Can be Your Best Friend Forever. The canines are unbeatable and they simply make the best pets on four legs. Even if the cat owners and their pets look down on you, you the truth. Be it barking for food or welcoming you in the household, with every small gesture they express their love.

Undoubtedly, this cute four legged creature is one of your true-blue supporters for whatever you do. Keep Your Car Ready for The Upcoming Christmas. Check Out Some Monsoon Car Care Tips to Stay Safe on Rainy Days. Finally, the monsoon is round the corner! The cool showers are indeed refreshing, but the rainy season inevitably brings a host of problems of your vehicle – the humidity, water and moisture create disaster for the metal ware and electronic gadgets of your car. Hence, it’s mandatory to ensure shield protection for your automobile during the monsoon.

Check Out These Summer Care Tips for Your Dog. There’s no denying it – dog grooming is mandatory as the scorching heat of summer goes high. Apart from making your furry companion look good, you should also check its skin, ears and nails. Benefits of Touch Free Car Wash over Soft Cloth Car Wash. Expert Grooming for your Furry Friend. 4 Key Car Detailing Tips for Interior.

How to Get Head to Toe Dog Wash Benefits. Why Wax Polishing is Important for your Car. Benefits of Self-Service Car Wash. Clean Your Pet with the Best Wash Services. Ensure Heavy Duty Detailing for Car Leather Seats. History of Car Detailing. Exciting Fleet Accounts and Gift Cards Presented by Happy Bays. How to Take Care of your Dog in Summer. Dog Daycare and Washing Services in Calgary. Car Wash Calgary with Dog and Pet Wash in Calgary at Happy Bays. Affordable Self-Serve Car Wash offered by Happy Bays. Why You Should Prefer Self Serve Car Washing Over Other Methods. Complete Car Cleaning & Detailing with Wand Wash Calgary. Importance of Detailing Car in Summer. Pamper Your Pooch with Self-Serve Dog Wash. Dog Wash Calgary – a Complete Care for Your Pooch. Bank on the Benefits of Touch-Free Car Wash. Self Serve Wash- Optimum Bathing Solution for Your Pup. Say Goodbye to the Dirty Car with Self Serve Auto Wash Calgary.

Make Your Car Look Awesome on this Season of Love. Pamper Your Pup with the Best Dog Wash Services. Things that Damage your Car’s Paint Work without Knowing It. Know the Extra Steps Engaged Before and After Car Detailing. Pet Wash Calgary Keep your Pooch Healthy and Clean. Self Serve Dog Wash with Great Facilities in Calgary. New Year’s Resolutions to Take Better Care Of Your Car. Thanking Your Customers is the Best Way to Embrace Success and Growth. Budget-Friendly Auto Detailing Packages from Happy Bays. Make Your Car Look 10 Years Younger with the Car Detailing Calgary.

5 Car Engine Detailing Tips. How to Ensure Detail Cleaning for Car Steering Wheels? Go Green with Engine Steam Cleaning. Get Premium Car Detailing Service in Calgary. Self Service Car Wash – A Smart Way to Save Time and Money. Why Should Vehicle Owners Choose Touch Free Car Wash? How to Clean Car Seats with Proper Detailing? Simplify the Way of Washing Your Beloved Pet. Custom Auto Detailing Services. Get Your Car Ready For The Upcoming Car Shows.

How To Protect Your Car From The Adverse Effects Of Rain. The Most Popular Dog And Pet Wash In Calgary (Calgary,). Pet Services. Get Cleanest Vehicles With Wand Wash System. How to Ensure Optimal Functionality of a Coin Car wash. Auto Carpet & Upholstery Shampooing Packages at Happy Bays. Car wash with dog and pet wash in calgary at happy bays. Can Car Detailing Increase The Value of Your Car? Top 6 Tips for Keeping Your Car Fit During Rainy Season. When You Should Opt for Dog Wash and How Often.