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Happy Auto Sales is a used car dealership that focuses on two things; your happiness in buying a car and offering you quality cars to choose from. At Happy Auto Sales, your used car dealer in Greer, SC, you will find unmatched technical expertise to assist you, a large variety of inventory to choose from, and the car buying experience you want. You are guaranteed to drive home with one of the best used cars in the Greer, SC area. Any make. Any model. It’s all about your preferences. Customer satisfaction is why you are always a winner at Happy Auto Sales! It will become your “Home of the Happy Customer.”

6 Iconic American Cars that You Can Still Buy Today. Owning an iconic American car is a matter of pride for every true American.

6 Iconic American Cars that You Can Still Buy Today

After all, we identify ourselves with our cars and these vehicles have survived through generations almost becoming brand ambassadors of America in the rest of the world. The list of names is long. Some are out of production while others have modified their look. Even though you cannot get the exact vintage model that was once in its peak of popularity, today you can buy the revamped ones that still carry the iconic logos and names on their hood. Here are 6 options that you can find among used cars for sale in Greer.Take your pick as per your preference. 1.Chevrolet Corvette One of the oldest brands to still run on American roads with the same intensity and head-turning image. 2.Dodge Charger Dodge made its name with the HEMI line of engines and the Charger sold like hot cake during is prime time. 3.Ford Mustang.

Are Used Cars Cheaper Now Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? The raging COVID-19 pandemic has plummeted the entire world into a sure recession-like situation with many economists suggesting that a possible depression is not out of the question.

Are Used Cars Cheaper Now Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In simple terms, that means widescale unemployment, unstable prices, more businesses going bankrupt, and lives becoming financially harder. A few are already facing the heat of the pandemic. Most shops in a few specific industries are shutting down completely. This naturally raises questions about the used market as well and your relationship with it.

How to Become an Expert Used Car Shopper Overnight? Many suggest that you take an expert mechanic along whilebuying used cars.

How to Become an Expert Used Car Shopper Overnight?

Some also say that you should make multiple visits to numerous dealerships before making the final call. But what people do not say that the first method will cost you a few unnecessary dollars every time you take the mechanic along and the second will demand a lot of time from your already hectic schedule. This is the 21st century – the age of information. Is Your Car Overheating? Here is What You Should Do. You have surely seen those images in sitcoms or movies where the bonnet of the car suddenly opens mid-road and steam start oozing out of everywhere from the front of the car.

Is Your Car Overheating? Here is What You Should Do

This typically happens when the engine gets overheated beyond the tolerable limit and the cooling system could not cool things down in time. Overheating is common in both new and used cars. Thinking About Buying Rental Cars? Think Again!-Happy Auto. Car rental companies like Hertz and Avis sell a part of their fleet almost regularly.

Thinking About Buying Rental Cars? Think Again!-Happy Auto

These are fairly new cars that come at a discounted price and generally carry manufacturer-backed warranties. Plus, the easy selling process of the companies makes the deal even more enticing and a good number of customers do consider buying rentals, given the models on offer. However, in most cases, the offers are too good to be true. Even if you get the free 2-hour test drive or 3-day rent-to-buy package, the cars require a second thought from a lot of angles. Rental cars carry massive mileage figures It is not surprising for a rental vehicle from any of the top companies to see more than 45,000 miles in its first couple of years. 5 Ways to Extend Your Used Car’s Life-happy auto greer. A few used car owners prefer to sell their vehicles just after 3 to 5 years of use.

5 Ways to Extend Your Used Car’s Life-happy auto greer

That is the nation’s average of holding on to a car. Then again, there are owners who are emotionally attached to their cars and drives around for more than 15 years without any safety or technical issue. No matter in which group you fall, you must ensure to take the following steps to ensure a long life for your car. If you want to sell, you will want a high resale value.

And if you want to keep, you will want the car to run for an eternity. 1. 2. 3. Should I Buy an Old Used Car Happy Auto Greer Sc. It is not unnatural for you to see a 2005 Toyota Camry on the road today even when the car is almost over one and a half decades old.

Should I Buy an Old Used Car Happy Auto Greer Sc

The facts stating that cars are known to run seamlessly for about 300,000 miles are also not surprising. Unlike the late 1900s, car manufacturers today are making vehicles for the long haul and every part is surviving longer than ever. American vs European Used Cars: Which are Better? On one side you have the likes of Ford, GMC, and Chrysler and on the other, you have Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.

American vs European Used Cars: Which are Better?

All heavy names in the US auto industry and thus, the debate has raged on for decades as to who makes better cars. In the used car segment, however, the points on both side changes. And picking a winner becomes difficult when pitted against each other. Still, you will need answers. 4 Used Auto Dealership Scams to Keep in Your Radar as a Buyer. Used car scams are unique as opposed to new car scams.

4 Used Auto Dealership Scams to Keep in Your Radar as a Buyer

The former is easier to hide behind the car’s history, fraudulent dealers think it is simple to trick you by blaming it on the previous owner, and car buyers tend to get swayed by the surprisingly low price and most do not bother to read the fine print of the deal on the table. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with used auto dealership scams and you can fall victim on any corner. However, the power of knowledge can keep you protected while buying a used car in Greer, SC, and that is the core motive of this post.

So, before you go out to shop, place these 4 common dealership scams on your radar. How Sensible are Credit Union Auto Loans-Happy Auto. Most used car dealerships in Greer, SC, recommend that you walk in their car lot with a pre-approved auto loan.

How Sensible are Credit Union Auto Loans-Happy Auto

That opens up three typical options for you. Banks, credit unions, and private lenders. Although the first is the most popular path among many consumers while the last is often considered when the situation is dire, the middle option is actually the underestimated peer among all. Credit unions make a strong case when it comes to auto loans and do outrun other financing options both in terms of approval and interest rates. If you are a part of a credit union, consider it first before exploring other avenues. How do credit unions work? Used Dodge for Sale in Greer-SC. Cadillac STS 2010 - Happy Auto Sales. Lexus SC 1993 - Happy Auto Sales.

2015 Chrysler Town and Country - Happy Auto Sales. Used Chevrolet Cars-Happy Auto. Used Cadillacs for sale - Cadillacs for Sale In Greer SC-Happy Auto. 4 Invaluable Tips to Select the Best Used Car Dealership. The decision to buy a used car is fairly easy -it is economical as compared to a new one. But when it comes to deciding where to buy the car from, things take a whole new complicated turn.

Settling your mind on a particular dealer among the flurry of options available is no easy job. If dealer A has one impressive thing to offer, then dealer B has something better. Buying a Used Car in SC – Here is Your Complete Guide. Did you know? More than 40 million used cars exchange hands every year and you are about to join this elite club of smart people who know how to save some money on their cars.

5 First Time Car Buyer Tips for Used Cars happy auto. Buying a used car requires more inspection and knowledge than buying a new car. Face it! If you are trying to buy a brand-new car that hardly has 10 miles on it, all you need to do is select your favorite model, get a quick look on your budget, and that’s it. But the same process is not applicable when that same car has been driven for over 30,000 miles over a span of two years. Your logic will instantly tell you to check the engine, transmissions and suspensions, tires and upholstery and a lot of things that you haven’t even heard off.

Cars for Sale in Greer SC - Cheap Used Cars for Sale -Happy Auto. For many used car buyers, individual sellers take precedence over dealers owing to the involved price factor. Individual used car sellers do not have to maintain a brick and mortar store. Neither do they have to pay the commercial taxes that dealerships usually have to contribute. Naturally, when you buy your used cars from individual sellers and merely look at things from the price angle, this path will seem the best possible way. But you will need to dawn your objective lens and inspect both sides with an open mind.

Cars for Sale in Greer SC - Cheap Used Cars for Sale -Happy Auto. 4 Compromises You Must Not Make While Buying a Cheap Used Car. Used cars do come cheap but even in that range, there are a few who may offer you a cheaper version of the standard market price. However enticing the offer may seem, you must let your logical sense to kick in here to understand and pinpoint the warning bells that the cheap package might be bringing along. How to Buy a Used Car Cheap:Happy Auto Greer Used Car. No matter what small-time dealers make you believe, cheap used cars are simply not out there.

And if you find one standing right for you, be sure that it is hiding some glitches which will drain your bank balance in a matter of minutes.