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Real Time Store Monitoring - Happiest Minds. As the competition increases in retail space, the requirements of the customers are also increasing.

Real Time Store Monitoring - Happiest Minds

Customers are expecting the retailers to anticipate their shopping requirements and offer them a convenient shopping experience, which is completely personalized in nature. The insights generated from analytics helps retailers to customize their products and services and to engage in better interactions with the customers thereby making the selling- buying experience an unforgettable one. The retail in- store analytics strategies enable to boost the customer loyalty along with increasing the store footfalls and sales conversions. It also helps in the effective segmentation of the customers which makes targeted campaigns effective. It better maps the customer journey and helps build stronger connects with the brand. How Big Data Analytics is Redefining the Travel Industry. The smart phone penetration, fast mobile internet access, and social media influence has brought in unprecedented growth in the travel industry.

How Big Data Analytics is Redefining the Travel Industry

Mobile travel space has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Apart from multitudes of online travel portals, many mobile apps are there to provide real-time travel plans, suggestions regarding hotels, GPS tracking anywhere, booking tickets, comparing prices for the travellers and collect their feedback regarding a travel. This digital transformation era has brought in great powers to consumers. Beacon technology,retail,New Shopping Trends – Happiest Minds. Beacons are tiny and inexpensive, micro-location-based technology devices that can send radio frequency signals and notify nearby Bluetooth devices of their presence and transmit information.

Beacon technology,retail,New Shopping Trends – Happiest Minds

Smart phones or other mobile devices can capture the beacon signals and distance can be estimated by measuring received signal strength (RSSI).The closer the receptive devices the stronger will be the signals. Powered by coin batteries, they have a powerful ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and temperature and motion sensors. Apart from small standalone beacon devices, PCs, mobile phones and tablets with BLE support can all function as beacons, with the ability to both send and receive beacon signals.

Various industrial sectors including retail, transit systems, enterprises, educational institutions, event organizing, finance, travel etc. have started leveraging beacons to track and communicate with their potential and existing customers. Infrastructure Transformation: What and Why? IT adoption is a necessity, but it is a complicated process.

Infrastructure Transformation: What and Why?

Both assertions are equally correct. Prasenjit Saha, CEO, Infrastructure Management Services and Security Business, Happiest Minds Technologies, tries to give an insight into how IT applications and processes today form the foundation of any business, through Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Traditionally, IT was viewed as a support function that helped increase efficiencies and reduce costs. The CIO’s role was limited to ensuring business-as-usual, safeguarding enterprise data and keeping pace with changing business demands. Over time, IT evolved to support a wide range of functionalities.

IMS: Bridging the Gap between IT Goals and Business Needs. Traditionally, the IT function of an enterprise focussed on building and maintaining an IT infrastructure and expanded to keep pace with the market.

IMS: Bridging the Gap between IT Goals and Business Needs

Now, with most businesses adopting the Cloud and the immense remote IT possibilities it offers, TaaS (Technology as a Service) is threatening to make enterprise IT departments redundant. It is time for businesses to transform into ‘new age’ enterprises, powered by the Cloud, Big Data, Hadoop, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. However, they have to contend with the existing IT infrastructure.

Retail Trends: What to Expect in 2016? The retail industry is going through the digital transformation phase, thanks to the disruptive technologies and trends including social media, smart phones, tabs, IoT, data analytics and cloud for enabling the sea of changes.

Retail Trends: What to Expect in 2016?

In 2015, the digital enablement initiatives have significantly changed the retail platform from back office operations to customer experience. From the buzzing trend of increasing mobile adoption in 2015, currently, the shift is expecting to be in the field of customer experience. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Dec 16th to Dec 23rd. Big data driven initiatives and strategies are driving the data investments in IT enterprises.

Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Dec 16th to Dec 23rd

Realizing the potential of the large chunks of structured/ unstructured data in deriving better business insights and customer behavior enterprises have incorporated Big data strategy into their IT road map a few years back itself. Connected Customer Experience Management Solutions - Happiest Minds. Consumers are increasingly adopting social technologies such as online communities and social communication channels for discerning customer service.

Connected Customer Experience Management Solutions - Happiest Minds

Although this social media upsurge is a huge opportunity to connect with more and more customers, the risk of running into poor customer experience is high and can impact customer loyalty, brand advocacy and revenues. And in the online world, it could be rather difficult to detect. Therefore, organizations need to focus on creating a brand experience through a unified channel approach with more customer connect and cross channel marketing with digital signage and multiple platform enablement. Happiest Minds enables organizations create a connected customer experience.

Through our unique consulting driven approach, we have enabled several Fortune 500 companies to focus on their core competencies, improve user experience and enhance productivity thereby plugging any revenue leakage and optimizing cost. Unified communications as a service -Happiest Minds. Rapidly evolving technologies, consumerization of IT, proliferation of smart phones and the increasing adoption of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) are simultaneously creating a host of new opportunities and challenges at workplaces.

Unified communications as a service -Happiest Minds

Unified Communications is driving a paradigm shift in communications in terms of both technology and economics. Enterprises are looking at unification of various communication tools and integration of new architecture through sophisticated and secure technological solutions over virtualized platforms. With the services tightly linked to the user, this unification provides unprecedented levels of personalization and control over the communications experience at any time, in any place and on any device. Building your enterprise communications on a Unified Communications platform increases collaboration and maximizes your business efficiency. Reduced cost of converged networks and IT management Reduced cost of travel, resulting in a lower carbonfootprint. Threat Management Solutions – Happiest Minds. Bank Goggles: From One Touch to Touch Free Banking. The retail banking sector has now entered the era of digital transformation.

Bank Goggles: From One Touch to Touch Free Banking

Advancement in digital technologies, social media, far and wide reach of mobile devices are now redefining the banking experience for all of us. The technological evolution around touch mode and mobility have enabled the anywhere anytime banking in its real sense. The number of customers who prefer to perform daily banking activities ‘on the go’ is increasing. In the flipside, banks operate in a highly competitive environment and are increasingly challenged to deliver innovative products and solutions for their increasingly demanding customer base. Providing greater customer satisfaction and increasing the brand loyalty are two major challenges banks are currently facing. Why The Digital Age Makes Customer Experience More Relevant Than Ever Before? Customer Experience (Cx) as a concept is age old. Among Peter Drucker’s famous quotes, one of my favorites is “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer”.

Companies the world over have accepted this simple truth. Some have embraced Cx concepts of Customer centricity, Customer Obsession, Customer Delight and Customer Happiness while others have paid merely lip service to the same. Just a couple of decades ago, customers had limited means of voicing their opinions and influencing the buying decisions. Industry 4.0 And IoT. Industry 4.0 has arrived. It has been an evolution over the years.

Right from steam age (1.0) to electric age (2.0) to computer age (3.0) to the present (4.0). What really defines industrial 4.0 is the Internet of Things (IoT) and related services. The developing countries like India are set to gain from this as they are the greenfield for this revolution, whereas the existing industrial giants will be a little slower to adopt it due to existing investments. The key theme of Industry 4.0 is a shift from mass production to mass customization. IOT & M2M: Simplifying the "Smart" Code. The term “Internet of Things” or IOT was coined by the British Technologist Kevin Ashton, who co-founded the Auto-ID Center at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in 1999. He mentioned the term in the context of defining a new system where the “Internet” would connect “Things” (like machines or devices or objects) in the physical world to each other using hardware, software and various network connectivity (wireless, wired of hybrid).

Machine to Machine (M2M) is considered as an integral part or a subset of IOT. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications refers to automated data transmission and measurement between mechanical or electronic devices. Theodore Paraskevakos had conceptualized M2M devices as early as 1968, while working on the Caller Identification System, by trying to combine telephony and computing. In 2008, IBM’s then CEO, Sam Palmisano, outlined IBM’s focus in building a “Smarter Planet” using 3 I – Instrumented, Interconnected and Intelligent. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup – Dec 1st to Dec 7th. Each Unique Challenge Demands a Different Strategy. Going with the norm is treading a relatively easy path.

Going against the flow brings its own set of challenges. Our Investments Are Unparalleled For An Indian IT Services Startup: Ashok Soota. The next big idea in consumer technology will be Augmented Reality. Consumers will be able to interact with virtual objects and simulate experiences. The driving force behind Augmented Reality will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will also have a major influence in the enterprise space Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies, may be a septuagenarian but talk about the business of technology and he still displays the exuberance of a youngster. In an interaction with BW CIOWorld, Soota discusses, among other things, the reasons behind Happiest Minds’ stupendous growth and his future plans.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Cyber Security. Identity and Access Management - Happiest Minds. IAM has become a critical business application for the management of the user lifecycle, auditing, regulatory compliance and delivering an enhanced user experience. Managing IAM environment in the most cost effective way is critical. IT Risk Assessment–Happiest Minds. On Demand Threat Management & Remediation Solutions As network infrastructure and threats continue to evolve, so too must the threat management security solutions to protect organizations.

Digital Transformation Consulting & Services. The three pillars of Digital Transformation Strategy: 5 Ways to Secure the Public Cloud. As cloud computing becomes more sophisticated and mainstream, the shift to the public cloud is gaining tremendous traction. With big-brand clouds (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure) fast evolving, more and more enterprises are moving away from private clouds. Big Data Services - Happiest Minds. Organizations today grapple with a multitude of data management platforms, distributed architectures and processing powers. Big Data Services & Solutions – Happiest Minds. The exponential growth in data is here to stay. Driven by proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption; the volume, velocity and variety of data that organizations need to analyse is changing rapidly. IOT & M2M : Simplifying the "Smart" Code. Building a Big Data & Analytics Practice - Part I.

Measuring ROI of Retail Analytics. Why a retailer should monitor the impact of its shopper insights initiatives. Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup. 15th Annual International Testing Conference 2015. Test Automation and Continuous Testing Summit- Bangalore. Store as Fulfillment Center: Omnichannel and the Future of Retail. Why Retailers Should Recruit a Chief Omnichannel Officer Now. Web Summit 2015: The 3 day tech event wraps up. 5 Reasons why Your Pen Test should Combine Manual and Automated Testing. Web Summit 2015: Technology and Innovation Hotspot at Dublin. Web Summit 2015: The Tech World Musings From Dublin. Key Security Tactics to Help Protect Your Business. Infographics,Info-Graphics - Happiest Minds. Our Primary Focus is Disruptive Technologies. CeBIT INDIA 2015 Event. CeBIT INDIA 2015. Disruptive Technology Round up Oct 27 v1.1. Product Engineering Services,Software Defined Networking. Choosing the best IAM Suite for your Organization: Criteria Checklist.

Top Challenges in Software Delivery. Product Engineering Services and Solutions - Happiest Minds. DevOps Solutions & Services. Happiest Minds. The Foolproof Penetration Testing Checklist. Omnichannel Retail,customer experience. Critical Success Factors for Digital Transformation Programme. Internet of Things,IoT,IoT solution. Happiest Minds’ launches mCaaS: A One Stop platform for Digital Content Brokering. The critical success factors for digital transformation programmes and how to meet them. How to harness the power of digital transformation. Happiest Minds’ launches mCaaS: A One Stop platform for Digital Content Brokering. Software Defined Data Centre - Disruptive Technology Weekly Roundup.

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Infographics. Newer Revenue Channels - It is Possible for Research and Advisory Companies. Happiest Minds Tech (@happiestminds) Infographic, Marketing and Infographics. Happiest Minds [happiestminds] on Plurk. Digital Transformation Consulting & Services. ITIL Implementation – Value addition to the IT industry. ITIL Implementation – Value addition to the IT industry. Happiest Minds Technologies. Happiest Minds CEO. Happiest Minds CEO & MD Sashi Kumar.

Success & Happiness. Happiest Minds Technologies - News, articles and cooperation. The Challenge of IoT Platforms. Analyzing big data a platform to comprehend customers Salil Godika. Access Governance – Happiest Minds. MCaaS™, Digital Asset Management Solution. Big Data Services & Solutions – Happiest Minds. Cloud Accelerators – Happiest Minds. DevOps Solutions & Services. Mobility Services – Happiest Minds. Digital Transformation. Security Solutions- Happiest Minds. Digital Transformation.


The Cheapest Way to Improve Productivity: Make Your Employees Happy. Disruptive-shopping-experience-for-high-end-fashion-retailer. Cord Initiatives. Digital Transformation - Bigdata, Cloud, Security & Mobility - Happiest Minds. Does container-as-a-service spell doom for SaaS? The Evolution and Future of the Desi InfoTech Industry. Wearable Technology Barometer. Retailers Survey Report: The Perfect Storm Of Omnichannel Makes Landfall ! What Retailers Should Do Before Investing In IoT Technology.

Data Revolution The Gold Rush of The 21st Century. How to Protect Your Data from Third-Party Breaches. Customer Experience Analytics Solution for Leading TEM. ONOS NetConf Plugin Development for leading service provider. Virtual Network Monitoring System. Recommendation engine development and deployment. Disruptive Technology.