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Ksztalt i forma = podobne rozwiazania

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Polimorf kolor rozowy. Wzorki polimorf. Jak aplikowac kolor i ksztalt. Rotterdam, NL visiting addressRAUM – Unit A01 Stadhuisplein 9-15 3012 AR Rotterdam The Netherlands.

jak aplikowac kolor i ksztalt

Ksztalt ladne kolory. Ksztalt kolor. Vrijwilligersacademie – Identity Amsterdam, NL Da Costa design teamed up with Studio Pino & Via Veneman to build the VA visual identity & brand for the Vrijwilligersacademie (a volunteer academy) in Amsterdam.

ksztalt kolor

Printed at Veenman + in Rotterdam visiting addressRAUM – Unit A01 Stadhuisplein 9-15 3012 AR Rotterdam The Netherlands agencies & clients T.+31 (0) Transparency. De Regenboog Groep – Image campaign Amsterdam, NL We were asked to propose a new image identity and graphic system to communicate for de Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam – a social organization designed to help homeless drug addiction situations in Amsterdam. visiting addressRAUM – Unit A01 Stadhuisplein 9-15 3012 AR Rotterdam The Netherlands agencies & clients T.+31 (0)


Melbourn. City of Melbourne on Behance.


Forma. Rozlana przestrzen. W przestrzeni. W przestrzeni. 3dladne kolor. Trivalent Brand Identity on Behance. Rzezba biala 3d znak. 3d a znak rzezba brelok. 3d forma bryla. Ficolo identity on Behance. 3d. BRYLA 3d. Simple structure. Samoloty. Samoloty. Scanart. Liniowo. GEOMETRIA. The Floating Eye is the curatorial concept for the Sydney Pavilion in the Shanghai Bienale, the largest international art event in mainland China, expected to attract over 8 million visitors.


Curated by 4A’s Director, Aaron Seeto, concept presents new and existing works from six contemporary Australian artists, Brook Andrew, Shaun Gladwell, Raquel Ormella, Khaled Sabsabi, Shen Shaomin and Bababa International. In a location like Sydney, Australia’s oldest settler city, with its Aboriginal history, colonisation, waves of mass migration, shifting economic bases and trade, awareness of the natural environment, natural disasters there is no single narrative and straightforward representative space of its history. Sydney’s geography between Asia and the West results in the constant overlaying of different historical and cultural contexts.

Sacc. Kreski. Ksztalty. Ziemia linia plama miara. LIO on Behance. LIO on Behance. Ksztalt i forma = podobne rozwiazania. Forma identyfikacja. Inne sytuacje ksztalty. Bryly podobne/transparency. This project is branding of the second edition of the International Theatre Festival Different Situations.

bryly podobne/transparency

The layout is very minimalist, both in terms of graphic and formal means, as well as colour scheme practically reduced to black and white. Both of the colours are synonyms of the light and the shadow, which build an alternative, minimalistic theatrical area for a performance. The conscious elimination of colour promotes concentration on the most significant things. By means of these two visibly contradictory and contrasting values the simplicity of the project was additionally improved.

The simplicity of form and colour corresponds with the assumption of the event, which was to present theatre as an art based of pure and simple presence of an actor, deprecating unnecessary splendour of spectacular effects. Kontakt. Video ksztalt i ruch znaku. Vrijwilligersacadamie – 5 short films Amsterdam, NL Thanks to the EYVA European grant, Da Costa design teamed up with Studio Pino to produce 5 short films and original music for the Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam.

video ksztalt i ruch znaku

These films were directed by Jaap Hermans from Sik Bits in Amsterdam. visiting addressRAUM – Unit A01 Stadhuisplein 9-15 3012 AR Rotterdam The Netherlands agencies & clients T.+31 (0) Processing. is a campaign site that promotes a Sundance Channel original show called ‘Rectify’.


The concept of the site was to create a social network that dynamically writes a narrative that parallels the experiences of Rectify’s main character Daniel Holden. Through this fictional social network, we give people an impactful first person experience of being wrongly accused of murder, spending 20 years in jail, losing most of their friends, and having to re-adjust to a whole new world. Throughout this experience we introduce visitors to characters, plot lines, background history, and visuals of the show. The site uses Facebook’s connect api to analyze a person’s friends, likes, and basic interactions ( like who comments most on your feed ) to determine what friends may stick around and who may disown you. After compiling this data, we create a unique storyline that can change on each visit.

Video animacja lini formy.