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Digital Marketing is an entirely new concept for many. If you are skeptical about what it truly means, and how it works, you will learn about its definition

Hansikar Technologies. The evolution of SEO has influenced every aspect of online marketing all around the world.

Hansikar Technologies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of receiving organic and natural traffic from the search engine. Search Engine Optimization helps in ranking the website on the top of Google search results, making the website more visible and accessible by internet users. SEO Service in Nepal is the growing trend of digital marketing in Nepal with already showing its impact on every online sector business. SEO Service is gaining its potential gradually in almost every business of Nepal that wants to grow digitally. “No website can stand without a strong backbone. You are lagging in your business if you are missing the service of SEO. That is what happens to those websites which are not in the list of the page of Google Search result; they are almost non-existent. Even though you have a dashing, attractive website design but if it lacks SEO, then it is as dead as the person above the image.

SEO Periodic Table: Enhance Your Website Ranking. Google is what people open to search you, and the website is where they land to know you.

SEO Periodic Table: Enhance Your Website Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful digital marketing technique that maximizes the number of visitors to your site. Over the years, Google has gone through many updates to elevate the users’ experience and uses several factors to satisfy its users. SEO has improved strategically to catch up with Google’s updates. To help the SEO community with their work, SEO periodic table was first introduced in 2011 and has been changed a few times till now. How Do Social Media Platforms Impact SEO? - Hansikar Technologies. Social media platforms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two substantial aspects of digital marketing.

How Do Social Media Platforms Impact SEO? - Hansikar Technologies

To some extent, social media can power SEO but can’t relay completely to improve ranking. As AJ Kohn says, “It’s not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result of that activity.” Let’s say you wrote content and it got shared in social media. Your content has reached many people, and it gets lots of views. The content that gets a lot of views has a chance of improving viewers’ engagement and more likely to get linked by other websites. The backlinks that you get from those websites are the cause of improving your rank. It’s not about how many times your content gets shared in social media, but you should concentrate on how your shared content is performing in social media. With this brief scenario of social media effect on SEO, let’s discuss what you can do to strengthen the performance of your content on social media.

9 Ways Email Marketing can Boost SEO - Hansikar Technologies. Email marketing and SEO is the best digital marketing combination that can boost visibility.

9 Ways Email Marketing can Boost SEO - Hansikar Technologies

Though Google doesn’t claw through individual emails so having an excellent number of subscribers won’t make any difference in ranking. But you can turn email marketing in your favour to improve your visibility. When there are so many new digital marketing strategies in the market, email is still in the trend. Marketers are actively performing email marketing as this is the best method to engage audiences and bring traffic to the website in a way that no other marketing platform allows. Keeping these things in mind, let’s discuss how email marketing can boost SEO. 9 ways email marketing can boost SEO 1.

The search engine keeps a record of time visitors spend on your webpage and the visitors who immediately leave your site without reading any content. Lower the bounce rate, better your search engine ranking. 5 Reasons Why Local SEO is Crucial for Business - Hansikar Technologies. Are you thinking of the ways to be found by the local customers?

5 Reasons Why Local SEO is Crucial for Business - Hansikar Technologies

Then local SEO can help you promote your business locally. Aren’t you just looking for business promotion? Do you want to earn revenue as well? Can SEO Benefit Every Business. SEO Strategies: How to Rank No. #1 on Google? - Hansikar Technologies. Launching your business website on the internet is just a first step, and the next is all about applying SEO strategies to earn the first position in Google.

SEO Strategies: How to Rank No. #1 on Google? - Hansikar Technologies

Ranking in Google was not hard in past years, but it’s been quite difficult with the algorithm updates. The intent of the updates has always been to enhance the users’ experience by displaying the relevant search result. According to the Zero Limit Web, the first five organic searches get 67.60% of all clicks, which is why ranking is very crucial. Google always brings big and tiny changes in its algorithm, which may work in favor of your website or work against you. Here’re a few major algorithm changes that Google introduced, which has an impact on the ranking. 2012- Penguin: Detects sites that are using irrelevant links to get a higher position. With all the majors and minor Google algorithm updates, ranking your web pages has definitely been difficult.

SEO strategies to boost your Google ranking 1. Title tag Image Alt Tag. What is PPC? 5 Benefit of PPC advertising - Pay Per Click.