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Hansikar Technologies is renowned as the exceptional SEO experts in Nepal; enhancing and optimizing business sites from SEO point of view.

SEO Strategies. SEO Strategies: How to Rank No. #1 on Google? - Hansikar Technologies. Launching your business website on the internet is just a first step, and the next is all about applying SEO strategies to earn the first position in Google.

SEO Strategies: How to Rank No. #1 on Google? - Hansikar Technologies

Ranking in Google was not hard in past years, but it’s been quite difficult with the algorithm updates. The intent of the updates has always been to enhance the users’ experience by displaying the relevant search result. According to the Zero Limit Web, the first five organic searches get 67.60% of all clicks, which is why ranking is very crucial. Google always brings big and tiny changes in its algorithm, which may work in favor of your website or work against you. Here’re a few major algorithm changes that Google introduced, which has an impact on the ranking. 2012- Penguin: Detects sites that are using irrelevant links to get a higher position.

With all the majors and minor Google algorithm updates, ranking your web pages has definitely been difficult. SEO strategies to boost your Google ranking 1. Title tag Image Alt Tag 2. 3. How to Promote Content Effectively? - Hansikar Technologies. No doubt you have good content that deserves mass attention but unfortunately, your content has not reached many people.

How to Promote Content Effectively? - Hansikar Technologies

With enormous competition in the digital market, just having content is surely not enough. There are thousands of content similar to yours on the internet. How to outstand all of those contents? – is the challenging question. A content strategy should have a plan to promote your content so that the right people can get their benefits. In fact, if you’re able to figure out the right time to publish the content, you’ll get the result as expected. Tips to promote your content effectively A successful content promotional plan is that which talks about the interest of your ideal audiences and has got most of the eyes.

Here is how you can create a promotional plan, 1. Hansikar Technologies. You are hurting your business if your website is not ranked on the first page of search engines.

Hansikar Technologies

Your business becomes almost invisible on the internet without proper SEO of your website. Have you ever browsed the second page of Google to find the perfect answer to your queries? Very rarely right, so most of the people never bother to go to the second page of Google, and let’s assume your website lies of the second page or beyond, will any of your potential customers will be able to find you? For instance, let’s say you own a hotel in Pokhara, to get guests from the internet you will need to rank on the first page when people for “hotels in Pokhara” on google. If your website was on the top, the possibility of clicking would have increased and the possibility for you getting a guest would have increased. In this article, we will discuss the opportunities that businesses can gain grab with the help of SEO experts in Nepal and grow their business with the help of SEO.

Why SEO for Websites? What is PPC and How does it work? - Hansikar Technologies. What is PPC?

What is PPC and How does it work? - Hansikar Technologies

And How does it work for you? You might be wondering how you can be benefitted from PPC marketing. If you are not aware of PPC marketing, you are out of the competition in digital marketing. Here are the basics of PPC and types of PPC marketing. What is PPC? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Benefits of PPC Marketing It’s a type of digital marketing to reach the audiences.

Increase Website Traffic Pay Per Click improves website traffic. 8 Digital Marketing Tool You Should Use To Promote Your Business. Digital Marketing Tool is the technique, material, and strategie that companies use to accumulate consumer data, boost sales, or apply several tactics to engage customers.

8 Digital Marketing Tool You Should Use To Promote Your Business

There are so many options and strategies associated with digital marketing, where you can get creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics by remaining within your budget limit. Applying digital marketing tools, you can use analytics dashboards to monitor the performance of your campaigns, flourish an interactive relationship with consumers and gather significant and track their behavior patterns and create a strong foundation of your business. Digital Marketing tools can be of many types and have a definite purpose. They are mostly used for the following purpose: Conduct SurveysGenerate LeadsCollect consumer-related DataCreate Customer LoyaltyAutomate daily time-consuming tasksMonitor performance of Ad CampaignsImprove Conversion RatioBuild a Company Reputation Digitals Marketing Tools HubSpot Marketing.