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12 Ways to Refresh Employee Engagement. Employee engagement has been circling the world of work for a quarter of a century.

12 Ways to Refresh Employee Engagement

It received increased attention as we entered the new millennium and it remains a key item on the agenda of many organizations. Yet, for all the time and attention, many organizations have failed to see significant increases in employee engagement. Has your organization’s level of employee engagement flat lined? Why pd matters web. CPD – Now it’s personal… Last year, I was fortunate enough to work with science teacher Bex Owen – helping her to reflect on and plan her own CPD.

CPD – Now it’s personal…

Bex discussed this at 15 minute forum earlier in the year – you can read about it here. This confirmed to me that CPD is a very personal thing – different people want different things, depending on the very specific area of their practice they are looking to develop. It’s for this reason that we should try to provide a wide range of optional and different CPD opportunities for teachers (read more about this here) – and wherever possible, ensure that these are within the context of their own subject. These activities should also be easily accessible for teachers. Learning, development, change. A few days after Paris Terrorist attacks, I’m in the pub with some friends and colleagues and I’m in conversation with someone about the attacks.

learning, development, change

Her response was very much aligned to mine, a sense of: more love/ less aggression = good response to the situation. Control, vengeance, fear = long-term scary response to the situation. We were blown away by the bravery the courage and the solidarity we saw. Making CPD Count: Notes from Mastering the Dragon. Barriers to Effective CPD. This is a slide from the presentation I gave at the SWAT Conference in Poole – the full slides are embedded in this post.

Barriers to Effective CPD

However, without a commentary, the presentation is not entirely self-explanatory so someone asked me to flesh this bit out. My talk was about setting up an effective CPD culture. In one section I ran through some of the barriers that I’ve encountered in various contexts: Time: too ad hoc, too inflexible, insufficient. RSA Essays: Licensed to Create? Incentives for improving teacher quality. Today, the RSA has published a collection of 10 essays on the theme of improving teacher quality and the concept of licensing.

RSA Essays: Licensed to Create? Incentives for improving teacher quality.

This has been, in part, stimulated by Tristram Hunt’s policy proposals. I was delighted to have been invited to contribute an essay and I have included mine in full below. Interestingly, the content of these essays echoes much of the material that we discussed at the Sutton-Gates Washington Summit, which is encouraging. The full report can be accessed via the RSA website alongside a new animation created to accompany the report. HGS CPD. Festival of Learning Part 2: The Ideas Marketplace. Built-in CPD. Our new model.

This is the cover of our newly published CPD booklet that sets out our master plan for next year.

Built-in CPD. Our new model.

‘Continuing’ has somehow morphed into ‘Continual’ which I rather like! I’m thrilled that, after some consultation with parents, governors have approved our new built-in CPD approach. This follows the model used at John Tomsett’s Huntington School in York where, every fortnight, school finishes an hour early and staff have a two-hour CPD session. On that day, all the lessons are 10 minutes shorter, registration and lunch are 5 minutes shorter, so we create an hour spare whilst giving students their normal structure. The #5MinCPDPlan. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and in particular, INSET Days can vary from the sublime, to the downright awful, and often falls somewhere in-between.

The #5MinCPDPlan

The “staff costs” for an INSET day in a primary school can easily be £2,000 (10 teachers x £200) and for secondary schools may be as high as £20,000 (100 teachers x £200). Given these “hidden costs” for getting all the staff together, you don’t want to waste this opportunity; it’s too costly. A well planned INSET day can really help bring staff together, move their professional learning on, and have a huge benefit for your students.

CPD Needs Analysis for Every Teacher. Last week, as part of our on-going staff development programme, I asked teachers to complete a Self-Review against the Teaching Standards.

CPD Needs Analysis for Every Teacher

The intended outcome was to generate a Needs Analysis for appraisal and CPD. This was completed using Blue Sky software. After some earlier training sessions on Let’s Talk About Teaching and Power to The People, then Brilliant Behaviour and two or three other CPD sessions on assessment, this self-directed training opportunity asked all staff to review their own professional practice. Shadowing Leadership for CPD. This is a blog about developing middle leaders to become future senior leaders.

Shadowing Leadership for CPD

Context: Sharing Best Practice with CPD Loyalty. How do you reward staff for going above and beyond?

Sharing Best Practice with CPD Loyalty

This week, we launched our staff CPD Loyalty Card (Continued Professional Development); a mechanism for sharing best practice and being rewarded for doing so. In this post, I share how it all works. Under Development: Over the past term we have been developing a mechanism for staff to be rewarded for going above and beyond, but to also reward staff for the additional work they put in already. CPD Menu.

Making the Most of Meetings. A Grand Day Out. Learning about CPD. Going beyond CPD to develop outstanding teaching and learning. Click here to view the full publication (5 pages) This publication ‘moves the discussion from the importance of effective CPD for individual teachers (building human capital) to the importance of collaboration (building social capital).’ This is something that intrigues me as I can see the value in each but the immense power of collaboration, especially through creative problem solving that can come about as a result of action learning sets or design thinking approaches cannot be underestimated for empowering colleagues and igniting change. ‘… simply laying on more courses is not enough.

Above all, professional development needs to be integrated into both an individual teachers’ career and school system changes.’ (OECD, 2011) Culture Is Not the Culprit. Pass It On CPD is AoC Beacon Award winning. Reading College has been announced as a Beacon Award winner for a scheme which encourages staff to undertake professional development. The prestigious Beacon Award for Staff Development in Further Education is sponsored by City & Guilds and it was given to Reading College for its ‘Pass It On’ scheme, which allows staff to learn through web-based technology as well as a range of other options including bitesize breakfast sessions, Bravery in Teaching fortnights and digital magazines. The award judges were impressed by the impact this work had on improving the performance of students as well as staff.

The Awards are given by the Association of Colleges, the membership organisation for further education colleges, to colleges which demonstrate excellent teaching and innovative thinking in the further education sector when it comes to creating positive opportunities for both staff and students. Pass It On is a bottom-up approach to CPD, built upon the foundations of ‘share, learn and inspire’. What is Pass It On? Is success in the eye of the beholder or an inner feeling? Tiziano Gérard might be the greatest chef you’ve never heard of. Brilliant teaching and training in FE and skills A guide to effective CPD for teachers, trainers and leaders – Hannah Tyreman. Read the full report by clicking here ‘Brilliant teaching & training does not happen by accident,’ is the opening line of this report.