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Customised Cardboard Boxes. Our custom made boxes have guaranteed strength and durability.

Customised Cardboard Boxes

They are made from a combination of pure and recycled material, but can be made from 100% recycled material on request. Our custom packaging solutions come in various forms depending on the products you intend to pack and, of course, your market. If your parcels are to be sent by mail, a sturdy custom packing box or carton is a must. A wide range of corrugated or solid boards are available for custom-made boxes, and we can print on them your logo or artwork, in any size, with eye-catching print quality. Whether it's a stunning image or basic logo, our digital printing technology will make your boxes stand out. Fast fashion: The choice to air freight, or wait. As its name suggests, the lifeblood of the fast fashion industry is, largely, speed to market - meaning that in many cases, traditional, weeks-long methods of shipping garments via sea or truck are no longer making the grade.

Fast fashion: The choice to air freight, or wait

Fast fashion brands such as (H&M, Zara, Forever 21 and Topshop rely on the air cargo industry to ship products quickly to stores around the world, according to a spokesperson from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Air deliveries can mean clothing often arrives in top condition since air freight can provide humidity control and dust protection.

It also allows for accurate and flexible allocations of inventory and the ability to source and sell globally with no time constraints, particularly useful for online sales. However, while shipping garments by air allows brands to renew their collections almost every week, demand is limited by cost. Brands should also consider the proximity of a warehouse to retail stores when deciding on transportation modes. Tailor Shop – Flocus Pro.