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Meet Menagerie: The unique Airstream beauty shop. The Airstream trailer storefront you see in this photo is home to some of Portland's most superior skincare, makeup, and hand made goods.

Meet Menagerie: The unique Airstream beauty shop

Meet: Menagerie. Truly encompassing the remarkable culture Portland has to offer, Menagerie also offers high-quality, chemical-free products from the best in small business. You won't find greenwashing here. Owner Casey Shagena works exclusively with small companies who create products that are good for the body and environment. It's because of this that Menagerie is able to add new items often, let small shops test products in the store, and respond to what customers love. Menagerie has been open since September 2014 at Tidbit Food, Farm & Garden.

Follain in the South End Offers Healthy, Wholesome Skincare Products. Amazing spaces and luxury floating homes: this barge has a roof-top terrace. You can have one too, for £150,000. In tonight's episode of Amazing Spaces on C4 architect George Clarke gets a taste for life on the water as he takes a tour of a shipping container transformed into a floating home, discovers a cutting-edge wraparound glass house near Canary Wharf in London's Docklands, and travels to Denmark - a nation responsible for some of the most ingenious floating homes in Europe.

Amazing spaces and luxury floating homes: this barge has a roof-top terrace. You can have one too, for £150,000

In London, meanwhile, design entrepreneur Lee Thornley, 34, has custom-built an urban barge with lots of insulation, underfloor heating, solar windows and log-burning stoves. George Clarke's Amazing Spaces: a floating home made from shipping container puts houseboat living in the spotlight. Eco-designer Max McMurdo sold his house and used the £50,000 profit to build a floating home in a 40ft shipping container.

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces: a floating home made from shipping container puts houseboat living in the spotlight

His journey is featured in new series Amazing Spaces: Floating Homes on Channel 4. During the show, while Clarke follows McMurdo's progress, he gets a taste for the lifestyle, visiting a cutting-edge wraparound glass house near Canary Wharf in London's Docklands, and travelling to Denmark, a nation responsible for some of the most ingenious floating homes in Europe. But what is life on the water in London really like?

The Thames follows a 42-mile route through central London, while the city’s waterways cover more of the capital than the congestion charge zone. Estudio Beldarrain extends Spanish library with railway sleepers. Railway sleepers form the walls of this extension to a library in Azkoitia, Spain, which is located at the town's former railway station.

Estudio Beldarrain extends Spanish library with railway sleepers

Designed by Spanish studio Estudio Beldarrain, the Aizkibel Library extension adjoins the old station building, which had already been converted into a library but was in need of more space. The disused railway track had been cleared away from the site, leaving the old building out of context. Re Rag Rug by Studio Brieditis & Evans. Re Rag Rug started as an experimental design project which explores the social and ecological sustainability of the rug.

Re Rag Rug by Studio Brieditis & Evans

During 12 months we developed 12 unique rugs in 12 different textile techniques. The material is waste and excess from the textile industry and old clothes - fabric that would otherwise be discarded. By using different types of rags in combination with a variety of sewing, platting, crocheting, knitting, macramé, rolling, cutting, applique, embroidery, structure- and relief effects, three dimensionality, colour- and dyeing techniques, but also experimenting with scales, the we have created 12 new qualities and expressions of rugs. Ilaria Bianchi — Cast-Away Urban. An Interview with...Donna Fenn from Remade in Britain - Make Do And Mend. Today, we are catching up with Donna Fenn, champion of the upcycling community, and founder of Remade in Britain!

An Interview with...Donna Fenn from Remade in Britain - Make Do And Mend

Hi Donna! Thanks so much for talking to us. Launch of first upcycling website converts waste to designer goods. Founded by Harrogate resident, Donna Fenn and now based in Knaresborough, the UK’s first retail website dedicated to the rapidly expanding consumer trend of upcycling has been launched.

Launch of first upcycling website converts waste to designer goods

Remade in Britain ( is the first dedicated retail platform for businesses repurposing some of the 280m tonnes of waste produced each year in the UK and launches with over 300 upcycling retailers registered spanning furniture, interiors, lighting, clothing, jewellery and accessories. It aims to grow its list of retailers to more than 1,000 in the next twelve to eighteen months alone. The term ‘upcycling’ was coined in Germany in the early nineties and refers to the reusing of discarded items or materials into items of higher quality and value, rather than recycling which involves breaking down items to create something entirely new. Max creates a number of bespoke furniture items including a V8 engine coffee table, bath tub chair and baby grand piano shelving unit. Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Forecast.

MAGIC Market Week Every year and sometimes twice a year I travel to Las Vegas for Magic Market Week.

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends Forecast

I get a glimpse of what’s in store for the upcoming fashion season. I also visit the trends booths to see a forecast of fashion trends for the following year. In February’s MAGIC, we get to see the Spring 2016 fashion trends. Fashion Snoops gives fashion designers and department stores year trends forecast for preparation. Spring 2016 Fashion Trends The trends booths at Magic Market Week display large boards that present colors, materials, outfit examples, trends explanation, and other media elements. There is a total of four Spring 2016 fashion trends, and each spring 2016 fashion trend is explained below. Spring 2016 Fashion Trend- Gen-u. Pure Waste Textiles - Sustainable Fashion Evolution - Nordic Style Magazine.

Sustainability is more than just avoiding waste, it is about creating from it, this is the premise behind Pure Waste Textiles a young Green Company from Helsinki, Finland founded in 2013.

Pure Waste Textiles - Sustainable Fashion Evolution - Nordic Style Magazine

Pure Waste creates its fabrics in its own factory recently opened in India and they are at the forefront of the Sustainable Evolution as they produce textiles out of 100% recycled materials, yes over 100,000 products made of 100% recycled materials up to date. Pure Waste Textiles is building environmentally-conscious clothing brand. It is refreshing to be able to write time to time about startups that are dedicated to a greater cause, such as helping to save the environment.

Pure Waste Textiles is building environmentally-conscious clothing brand

And that is exactly what Finnish startup Pure Waste Textiles, founded in 2013, is attempting to do. As the name suggests, Pure Waste Textiles launched with the goal of creating clothing material out of what would have been considered garbage. Their focus is on a pair of products, denim and yarn, 100% recycled and un-dyed material used to create clothing. Pure Waste has opted for a pretty simple clothing line, selling t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts that are designed for men and women and come in plain white (although they include some colored threads, so it is not completely boring), grey, or black. In keeping with their environmentally-conscious brand, each item includes a tag that indicates how much water was saved during the process of creating that product.

National Trust: 12,500 more coastal properties at risk from flooding and erosion. In a new report published on Thursday, The National Trust calls for urgent action to protect the coastline saying that some towns should be ‘defended to the hilt.’ But it warned that it would be a ‘travesty’ to surround England in a ring of concrete just to preserve the country’s borders and said some communities will not be saved. Instead, it suggests taking a more natural approach, allowing managed retreat, and moving threatened villages further inland. Ilfracombe in Devon Photo: Paul Grover/Telegraph Phil Dyke, Coastal Marine Advisor at the Trust said: “We're still putting new developments at the coast despite guidance that warns not to do that.

“We have tried to fix a line at the coast, but the coast is constantly changing. The Next Big Interior Décor Trends to Watch. Trend Forecast: Spring/Summer 2016 – Design News & Style – James Dunlop Textiles. This year we took part in the premier New Zealand design event - Urbis Design Day. We worked with global trend forecaster, WGSN presenting a visual interpretation of design trends for Spring/Summer 2016.

During the event, Lyndal Wallis from WGSN presented these trends to guide your design direction with inspiration and the most up-to-date market insights. The Top Design Trends For 2016 - The Ace Of Space Blog. Trend Forecast - Visual Merchandising - Amy Davidson. Industrial chic furniture made from reclaimed wood scaffolding & steel. Have you ever wondered what happens to the wood used in scaffolding once it's reached the end of its life? For Manchester-based interior design consultancy and furniture maker Inspirit, old planks and old pipes are the raw materials for creating sleek, industrial style furnishings that are both eco-friendly and chic.

Carla Muncaster is the interior designer who owns and operates Inspirit, who started by offering "re-design" services for clients looking to change their interiors or sell their homes. But Inspirit also makes customized furniture for both town and country types. © Inspirit © Inspirit. Improvement in recycling rate slows, fuelling fears UK could miss EU target - 07 Aug 2015. DMAA's Casa Invisibile is a portable house clad in mirrors. The mirrored surfaces of this modular housing unit in Slovenia, by Austrian studio Delugan Meissl, help it to blend in with the surrounding countryside (+ slideshow). Casa Invisibile is a prototypal dwelling developed by Delugan Meissl to confront issues in the modern housing market including soaring prices and the availability of appealing plots. "Casa Invisibile is a product that offers a groundbreaking alternative in an increasingly critical housing situation," said the architects in a statement, adding that the portability of the units and their intelligent use of materials provide an affordable and portable alternative to the "cost intensive and bureaucratic construction of a conventional house.

" Two prototypes produced by the studio and installed in Slovenia have dimensions of 14.5 metres by 3.5 metres, making it possible to transport them to the site direct from the factory on a lorry. Barberio Colella ARC unveils earthquake-relief housing that pops up in “just a minute” Just a Minute disaster relief housing by Barberio Colella ARC. Giant gasholder is reborn as a stunning circular park in London. Furniture, Interiors & Fit-Out. Half of all tree species in Amazon 'face extinction' Image copyright William Milliken-RBG Kew. Earth's trees number 'three trillion' Phones need 'bed mode' to protect sleep. Image copyright Thinkstock. New Banksy pokes fun at social media. Facebook makes you stressed and miserable, study shows. Considering it was built to bring people together, social media has been getting a lot of shit recently.

Google Effect: is technology making us stupid? - Features - Gadgets and Tech. "Is the internet making us stupid? " Country Living Modern Rustic Issue Four - On sale now. Topshop Reclaim: The Lowdown - Topshop Blog. Style. Reclaim to Wear - Topshop upcycling range. Interiors: why upcycling is having its moment. Prototypal Ghanaian home made from recycled materials. Graduate shows 2015: this student-designed house in Ghana pairs rammed-earth walls with translucent screens made from used water packaging, demonstrating how traditional construction can be combined with recycling (+ slideshow).

Shredded Ikea catalogues used to stuff Küss cushions. Electronic waste worth £34bn piling up in 'toxic mine', warns UN report - World Politics. KaCaMa crafts colorful zero-waste stools from recycled fans and salvaged wood. Little Acts of Kindness, Upcycled Wood Designs With Heart. Why You Should Celebrate Life & Connect with Friends. Emma's Upcycled Cottage. National Recycling Week 2015: How to Get Involved - Recycled Interiors. Virtually disconnected. Urban Cultivator Indoor Garden. Connecting With Nature Boosts Creativity and Health. Binh Thanh House by Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa.

Skylodge adventure suites suspended 400 feet above ground. Human Habitat’s Flatpack hydroponic garden delivers 538-square-feet of fresh food to cities. Rustic Sanctum concert hall pops up in a bombed-out Bristol church. Outdoor living classroom constantly evolves to bring children closer to nature. Prefab Cabins - Ecocapsule - Busyboo. Beautiful Interiors, Modern Cabins - Chalet Forestier - Busyboo. Prefab Homes - The Kensington Residence - Busyboo.

Muji launches trio of minimal cabins for city escapees. Mirrored cabin in Scottish glen by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler. Modern Architecture - Grow Up Miniature Architecture - Busyboo. Lighting - Ka Wood Lamp M - Busyboo. The UK's Wood Awards winners demonstrate the beauty and sustainability of wood. Have You Ever Wanted to Escape Society and Live Alone in Nature? - Tiny House Living. Antony Gibbon's Inhabit Treehouse Lets You Sleep High Up in the Trees. The Calming Power of Nature. Nature and Calm: Studies That Back Up The Idea. This wooden sauna steps over the Norwegian landscape. The Rooms Festival, Bristol. 10 unusual and beautiful public libraries. Heal’s new stylish cafe. Reusing and recycling waste materials could create 200,000 jobs. In Defence of Dismaland: The Value of Banksy's Dystopian Nightmare. Street artist Banksy's 'Dismaland' is 'escape from mindless escapism'

Digital detox: Could this jewellery give you your life back? Aussie model furious at lack of likes on Instagram photo. Iggy Azalea Quits Social Media, Wendy Williams Calls Out the Rapper's 'Haters' Ed Sheeran Is Taking A Break From Music To Go ‘Off Into The Wilderness’ Taylor Swift reveals she's going to take a break from music following 1989 tour. Sam Smith is taking a break from music. Essena O'Neill vows to give up social media FOREVER because ‘it’s not real life’