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Hello, I am technical writer, at Maxtra Technologies, who writes on mobile technology, app development, web app design & development and digital marketing.

Looking For Best MLM Software Solutions Provider - Neon. Multi Level Marketing Software Company. Discover 6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2019 PowerPoint Presentation - ID:8086592. Discover 6 Technology Trends To Watch For 2019 by Maxtra Technologies. Top 10 IoT Trends for 2019. The IoT will continue to deliver new opportunities for digital business innovation for the next decade, many of which will be enabled by new or improved technologies. Gartner shortlisted the 10 most strategic IoT technologies and trends that will enable new revenue streams and business models, as well as new experiences and relationships.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Social, Legal and Ethical IoT, Infonomics and Data Broking, The Shift from Intelligent Edge to Intelligent Mesh, IoT Governance, Trusted Hardware and Operating System, Novel IoT User Experiences, Silicon Chip Innovation, New Wireless Networking Technologies for IoT will dominate the IoT space in 2019. Gartner forecasts that 14.2 billion connected things will be in use in 2019 and that the total will reach 25 billion by 2021, producing an immense volume of data. “Data is the fuel that powers the IoT and the organization’s ability to derive meaning from it will define their long-term success,” said Mr. Jones. IoT Governance. Is the iPad the Future of the Gaming Platform?

Top Mobile App Developers in South Africa. Best Mobile App Development Company South Africa. Looking For Professional Web Developer In Johannesburg - Maxtra. 7 Mobile App Development Trends In 2019. Hire Best Mobile App Developer In Durban - Maxtra Technologies. Looking For Mobile App Developer In Cape Town - Maxtra. 5 Main Google Algorithm Changes In 2018. Looking For Professional eCommerce Solution Provider - Maxtra Technologies.

Digital Marketing Has A New Hot Trend (And You Probably Won’t Like It) ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog. A new marketing trend is being developed in front of our eyes.

Digital Marketing Has A New Hot Trend (And You Probably Won’t Like It) ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog

I’m sure that some of you already noticed it and even got upset with it. But maybe you didn’t take the time to really analyze what’s going on, so that’s what we’re doing today. The trend I’m talking about wasn’t named yet, but I would safely suggest that we call it the term ‘frustration’ in Digital Marketing aka frustration marketing. And I do so for a simple reason: in one way or another, this trend ends up getting users just… frustrated.

There are two types of frustration marketing: conversion and clickbait. . # Click here – or you will be the guy who doesn’t want more website traffic When this pop-up popped up, I was given two options: or I click on the “Yes” button and download the guide or I click on the “No” button and don’t download the guide. From a UX point of view, the pop-up leaved me without options – any action I would take would correspond to my intentions and expectations when navigating the website. What is cloud computing? All you need to know about the cloud, explained. Cloud Computing, or “Cloud Computing”, took center stage during much of 2010 and many analysts predict that 2020 would be the year of the “Cloud”.

What is cloud computing? All you need to know about the cloud, explained

But do we always know what is behind such terms as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, virtualization or multi-tenant, but especially how do they articulate? This is what we will present through this article which will begin with a brief history to progressively discover the opportunities offered by Cloud Computing. Back On A Recent Past To better understand Cloud Computing, it seems appropriate to take a look at the past. Although the historical players are from the world of the Internet (Amazon,, Google …), Cloud Computing is a continuation of a breakthrough initiated in the 80s. consider as the modern version of the client / server architectures associated with the ASP model (Application Service Provider) aiming at outsourcing IT in the late 90s.

5 Predictions for Ecommerce Trends in 2019 - Download - 4shared - Maxtra Technologies. 10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Every Digital Marketers PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7911233. Using Email Marketing to Automate Your Business and Save Time – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. Now that you know the power of email marketing to double your sales and boost your profits easily, the next step is to put everything on autopilot to automate your business.

Using Email Marketing to Automate Your Business and Save Time – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips

This means, after you automate your email marketing, you can just sit and watch as your emails are sent and your sales come in. Meantime you can work on other profitable projects and grow your profits even more. Isn’t it amazing what automation can do for you? To automate your email marketing, you need to have a software or service that help you manage everything in one place. This type of solution is called Autoresponders. Custom Mobile Application (App) Development Company. What Android app most attracts mobile developers? – Maxtra Technologies. In recent years various technologies have emerged in the market across the globe that are beneficial to mankind.

What Android app most attracts mobile developers? – Maxtra Technologies

Android Smartphone is one of these very popular technologies. Android is an open source platform specially designed for mobile applications. Google has developed this Android framework platform for designing various mobile applications. Android is a user attractive application and the most popular OS among all mobile companies. Android is a free operating system, therefore its application building cost is affordable.

Benefits of Android application development: Android is an open source platform which allows various long term benefits to its users and Smartphone development companies. Discover 5 Trends Set By Social Media ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog. The advent of social media has scattered the cards on the table and has triggered a series of unexpected changes.

Discover 5 Trends Set By Social Media ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog

In everyday life, in relationships but also - and perhaps above all - in marketing. In particular, 5 trends have emerged that are changing the face of Marketing. Here are what they are. 1. The rule of 1-5-15. 2. How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign – Maxtra Technologies. Marketing is a process by which organizations or companies try to create a relationship with clients in regard to their products and/or services.

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign – Maxtra Technologies

There are various ways in which this can be achieved including email marketing which therefore leads to the big question, how to email marketing? Email marketing is a process whereby companies create relationships with their clients or prospective clients by use of emails and this can be achieved through the following steps:- The Top 5 Reasons Why Your App Is Not Selling – Design Blog. 5 Golden Rules for Effective Website Navigation ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog. If you’ve ever been on a website and had a frustrating time trying to find what you were looking for, getting lost on a site and ending up totally confused then you’ll really appreciate what I’m talking about in this article.

5 Golden Rules for Effective Website Navigation ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog

Make your navigation simple to follow Poor navigation and websites that have been put together without a plan are two of the most common mistakes I constantly see many web designers make. What I’ve listed below are 5 golden rules for setting up a website’s navigation, improving the visitors experience and overcoming these mistakes. Golden Rule # 1 Always model the website’s navigation with the individual visitor in mind.

How a Mobile App Can Increase Your Revenue – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. It’s clear that mobile app development is a hot topic for businesses today, but what about your business in particular?

How a Mobile App Can Increase Your Revenue – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips

Could a branded app really increase your revenue? Consider some of the things that an app can do for your business. Attract a Younger Generation The current generation of customers is growing up looking at the screen of a mobile device. If you want to capture their attention (and more importantly, their business), it has to be on their terms. 7 "Must-have" App Promotion And Marketing Strategies. Android Or iOS: Which Platform Is Better? Android and iOS are mostly used in smartphones.

Android Or iOS: Which Platform Is Better?

According to latest statistics, Android dominates iOS by occupying 86.2% market share worldwide while iOS takes up 12.9%. This doesn’t imply major downfall of Apple. Well, you might have got a question as to how Apple survives even with low market share. The simple and effective answer would be pricing. The price of iPhone is probably five times more when compared to any mid-range Android mobiles. iPhones are faster, slim, stylish and secured. Project Analysis: Business success depends upon its audience. Complexity: Mobile app developers do face this issue every time whenever they try to build an application. iPhone App Development: iPhone app developers are more affluent than Android app developers, and they earn around 40% more than Android users. iPhone users spend more on mobile apps or paid mobile apps. iPhone is often popular in the younger generation these days.

Revenue Generation: Maintenance and Result: 10 Top SEO Trends For 2018. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

10 Top SEO Trends For 2018

Include... Search Results No terms available. 7 Must Have Tools For Web Developers. How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads For Advertising? ~ Maxtra Technologies Blog. You, probably, have already done advertisement for Facebook fan page and now, you are having inklings to put up an ad on Facebook. Isn’t it? It isn’t always the way it looks. Social media marketing is no piece of cake rather it is a herculean task! Understanding How To Choose Keywords – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. Chances are if you’ve chosen to read this article you already know about the value of SEO optimization with keywords and how they help search engines find your site. The keywords you ultimately choose to build your site around can play a big part in whether or not your pages come up in searches… at a reasonable rank!

Generally, you won’t find much impact on your site traffic if your key pages are coming up on say the 10th page of search results. At the same time, if your pages have an obscure keyword and you’re coming up on the first, and the only page of search results you might be just as disappointed. Choosing the right keyword(s) to build your website around has as much to do about strategic choices as planning for bringing a new product into an unknown market. It’s easy to determine a popular keyword… something you can do almost without thinking. Custom Mobile Application (App) Development Company. 5 Chatbot Platforms To Develop Your Own Bot In 2018. Top Priorities For Implementing Mobile Marketing Successfully – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. Marketing over mobile setting will be the newest way of getting yourself on the market to customers.

Tips and Tricks for Search Engine Optimization. I’m always one for giving complete advice and hope to put together a workshop soon, either in person or a webinar – or maybe both, putting my advice into practice and helping you to optimize your website in real-time. I often remember a powerful phrase which has stuck in mind ever since; I read, I forget; I see, I ignore; I do, I understand In other words, Learn SEO by Doing! Top 3 Local SEO Strategies You Must Implement in 2018. As we say goodbye to the year 2017, 2018 is the beginning of a new chapter in technology and techniques as well.

Local Search Engine Optimization last year saw a heating rise as it grabbed the attention of technicians, globally. Businesses getting attention and traffic from local customers are at an advantage of better Ranking. Watch Out The Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2018. How to Increase Traffic and Comments to your Blog – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. Top 5 Android Development Tools PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7789212. Professional Ecommerce Website Development Company. SEO Techniques to Increase Your Website Traffic – Maxtra Technologies. 5 Major Benefits of Android App Development For Your Business.

Discover 6 Easy Onpage Techniques to Increase Your Website Traffic PowerPoint presentation. Maxtra Technologies — HOW TO BLOG AGAIN AFTER A LONG ABSENCE. 5 Major Benefits of Android App Development For Your Business. 5 Major Benefits of Android App Development For Your Business. HOW TO GET .EDU BACKLINKS FOR YOUR BLOG – Maxtra's Digital Marketing Tips. Though the way SEOs used to work before Google Panda changed getting links from .edu sites still has got more priority over search engines. Edu sites are trusted sites and getting a link is not so easy. To become authority sites you need to get links from authority sites. Advanced Technical SEO Services Company South Africa. 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Your Brand s Growth. 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Your Brand's Growth.

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