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Samisk Religion

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Från Sverige till himlen - Samisk religion. Filmo, 2012, Från 13 år, 28 min. V5502 Frälsningsarmén. Vi är vana att se dem på stan, Frälsningsarmén, med sina hattar uniformer och musikinstrument. Anna träffar Carolina som är frälsningssoldat. Filmo, 2012, Från 13 år, 28 min. V5503 Katolicismen. Filmo, 0, Från 13 år, 28 min. Filmo, 2012, Från 13 år, 52 min. Filmo, 2012, Från 13 år, 28 min. Version 3.5.4Sidan skapad på 0,2537 sekunder på www10. Religion - The new is here. Bilder på trumman och symboler. Shaman´s drum symbols in Scandinavia Artikkeli suomeksi | Symbolen auf Deutsch Many different cultures have had shamanistic drums and ritual drums. Just a few cultures have paint their drums.

Sami people from Scandinavia used to paint symbols and also some Siberian tribes (Yakut). However, Fenno-Ugric Khantys and Mansis did not have pictures in their drums. Tengrism was a folk religion in the area of Turkey and Mongolia. Middle of the drum is god Tengri. Native Americans: Different tribes have different traditions about the drum and how to play it, but the basic construction is very similar in most tribes: a wooden frame or a carved and hollowed-out log, with finely tanned buckskin or elkskin stretched taut across the opening by sinew thongs. Shaman´s drums in Scandinavia There are about 70 old drums in Scandinavia, which have survived from the old days. There were also hundred of older drums, but they all burned in the great fire of Copenhagen in 1795.

Different types of drums People Elk Dog. Björnfesten trailer. Samisk religion/Inför läxa.