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Mid-Year Health Check: How Do You Measure Up? By Dr.

Mid-Year Health Check: How Do You Measure Up?

Mercola Making a commitment to live healthier is an ongoing process. It's virtually impossible to make all the needed changes in one fell swoop. To assist you with this process, I've created a plan you can implement little by little, one step at a time. Perhaps you made a New Year's resolution to live healthier. If you're still missing a few pieces, make the commitment to address one item at a time going forward.

For more in-depth information on any given topic, please follow the hyperlinks provided. #1 Replace Soda With Water, Tea and Black Organic Coffee. Non-GMO Organic Sprouts & Shoots. Have you ever secretly wished you had a green thumb?

Non-GMO Organic Sprouts & Shoots

And the tools and know-how to use it to grow your own live, raw superfoods? I realize not everyone has the time, space, or the desire to plant and tend an organic vegetable garden. For those who do – and I know this firsthand – it's one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever imagine. How Probiotics and Fiber Helps Combat Malnutrition. By Dr.

How Probiotics and Fiber Helps Combat Malnutrition

Mercola Worldwide, malnutrition is the leading cause of death before the age of 5, and three new studies suggest optimizing children's microbiome — the colonies of bacteria residing in the gut — may be key to combating this tragedy. As noted by Science News:1 "Food matters, too, but not as much as people once thought, says biologist Brett Finlay, Ph.D. of the University of British Columbia, who was not involved in the new work. 'People used to think if you just fed the kids they'd be fine,' Finlay says. Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity. By Dr.

Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Productivity

Mercola Is your to-do list filled to the brim, leaving important tasks undone at the end of each day? Importance of Microbial Diversity in Gut Health and Disease. By Dr.

Importance of Microbial Diversity in Gut Health and Disease

Mercola Your gastrointestinal tract is now considered one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on Earth. You may have a basic awareness that the microbes in your gut affect your digestion. But their influence extends far beyond that to your brain, heart, skin, mood, weight… and the list goes on and on. Nearly 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms compose your body's microflora, and advancing science has made it quite clear that these organisms play a major role in your health, both mental and physical. DNA Sequencing Adds to Knowledge Base About Gut Bacteria's Role in Health A recent article in Medical News Today2 discusses some of the most recent research advances in the field of gastrointestinal health, noting that advanced DNA sequencing is now being used to shed light on the complex interactions of gut bacteria, and how such interactions affect health and the development of disease. The Many Benefits of Expressing Gratitude.

By Dr.

The Many Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

Mercola Science tells us that people who are thankful for what they have are happier and reach their goals with greater ease, and Thanksgiving is an American holiday that reminds us to take stock of all the things we're grateful for. As noted in a previous article on this topic published in the Harvard Mental Health Letter:1 "Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. Gratitude is also associated with improved health, both physical and emotional.

"If [thankfulness] were a drug, it would be the world's best-selling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system. " Understanding How the Thyroid Gland Functions. By Dr.

Understanding How the Thyroid Gland Functions

Mercola Thyroid disease has become very prevalent in today's world, courtesy of a number of different lifestyle factors. An estimated 1 in 8 women aged 35 to 65 has some form of thyroid disease1 — underactive thyroid being the most common. More than one-quarter of women in perimenopause are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, in which insufficient amounts of thyroid hormones are produced. Thyroid hormones2 are used by every cell of your body, which is why the symptoms can vary so widely. Understanding How Your Thyroid Gland Works The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland found inside your neck, right under your larynx or voice box. Thyroid Disruptors Abound... It's important to realize that thyroid dysfunction is a complex issue with many variables and many potential underlying causes, including the following. Stop Counting Calories and Focus on Food Nutritional Value. By Dr.

Stop Counting Calories and Focus on Food Nutritional Value

Mercola If you're seeking to lose excess weight, counting calories is usually less than helpful. In fact, focusing on calories could easily divert you from the real answer, which lies in optimizing your nutrition. I've long advocated against counting calories. Even if you manage to shed a few pounds, you're not going to get healthier by eating fewer cookies than you did before. Nutritional Value Beats Calorie Count Fortunately, even conventional health experts are now starting to catch on, and rather than looking at calories, they suggest looking at the nutritional value of the foods you eat.

"An editorial published in Open Heart suggests the outdated practice of counting calories has to go... The Potential Health Benefits of Wheatgrass.