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縛り基本 オープニング. Hair tying technique overview by prefet-de-manoeuvrie on deviantART. Nœud carré décoratif. Nœud carré décoratif Le noeud carré ou chinois a pour principale utilité de nouer un foulard que l'on porte autour du cou.

Nœud carré décoratif

Ce nœud symétrique et de bel aspect convient bien pour nouer une écharpe et vous saurez vite le nouer directement sur vous devant une glace. Il est facile à réaliser, et le résultat obtenu est assez élégant et symétrique. Techniquement parlant, il s'agit en fait d'un noeud de cul-de-porc à quatre brins, mais le fait que deux des brins soient reliés entre eux rend la réalisation différente.

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Kikkou. Chest harness. Column tie - bola bola. Feet - ankles. Teppou Shibari. Divers a classer. Hip harness. Bondage Tutorials on the Web. Bondage website, forum & community. Tasuki-adaption Rigger: Bert, model: Bep, photo's: pluu, text: guilty^& pluu Please read our article on safety and our disclaimer.

Bondage website, forum & community

You are responsible for your own actions. Crash Restraint. When attaching support lines to a harness for suspension, I use a novel method that people frequently ask me about, and I've been meaning to document for a long time.

Crash Restraint

Serendipitously, I ran into Kali from Kink Academy a few months ago at Wicked Grounds, and she asked me to film some instructional videos for them on suspension -- so I managed to slip this in there, and they've graciously agreed to allow me to use screenshots from those videos to illustrate a blog post here. This method was inspired by the Tatu hitch , during a Fetlife discussion whose details are now murky in my memory -- in any case credit is due both Tatu and Jack Elfrink for making me aware of that knot, upon which this is based. Things needing names, and this technique using the first half of a Tatu hitch, I suppose we could call it the half-Tatu hitch. Thanks also to Mecha-Kate for modeling for these. Lapp Knot For Suspension Drops & Quick Transitions. R.A.R.E. - Introduction. Welcome to "RopeMarks Artistic Rope Exchange" or "R.A.R.E.

R.A.R.E. - Introduction

" for short. We often get questions about bondage, technical questions "how do you do this? ", "how do you do that? " TwistedMonk.com. UPDATE!


Due to overwhelming response we have compiled all our instructional videos into one DVD. Originally shot in High-Def, "Getting Started With Your TwistedMonk.Com Rope Vol.1" brings all these great videos together into one brighter, clearer and easier to follow package. Tying the inverted-Y knot - -EM-'s Videos - FetLife. Rope Bondage Techniques! - Stricturism - FetLife. Handcuff Knot. Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care,

RopeTopia. Tutorials | RopeTopia. Kikkou -- Randa Mai, Shiko Shima, Shibari Tutorials, Study the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage. HOW TO TIEUP.

TK - Box Tie