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Dancewear Lycra, New in items in In Fashion Fabrics store on eBay! Steam Ingenious: How to Make a Bustle Pad and Why You Should. So back when I first started thinking about this steampunk thing, I remember considering the idea of bustles.

Steam Ingenious: How to Make a Bustle Pad and Why You Should

I saw the various ways to make a bustle from wire. 'Too much trouble,' I thought, 'And too difficult to sit in.' So I settled for trying to create a bustle effect with flounces and floofs of fabric. A while back I bought and downloaded this pattern, which includes a pattern for a bustle pad or pillow. So finally, before my last event, I decided to try the bustle pad and see if I liked the effect. I did. This: It's construction is pretty simple. I made a bad Paint drawing of the pieces for the pillow. As for the size of the pillow, that depends on your size and your build. As for the waistband, I just made one with two buttons on it to button around my waist. One final note. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Design and Sew Your Own Leggings. Cal Patch is a renaissance crafter, with know-how spanning the fields of crochet, pattern-making, sewing, embroidery, dyeing, printing, spinning, and beyond.

Design and Sew Your Own Leggings

She is the author of Design-It-Yourself Clothing, writes a blog, and can can be found teaching classes around New York state (and beyond). For this week’s How-Tuesday, Cal will teach us how to make a custom pair of leggings. From taking measurements, to making the pattern, to sewing it all up, Cal will be with us each step of the way! I adore leggings. I live in leggings. 19 Ways To Make Ribbon Flowers: {How-To. Pretty ribbon flowers can be used to embellish all kinds of things such as tote bags, headbands, hair clips, shirts, brooches, scrapbooks and albums, gift toppers, etc.

19 Ways To Make Ribbon Flowers: {How-To

They can be made from assorted trims like organza, velvet, satin, grosgrain, pleated…you name it, there’s a flower you can make out of it! Here are over a dozen tutorials showing you how to make them including folded roses and ruffly flowers, enjoy! Ribbon Flower Tutorial: Simple method involving weaving thread through the ribbon and gathering it into a flower. Embellish with pretty buttons. No-Sew Rosette: Shows how to make a pretty flower using wired edge ribbon and a dab of hot glue. 70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns : 70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns Posted on | November 12, 2009 | 12 Comments Free lingerie sewing patterns are hard to find on the internet.

70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns :

While free skirt patterns and tote patterns abound, free lingerie sewing patterns require sifting through hundreds of sites to locate. Here are 75 patterns that I was able to find. A “How To Draft and Make 1930′s Style Circular French Knickers” post. « SewVeraVenus. Just what it says on the tin: how to draft and make knickers like these.

A “How To Draft and Make 1930′s Style Circular French Knickers” post. « SewVeraVenus

A few weeks ago while digging in a scrap bag for a bit of fabric to trial a 1940′s bra pattern I’ve been working on (more on that later) I unearthed a very fragile and disintegrating pair of 1930′s black chiffon French Knickers …. I don’t think they’ve seen the light of day for 25 years and it’s anyone’s guess why I ever stuffed them in that bag in the first place as I usually keep study pieces in a more accessible place.

However, a timely rediscovery as they’re simple to draft and make, so perfect for this ‘long time a comin’ post . The style I’m demonstrating has a flat waist and is based on a full circle pattern and cut without any side seams. There is a left side opening finished with a straight grain continuous placket and the waist is finished with either a bias or straight grain binding. Theres a 5 page PDF *How To* with all pattern drafting and sewing instructions. p.s. About the bra in the photo above: Hyperbolic Blanket. How to sew a Mathematician and sculptor Helaman Ferguson invented this design for a hyperbolic blanket.

His original construction was a poncho. Ferguson kindly loaned me his poncho so that I could use it in a lecture and — better still — reverse-engineer it to make a hyperbolic blanket of my own. If you want to make one too, follow the instructions and photos below. Compared to older paper-and-scissors constructions of hyperbolic surfaces, Ferguson’s design spreads the curvature across the whole surface (details below) rather than concentrating it at the corners, shows the straight lines (geodesics) clearly, along the seams where different colored pentagons meet, and. Home page. Sew Curvy Corsetry. Tton Mix - Dressmaking - Fabric. Fabric Inspirations. Saints and Pinners – fabrics and patterns for crafts, quilting, fashion and home. Cutting Edge Fabric, Funky Fabric, Designer Fabric and Unusual Fabrics from Around the World.

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Haberdashery Craft Shop

From beads and buttons to lace and feathers, we can cater to your designing needs. Our haberdashery boutique can inspire and help you to get your creative juices flowing, so take a look at our supplies and get creative. If you're after a vast selection of buttons then you've come to the right place. Have a look through our range and you will soon be stocked up with everything from novelty buttons to plain plastic buttons. Your choice of buttons can completely transform a garment. Ribbon can add that finishing touch to your items and here at JosyRose, we have plenty of ribbons to ensure there is one to match your needs. An item can be completely transformed by simply adding or changing the trimming. Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Home.