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CHS English/Language Arts. The Resource Shed. Mobile 2012. I am pleased to announce that “Appy Hours 4 U” has added a Mobile Learning Speaker Series.

Mobile 2012

Over the next two weeks, Yolanda and I will be hosting Mobile Learning Experts and Mobile 2012 speakers. If you are unable to attend Mobile 2012, we are hoping this will be the next best thing. Below is a line-up of the first four speakers. The sessions will be LIVE on “Appy Hours 4 U“. Kindle, Nook (and more!) Educators - schools, kindles, nooks, teachers, kids...

Goops Unlimited: Quality storybooks and educational products for modern families. Written by Gelett Burgess more than 100 years ago, Goops And How To Be Them has been a staple of family libraries for generations.

Goops Unlimited: Quality storybooks and educational products for modern families

His witty sense of humor, and talented artistic abilities bring to life creatures known for their naughty behavior. As children learn by example, the Goops teach children how NOT to act. I Resolve to Read - The Book Whisperer. ( This post has been cross-posted to the Nerdy Book Club blog , which is marvelous place to find fellow readers and celebrate books.)

I Resolve to Read - The Book Whisperer

I am known as an avid reader and a teacher who expects my students to read a lot. I read 620 books in 2011. (Yes, this number includes a lot of children's books, but that is important for my students and me.) I have friends who read more than me, and friends who read less.