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Try Tai Chi for better balance and thinking skills. Do You Need To Stretch Before And After Exercise? Many people stretch when they exercise or play sport. Others don’t stretch but feel they should. And some people don’t see any reason to stretch at all. The reasons for stretching are diverse. Most people think stretching makes them more flexible. But do we really need to stretch when we exercise?

Randomised Trials The only way researchers can get a really clear idea of the effects of stretching is to conduct randomised trials. In randomised trials, a lottery is used to allocate each participant to either receive the treatment (in this case, stretching) or not. The first two trials of the effects of stretching on risk of injury, conducted on 2,631 army recruits, showed three months of routine stretching before exercise didn’t appreciably reduce injury risk.

Together, these trials strongly suggest stretching doesn’t appreciably reduce injury risk. A review of such trials concluded that: Flexibility And Strength Few randomised trials have measured sporting performance as an outcome. 15-Minute Morning Workout Routine. Halodrol. Learn diving in Dubai at Hamdan Sports Complex - What's On. What’s On learns diving in Dubai at DuDive, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Sports Complex. Hear from a coach on how to dive in Dubai and book lessons. At What’s On, we are always keen to get wet, throw ourselves from heights and try something new, all in the name of sharing it with you. Springboard and platform diving ticked all of those boxes, so we were quick to pull on our swim shorts and take the plunge. The venue is Hamdan Sports Complex, a vast space-age edifice that shimmers blue and silver in the desert near Arabian Ranches. Inside is an Olympic swimming stadium, complete with diving pool, training pool and the UAE’s first and only diving club, DuDive.

Standing poolside, we took in the scale of the operation. Before we even set foot in the water, head coach Dan had us bouncing on a trampoline to warm up. Next we tried going in headfirst – don’t worry, you won’t be expected to dive from ten metres on day one. Meet the coach, Dan CampbellDan started diving at seven. Does it hurt? Built by Science - Anatomy, Biomechanics, & 6 Week Training Program - Arms -

Could watermelon be the magic way out for muscle aches? (NaturalNews) Many athletes have developed sore muscles after performing vigorous exercises or doing a new workout. This is due to fatigue-inducing stress on your muscles. This causes small tears in the muscle, which the muscle tissues repair themselves and in the process become stronger. However, muscle ache is uncomfortable and stressful. New research has revealed that you don't have to go through the pain anymore, as there is a new cure to muscle aches. Researchers have discovered that watermelon has a magic way of relieving the post-workout muscle pains. People perceive watermelon to be composed of water and natural sugar.

Sources: About the author:Sandeep is an mountain climber, runner, and fitness coach. More articles from Sandeep:The eight best foods for your heart health Top inflammatory foods to avoid eating The top six better substitutes for sugar. Simple Science Fitness. Burn Fat & Build Muscle for Healthy Humans. The Food Pyramid That Works Please note that corn is a grain and peas are legumes, not vegetables. Also, peanuts are legumes, not nuts. The suggested food pyramid is a common sense approach to consuming healthy whole foods instead of processed or refined foods. Plant and animal sources are supplemented with side sources such as dairy, nuts & seeds, whole grains, and legumes, along with spices, herbs, cocoa and honey for nutritional palatability.

It's A Lifestyle Maintaining a healthy diet shouldn't be temporary and should be a lifestyle. Food Intolerances and Allergic Reactions Food intolerances, which include heartburn, cramps, and diarrhea, are commonly found in corn products, dairy, and wheat gluten. Cholesterol and Sodium Despite the controversy cholesterol and sodium receives, they are not problematic. For Health and Lean Mass The healthiest foods are primarily from plants and animals since they are nutritionally dense. Note on Grains The Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Explained.