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The Course. FROM BRAIN TUMOR TO 1 MILLIONAfter a brain tumor left him physically and mentally disabled, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health so that he could help his pregnant wife beat breast cancer. Three years later he launched his blog, Within four months, his blog had surpassed 100,000 monthly visitors. Less than two years after his first post, there were over 1 million business owners reading Brandon’s blog every month. 3 MILLION+ MONTHLY VISITORSBefore Brandon launched his blog, he spent six months studying the most successful blogs across all industries. From his extensive data analysis, Brandon was able to build a system for creating blog properties that produced significant traffic and revenue. After his own blog started to have success, Brandon began creating blogs for all of his clients.

Within a year, his blogs and his clients’ blogs were receiving over 3,000,000 visitors every month. My Top 33 Digital Marketing Blogs. Digital marketing blogs may be numerous, but I find them to still be critical. I’ve been in digital marketing for 20 years, and the only way you can stay relevant that long is to read A LOT. In digital marketing, if you don’t learn you die. Period.11 I used Google Reader for quite a while, but after it met its demise I retreated to a familiar and comfortable (for me) method of keeping up on what’s going on in the industry….email.

I subscribe via email, and read (or at least scan) nearly 50 blogs. It’s actually far more than that because several of the sources I devour are actually email aggregators that pull the best posts from many, many blogs. Other members of the team at Convince & Convert have their own reading lists, based on their interests and their topical expertise. I went through my email for the past week and put together this list of the 33 top digital marketing blogs that I read regularly. If your blog isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean I don’t read or don’t subscribe. 5 Tips for Digital Marketing Success. In a tech-driven world, it's difficult to decide which paths are best for building brand awareness and driving sales. This is a big part of the job for a digital marketer who wants to promote it online. A digital marketer takes advantage of many different platforms and digital marketing tools in order to boost a brand's image. When digital marketers fail, it's because they are not following these five rules for successful efforts: 1.

Clearly communicate your role. If you are trying to help a company build awareness of it's brand, you first must ensure that the people you are working with at the company understand your role. Before you begin building your awareness plan, do a quick presentation explaining to your client how you will expand promotion of a product through multiple platforms, including Web ads, social media, emails and multimedia platforms. 2. In digital marketing, all electronic media platforms are open for discussion. Keep track of what works and what doesn't. 3. 4. 5. 5 Four-Letter Words That Persuade Customers. In a perfect world, every time we shared a link—whether it be to a blog post, a newsletter, or a tweet—all of our followers would click through and check out what was on the other side.

Right? But our attention spans are shorter than ever. In fact, a study from Microsoft says the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds since the year 2000. Another study from the Nielsen Norman Group reminds us that especially online, readers are only scanning content—not reading line by line. Add to that mix the algorithms of platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn that determine who sees what content and when, and you’re lucky to get engagement from a small percentage of your following on any online platform (think email subscribers, Twitter followers, etc.). So how can you write in a way that persuades those whose attention you do grab to act? Related: How to Screen Freelance Writers These five four-letter words can help. Free Ah, "free. " Sale It’s proven effective in email, too. Infographics from KISSmetrics - Marketing Resources for SaaS & eCommerce.

Search Engine Optimization crash course. Skyrocket Your Freelance Business by Going Niche. As freelancers, we often feel like we have super powers and are able to take on any project, any customer, and any challenge that comes our way. This “do-it-all” attitude is a great way to build our skill set and personal growth, but is it the best way to grow your freelance business? At a certain point in your freelance career, it may be time to go niche. Contrary to popular belief, focusing on a targeted niche (and turning away anything that doesn’t fit) is an effective way of marketing your services and growing your business.

So what does it mean to go niche? Well, take my recent experience as an example. I’m a professional web designer. When I first went freelance, I did all sorts of web design projects for freelance clients. First, lets look at it from the perspective of search. According to SEOMoz, 70% of queries lie in the “long tail” of search — longer, targeted phrases. It’s true on a practical level as well. So how do you know which niche you should focus on? Businessinsider. Depending on what resources I used, it would probably cost me less than or around $100 if I bought a premium theme, which I would most definitely do. Oh yeah, I’d get business cards and brochures made ASAP from somewhere cool online. Phase 4: Make it rain on them jerks who didn’t hire you. Remember those business cards and brochures I literally just mentioned? I would take them and place them at my dad’s storefront, where his customers could browse while they wait to pick up their clothes.

Not only would I try to sell them on my services, but I’d also educate them on the Internet and how it has changed marketing. I’d write a blog post for my website, which I could repurpose as a handout at my dad’s store, titled: How to Increase Revenue for Your Local Small Business. This is essentially the entire master plan. Costs so far… Phase 1 and 2 literally only cost me my time and my father’s investment in his business. For Phase 1, I would tell my father he needed to provide money for: Website Hosting: 357 × 329 - The Power of Three: Content Marketing + SEO + Social Media.

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